Eudoxie Yao worries her fans with these new photos

Eudoxie Yao has obviously made a clean sweep of her fears. Assaulted twice, the “Go bobaraba” had promised to be more discreet on the networks. Or at least that she would be strong not to present large sums of money. On the internet last Sunday, however, she posted photos of several wads of banknotes, a worrying situation for her fans.

Remember, several months ago, Eudoxie Yao was attacked in Paris by a man named Mike le Bosson. Shortly before, the “Go bobaraba”, had announced on its networks that it had been targeted by a theft for having presented substantial sums of money on the networks. Since then, she had taken the resolution to rarefy her appearances, especially those presenting her with large sums of money.

Obviously, she is putting on her old coat. In a post on her Facebook profile, she presented photos of herself lying on her bed with many banknotes. In this way, she wished an excellent Sunday to her internet community.

Assaulted twice: Eudoxie Yao worries her fans with these new photos
Assaulted twice: Eudoxie Yao worries her fans with these new photos

If some have expressed doubts as to the authenticity of the tickets, others have rather challenged Eudoxie Yao on the risk that she ran again by exposing herself in this way. The most impartial in the matter, simply suggested to him to make donations to the most needy in the orphanages of the place.

Faced with alarming messages, or arrests, Eudoxie Yao remained rather calm. She only responded with positivity to comments from her fans.

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