‘Every rich man should marry more than one wife’, says Ghanaian pastor

Ghanaian pastor, Bishop Ajagurajah has made a statement regarding polygamy and why he fully supports this type of marriage system.

Ajagurajah, who preached a lot on polygamy this time around, said every rich man should get more than one wife. According to him, it is right for each man to marry more than one life, because some patriarchs in the Bible had more than one wife, Solomon even having up to three hundred wives and seven hundred concubines.

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While making this statement, he warned that married women who want to live a long life and not have their life ruined by a jealous wife should allow their husband to add another wife if he has the capacity.

During an interview with Fiifi Pratt on local Ghanaian radio station Kingdom Plus FM, Ajagurajah speaking in the local language Twi, also noted that some men with two or more wives have more peace than those who have decided to follow. the New Testament and to marry one wife.

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