Evelyne Dhéliat: after 51 years of marriage, the drama…

It was in 2017 that the one who made the rain and the good weather on the first television channel in Europe found herself faced with a terrible ordeal: the disappearance of Philippe Maraninchi, the man of her life.

After 51 years of marriage, Evelyne Dhéliat finds herself a widow but not so alone. ” I was well surrounded by the teams. Trials are part of life. You have to move forward “, she confessed last October.

Storms make me stronger. I’m not going to annoy others with my problems. It is not by lamenting that we advance,

but in life you have to move forward, continued the most famous Miss weather in this same interview.

The main interested party has an ironclad determination. She was never one to give up and proved it once again when she was the victim of breast cancer. The latter refused to‘ “spread” : “It’s personal, I didn’t need to spread my problems, everyone has their problems and that’s enough for everyone, I think. »

More recently, Evelyne Dhéliat, who will turn 74 next April, revealed the secrets of her incredible line and her eternal youth, which has nothing to do with cosmetic surgery.

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