Every Time I Wake Up, I Become A Suspect – Chapter 16

“After a search of Wang Hongfang’s office, residence and cell phone, it was determined that before Ding Tianlang’s death, he was indeed in contact with each other and the relationship had been relatively intimate.”

“However, Wang Hongfang only admitted that he used the relationship with Ding Tianlang to have him design the decoration plan of 1704, Building 7 of Ying Hua Yuan for himself for free, which is why the technical section found Ding Tianlang’s footprints in the house.”

“For Cao Ming this person, Wang Hongfang denied knowing him. Now in addition to Cao Ming’s own confession, our police really do not yet have other evidence that can prove the existence of the two transactions.”

Qi Ziang spoke very fast to finish the previous pile of words, after a short pause finally got to the point: “The technical section failed to find any abnormalities in the 1704 room of Building 7 of Ying Hua Yuan, but found suspicious traces near the windows of the elevator room on the 17th floor.”

Jiang Tianyu frowned and recalled the internal structure of the Ying Hua Yuan building, each floor is two staircases and four households, the wall between the elevators are with a breathable window.

The window is of normal size, about one meter two-three in height from the ground, and it would not waste much effort to push Ding Tianlang out when he was caught unawares.

“Unknown fibers were found in the crevices of the inner window sill, and the initial verification by the technical section was consistent with the fabric of the jeans worn by Ding Tianlang at the time of his death. Human blood was found in the crevices of the floor tiles near the window, inconsistent with Ding Tianlang’s dna, and it is suspected that the murderer was somehow injured during the attack on Ding Tianlang.”

“The dna shows that it is female.”

After listening to Qi Ziang’s words, Jiang Tianyu unconsciously breathed a sigh of relief, she was slightly surprised by the result, the brain also began to run at high speed.

So on the night of the murder, after Zhou Ya left building 21, Ding Tianlang went to building 7 from the other side of the building.

Perhaps the unknown person wearing property cleaning clothes that Zhou Ya saw followed him all the way to Building 7 and attacked him in the stairwell?

But Ding Tianlang is a normal-sized adult male, Jiang Tianyu does not think that ordinary a woman can easily solve him, and the subsequent body removal?

Thinking of this, Jiang Tianyu was quite surprised to open his mouth: “The killer is two people?”

“It can’t be Cao Ming, right?”

The other side of the phone Qiziang for her question does not seem to be surprised, probably think that this little twist and turn should not be difficult for her, disguised to admit this speculation: “is not Cao Ming, still have to be re-examined, but since Cao Ming is the driver who hit you with a car, I think the person behind his instructions should not let him not use another to find the right. “

“Now our side is starting with Cao Ming’s social connections to see if we can find an overlap with Ding Tianlang.” Speaking of this, Qi Ziang suddenly lowered his voice, his voice more low and nice: “Miss Zhou, my intention of making this call is because, after the police judgment feel that your current situation is not too safe, if you want, we can help you apply for ……”

Jiang Tianyu instantly comprehended the potential meaning of his words, just in time for Duan Shina and Zhao Xuan to wait for a long time in front of her folded back, Duan Shina also curiously asked, “Ya Ya, who is looking for you?”

“No need.” She shouted back and hung up the phone extremely quickly.

“No one, the bank’s account manager, who had to ask me to buy some financial product.” Jiang Tianyu explained with her face as normal to the two curious gazes.

“This kind of harassing phone calls thanks to you can chat with her for so long.” Zhao Xuan opened her mouth for a rare time to spit, and after rolling her eyes speechlessly turned around first and walked in the direction of the hot spring hotel.

The three of them soon caught up with the group, and after the unified check-in procedure, the people spread out, some ready to go back to their rooms, some planning to take a look around the hotel campus and take a few pictures, and some simply rushed directly to the buffet restaurant.

Jiang Tianyu and the rest of the two colleagues who usually have a good relationship came together to discuss, decided to go back to the room first to put down the luggage, and then come back to the indoor hot spring playground on the first floor.

The company arranged a double room for them.

Duan Jianna’s personality is the most cheerful among the three, so she took the initiative to share a room with others, so Jiang Tianyu naturally shared a room with Zhao Xuan.

The two of them cleaned up a little and prepared their swimsuits and other items for the hot springs later, and then came to Duan Jianna’s door to wait for her.

Because it took a little longer, Zhao Xuan took the lead and asked in a concerned tone: “Ya Ya, is the place where you were injured before okay? If the wound has not yet recovered, try not to touch the water for a while.”

“Don’t worry, I’m as strong as a cow now.”

You and I chatted a few more work-related things, Duan Shina and two other colleagues came out, and a group of people went into the changing room of the female guests on the first floor, each swiped a locker with their room cards, and began to change their swimsuits with laughter.

A chattering sound, Jiang Tianyu first changed, so they leaned on the locker smiling at the other people.

Suddenly, she narrowed her eyes and fixed her gaze on Zhao Xuan’s body.

The woman’s skin was like jade, and her beautiful body was wearing a bold bikini, and the green color of the green lined the woman’s skin with shine.

This is the moment, Zhao Xuan is using both hands to gather up the long straight black hair that is always scattered behind, trying to tie it into a pill shape. The white back of the neck, there is a small, scabbed wound.

The dna showed it was female.

Jiang Tianyu pursed her lips, barely pressed down the gradually accelerating heartbeat, to not be so coincidental?

“Wow!” At this moment, Duan Shina exclaimed, pointing at Zhao Xuan’s neck and staring round-eyed: “Zhao Xuan, when did you get this injury?”

When she shouted like that, it immediately drew everyone’s concern, and Jiang Tianyu also took advantage of the crowd’s words to interject a question, “Zhao Xuan, this wound of yours looks quite deep, it should have been serious at that time, right?”

“Oh ……” Zhao Xuan lifted her hand and touched it, then smiled indifferently: “In the unit with hit the corner of the tin cabinet, but now it has healed, just look scary.”

The big guy sniffed and cared for two more words, then changed the subject.

But Jiang Tianyu noticed that Zhao Xuan had originally intended to comb up the long hair again scattered behind, and then seemed to have noticed the general raised his eyes straight over.

Their eyes met briefly in the air.

The two of them met briefly in the air. In Jiang Tianyu’s uncomfortable smile, Zhao Xuan averted her eyes as if nothing had happened.

After several people finished changing their clothes one after another, Duan Shina greeted the crowd and set off for the indoor hot spring amusement park. When they were almost at the entrance of the park, Jiang Tianyu suddenly let out an ‘oops’.

“I don’t know if I left my phone in the locker or in the room, you guys go in first, I’ll go back and look for it.”

Hearing this reason, naturally no one raised any objections, so she turned around and quickly went back to the locker near the locker, and fell into deep thought after touching the phone from the locker.

After she woke up in Zhou Ya’s body, the first person she saw was Zhao Xuan, and Duan Jianna arrived at the ward more than half an hour later than her.

When she returned to work for the first time afterwards, the other party came over with Duan Shina to care for her and mentioned, consciously or unconsciously, that the police had searched Zhou Ya’s workplace.

What kind of psychology did Zhao Xuan hold at that time? The company’s main business is to test her reaction so as to judge the progress of the police investigation?

Jiang Tianyu frowned, she remembered that day she and Deng SiBo were talking in the stairwell, the boss suddenly had to meet. Afterwards, Duan Jianna inadvertently mentioned in the dessert store below the company that the meeting was suggested by Zhao Xuan to the boss.

And in the dessert store, this person showed full curiosity about the reconciliation between her and Deng Si Bo, was it in fear that the two Ding Tian Lang’s predecessors would come together to talk about something important?

The first thing you need to do is to get a good idea of what you’re doing.

If she is in love with Ding Tianlang, …… from time to time, does not it mean that Zhou Ya is green by his good friend? No wonder she has been hiding and refusing to reveal who her boyfriend really is, if this is known by Zhou Ya will not be upset?

Even if Zhao Xuan is not afraid of things, Ding Tianlang is also afraid, originally Zhou Ya’s occasional pestering is enough of a headache for him, and then found out can still be?

The actual fact is that you can’t be sure that you’re going to be able to get a good deal on your own.

The next second, she recalled a crucial detail.

The first thing you need to do is to get a good idea of what you want to do. The first thing you need to do is to get the best out of it.

The other side still asked this question even though she said she wanted to separate her life from her work. It seems that Ding Tianlang has two phones and Zhao Xuan may have known about it for a long time.

The two phones are used to cheat in Zhao Xuan’s mind, so it is during the relationship with Ding Tianlang that she found the man’s other phone and further noticed that he was hooking up with Wang Hongfang?

Of course, we can’t rule out the possibility that Zhao Xuan inadvertently broke through their adulterous relationship, after all, the nightclub where she and Duan Jianna often go is diagonally across the street from the same-sex nightclub ‘Blood’.

So the motive for the murder can be explained.

In the same way, why the murderer was able to recognize Zhou Ya on the night of the murder, why the other party knew that Zhou Ya worked overtime, why Cao Ming was able to accurately determine her way to Zhang Huang Street and then acted on the murder.

Zhao Xuan is Zhou Ya’s good friend and colleague, she appeared around Zhou Ya, Zhou Ya will not feel anything wrong at all.

And Wang Hongfang, killed his boyfriend and then framed his boyfriend’s cheating partner, very reasonable.

Just why exactly is Cao Ming so dead-set on helping her? What is the relationship between the two people, or what kind of deal exists?

The company’s main business is to provide a wide range of products and services to its customers.

The first thing you need to do is to make sure that the message is sent successfully, her eyes flashing slightly, her ears echoing the words of Duan Shina’s accusation against Deng Si Bo earlier on the bus.

The so-called Deng Si Bo kicked the cat wasn’t it all said by Zhao Xuan afterwards to Duan Shina’s ears? In her opinion the real cat abuse is not necessarily who it is, because boyfriend cheating can kill the paranoid personality, killing the cat is nothing.

“What are you doing?”

Suddenly, from the direction behind her came a female voice of unknown meaning, sounding quite familiar.

Jiang Tianyu’s hand holding the phone subconsciously tightened, and then turned her head to see Zhao Xuan, who had been standing there at some point.

When she saw her looking over, Zhao Xuan raised a smile: “Ya Ya.”

The first thing you need to do is to get your hands on the phone, and the phone screen is already muted, but at this point, it lights up.

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