Every Time I Wake Up, I Become A Suspect – Chapter 14

“Miss Zhou?” Lu Li saw her silence and spoke out in time to remind her.

Jiang Tianyu came back to her senses and smiled at him, then the two of them went into the elevator one after the other.

I don’t know if it’s because she spent too much energy today, but when she got home, she dove into the bedroom and quickly fell asleep.

But this sleep is not a peaceful sleep, feel a long and messy dream, the dream surprisingly appeared in many of her previous special police when the scene.

Then it is in Zhou Ya this body after waking up what happened, east a scene, west a scene, no order to speak of.

When she was woken up by the continuous message beep from her phone, it was already more than four o’clock the next morning, looking out the window, the sky even began to glow faintly.

After taking the phone and opening the screen lock, I took a look at the work group of Zhongyuan Design.

It seems that last night everyone was fighting to work overtime again to meet the requirements of the father of the party, should be just overtime, the boss in the group to several overtime colleagues sent a large red envelope, people naturally have to express their gratitude, so that the group seems to be so lively.

Jiang Tianyu simply got up after staying in bed for a while, and just as she finished taking a shower, her phone rang once again.

“Officer Qi.”

From the other side of the phone came Qi Ziang’s distinctive and recognizable voice: “Miss Zhou, sorry to disturb your rest.”

The male voice was slightly tired, I don’t know if it was because of the overnight case.

“No, just got up. Officer Qi, is there anything else I need to cooperate with?” Jiang Tianyu said by the way raised her hand to wipe the bathroom mirror that was clouded by fog, looking at the strange and familiar face in the mirror a little shaken, it seems that for a moment, she felt that she was Zhou Ya.

“I’m still on this side of the detention center, just finished the second surprise trial of Cao Ming, he confessed to the crime of hitting you with his car.” Qiziang barely managed to muster up a little spirit.

Ding Tianlang fall death case first, after such a long time busy, hit-and-run case can be considered close to the end.

The police found very few traces of human blood in the cracked crevices of Cao Ming’s shoes, because the blood on the ground at the hospital hostage-taking day did not have traces of being destroyed, so they presumed that the blood stained on the soles of his shoes belonged to Zhou Ya.

Plus the technical section successfully extracted a dna sample from the wall of Zhang Huang Street trail for testing, next as long as the blood and dna can be successfully compared, the case can basically be closed.

“Thank you, Officer Qi.” Jiang Tianyu thanked, her tone light and quick.

The actual body that she is currently living in, and she can barely be considered to be involved in the whole process, the heart still feels quite happy at this moment.

But …… she suddenly bit her lower lip hesitantly.

The other end of the phone Qiziang keenly aware of her emotional shift, as if to guess her mind generally opened again: “At the beginning, Cao Ming only admitted to driving into you, and bite the accident.”

“Later, probably the psychological line of defense collapsed, he changed his story to say that everything was instructed by Wang Hongfang, because Wang Hongfang found him promised to cure his daughter as long as he could solve you.”

“I did not expect that afterwards Wang Hongfang turned his back on him, and he thought he had killed someone and did not dare to call the police, and finally could only think of the faint trick of going to the hospital and taking hostages to force Wang Hongfang to come out.”

Logic seems to be no problem, Jiang Tianyu fiddled with the wet law still dripping down, frowned: “So also because of the hit me, he was arrested in hostage-taking without saying anything after all carried down?”

Qiziang does not deny.

Then two people in the phone is a long silence.

Jiang Tianyu looked serious over here and did not know what he was thinking, while Qi Ziang did not choose to hang up the phone in the first place, more like waiting for something.

“Cao Ming he …… knows me?” It was only after a long time that Jiang Tianyu opened her mouth again with uncertainty.

Qi Ziang’s response was affirmative: “He indicated that Wang Hongfang had shown him your picture.”

Still not right.

Frowning a little harder, Jiang Tianyu pursed her lips, “But how did he know that I would be working late that day?”

“He said he squatted in front of your company for two days.”

“To take a step back, even if what this person said is true, how come I feel like he didn’t know me on the day of the hostage taking?” Jiang Tianyu finally found that point that she had always found strange.

According to Cao Ming’s account, he had always thought that Zhou Ya was dead, so how come he was so calm when he saw someone who should be dead suddenly appear in front of him?

Even when Jiang Tianyu proposed a hostage exchange, the other side agreed.

“And Wang Hongfang, I don’t think he’s familiar with me either.” She continued to raise her doubts.

Whether it was the man who came to her ward earlier to express his gratitude, or the brush with him at the nightclub that night, or the brief stare-down at the public security bureau yesterday, she was unable to see any semblance of that man’s body language or expression.

Of course, we can’t rule out the possibility that they are both extremely deep in their minds, but the odds are a bit unbelievable.

“What did Wang Hongfang say?” She repeated the question.

The other side of the phone, Qiziang was very patient and listened to her pile of broken thoughts: “Lu Li has been interrogating, Wang Hongfang also has not let go.”

“But now with Cao Ming’s statement, the technical section can already target Wang Hongfang’s residence, workplace and personal items like cell phones for search. If there really was an encounter between him and Ding Tianlang, it will definitely be able to be identified.”

Jiang Tianyu understood the hidden meaning of his words, the best case scenario was that Wang Hongfang would admit that he knew Ding Tianlang.

As for Ding Tianlang’s death, Cao Ming’s escape after hitting Zhou Ya and hostage taking, he must not know anything about it.

Suddenly, she had a flash of light: “I can continue to go over to cooperate with the police to identify whether Cao Ming knows me or not.”

The next second there was a not-so-subtle light laugh from Qiziang, then he collected his emotions and said in a formulaic tone: “During the interrogation, I mixed your photo with the rest of the female photos for Cao Ming to identify, and his explanation was that it had been so long that he couldn’t remember much.”

“Anyway, Cao Ming hit you with his car and then fled, the facts of the case are clear, all the evidence is complete, and he himself admitted. If the case is ready to be closed, I will inform you again.”

“Miss Zhou, goodbye.”

Listen to the busy tone coming from the ear, Jiang Tianyu blinked with hindsight, so Qi Ziang has long been aware of the inconsistencies in Cao Ming’s statement, and today’s call is probably just to give her an account of this hit-and-run case victim.

Or is it a warning?

A warning that she, as an ordinary citizen, should not go too far in trying to interfere with the case being investigated by the police.

Or maybe …… is warning her that the person who wants Zhou Ya’s life is likely to still be hiding in the shadows waiting for an opportunity to move?

The reason tells her that she should be assured that everything is in the hands of the police, after all, Qiziang’s serious crime unit is indeed excellent, but the thought that behind the scenes there may well be a pair of eyes that are watching her without moving, she felt a chill run down her spine.

When the thoughts gradually drifted away again, Jiang Tianyu glanced at the time on the phone screen, then hurriedly packed herself up and left the house.

The original owner, Zhou Ya, had several design projects in her hands that had not yet been completed, plus she had taken off work for three days in recent days, so it was a rare day when there was nothing to do and she was busy in the company for a whole day.

“Phew ……”

The company’s main business is to provide a wide range of products and services to its customers.

Turning his head, the lights of the large company were mostly extinguished, leaving only a few scattered workstations still sitting with their heads in the hard work of colleagues.

Roughly cleaned up the slightly messy desktop, then Jiang Tianyu grabbed her bag and prepared to go home.

When she was walking towards the company gate, she met Duan Jianna and Zhao Xuan who had just come out of an office.

“It’s all the debts I owe before, if I don’t pay them back the boss is really going to get angry.” Jiang Tianyu responded jokingly.

“You haven’t eaten yet, right? Ya Ya?” Duan Shina stepped forward and took her arm very affectionately, pulling her out without a word: “Go wow, Zhao Xuan and I happen to be going to dinner, together together.”

The two people didn’t give Jiang Tianyu a chance to refuse, and got into the car after leaving the building.

When they got out of the car in a daze, Jiang Tianyu fell into a daze at the unusually noisy neighborhood not far ahead of her, not expecting to visit a nightclub street again so soon.

Duan Jianna in front of the lead, lightly into a bar, the atmosphere inside so warm that Jiang Tianyu felt for a moment that he was deaf.

After a few minutes, the three of them sat down in a card seat away from the dance floor, this side is relatively quiet, the exchange between each other with shouting words or barely able to hear clearly.

“Ya Ya, how to call you before you do not come to this kind of place, today I can be caught by the opportunity to bring you out up to see it!” Duan Shina since the beginning of the entry, looks unusually excited, while twisting the body with the music, while yelling loudly.

The original owner Zhou Ya is a quiet person, usually life is basically three points a line, except for some really can not put off the party, most of the time is either in the company or at home.

Jiang Tianyu just smiled at the words, and then buried her head in food and drink throughout, struggling to fill her stomach.

During the period, Duan Jianna and Zhao Xuan enthusiastically invited her to go bouncing, she politely declined, the two could only leave her on the card seat to look after her bag and valuables, then arm in arm into the crowded dance floor.

The dj was performing vigorously on the stage, which immediately pushed the whole atmosphere to another highchao.

The company’s main business is to provide a wide range of products and services to the market.

The movement of the hand just stopped, the beauty of the eyes flashed a light, she suddenly thought of a possibility.

However, before she could think about it, Duan Jianna came back, took two sips of beer and then sat down opposite with a gasp, saw her dazed and asked curiously, “Ya Ya, what are you thinking about?”

Slowly withdrawing her eyes, Jiang Tianyu raised her head slightly, revealing a smile as if nothing had happened.

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