Every Time I Wake Up, I Become A Suspect – Chapter 19

A few minutes later, the police officers from the police station in the area arrived at the scene first.

They have a clear division of labor, a few people are responsible for protecting the scene inside the ktv, the rest are responsible for calming the crowd and doing a good job of initial questioning.

It didn’t take too long for two more police vans to arrive here, and soon the perimeter was cordoned off.

Jiang Tianyu buckled her hood and stood at the outermost edge of the crowd, watching with her own eyes as the forensic and technical section-like police entered the ktv.

Originally she was going to see on the slip, did not expect at this time a few familiar figures came into view.

The height of Qiziang is really to where is the existence of the cranes, let people want to ignore can not be, followed by the Lu Li is tilted head and Xu Lida said something, from time to time will also raise the hand to point around.

“Hiss ……” Jiang Tianyu felt more and more uncomfortable.

In the end what is the matter ah, even the Jiangcheng City Public Security Bureau’s Major Crime Unit have come?

She had thought it was just an ordinary fight and brawl, but now it seems to be much more serious.

And Qi Ziang instructed Lu Li and other people a few sentences, suddenly began to seriously survey the crowd of onlookers, seeing that the sharp line of sight is about to sweep to their own bodies, Jiang Tianyu subconsciously wanted to lift his hand down to pull the hood.

But quickly reacted to this action is a little inappropriate, not to mention that she is now not Zhou Ya, but Guan Miao Miao.

The idea of a turn, she simply pulled down the hat, the line of sight is landed in front of the ktv people, let Qi Ziang’s gaze swept over his face.

“What the hell is going on, such a big battle? The first thing you need to do is to get rid of it. A grandpa in front of the crowd curiously opened his mouth.

The next one is carrying a few pockets of vegetables in her hands, and the mother opened her mouth to respond: “I think it’s either for people to hit the bad, this is not always this kind of thing? The police have to come a few times a year.”

The moncler nodded in agreement: “Drinking more wine is easy to confuse.”

“That’s not true.” Another younger middle-aged man turned around, mysteriously lowered his voice and pointed to the men and women who rushed out from the ktv: “I just heard the police ask them, they said that someone died!”

“A human life?

The words led to the surrounding people’s alarm, but because they did not see the scene of the crime, so everyone looked not much afraid of the look.

The company’s main business is to provide a wide range of products and services to its customers.

The company’s main business is to provide a wide range of products and services to the public.

Originally thought of as a matter of concern, but recall their own previous inexplicable into Zhou Ya body and then inexplicably detached from the psychic event, Jiang Tianyu suddenly some indecision.

Assuming that the entry of the soul into another person’s body is not permanent, what are the conditions for detachment from it?

With a head full of questions, she smoothly returned to the original owner Guan Miaomiao’s current temporary residence of a small broken house.

After making a dish and a soup with the few ingredients piled up in the corner and the induction stove on the windowsill, the sky outside was already completely dark and the sound of kicking and screaming footsteps finally came from outside the door.

A dozen seconds later, Lara walked in with slumped shoulders, but after seeing the meal already prepared on the dining table, she instantly regained some of her spirits.

Feigning surprise, Jiang Tianyu handed her a bowl of white rice that was still steaming while asking, “Why did you come back so early today? I was thinking of leaving the rice in the pot for you as a midnight snack.”

“Don’t mention it!” Lara had already picked up her rice bowl and was about to use her chopsticks to take a big bite of rice and stuff it into her mouth, when she heard her words, as if she had remembered something disgusting, she put the bowl and chopsticks back on the table.

“The new Lucy brought back by Brother Chicken doesn’t know what wind, after going over there must and Brother Chicken to break up the matter of commission.”

“Think also know, chicken brother angry very. A few of us were in the lounge at the back of the concert hall, and Chicken had her up on the wall with her chin squeezed.”

“And then what?” Jiang Tianyu showed a palpitating expression, because according to Lara, the original owner Guan Miao Miao was also cleaned up by Chicken not long ago, it is reasonable to be afraid of hearing such things.

In any case, it was certainly not Chicken who killed the lucy by mistake in his anger, after all, outside the crime scene, she also saw the group of people led by Chicken standing there properly.

“Then the wall was broken by the two of them!” Once again recalling the scene, Lara also felt outrageous: “Sister Miao Miao, you also don’t know that the wall in our lounge is actually separated out with wooden boards, right?”

Jiang Tianyu shook her head cooperatively.

“We were so scared that we all ran to the door side and huddled together, and the result was even scarier to come.” Lara said here gulped a mouthful of saliva, expression horrified: “inside that wall, actually fell out a corpse!”

“A corpse, my God, Lucy’s back is still leaning on that thing!”

So that’s what happened.

The police are still talking about how they cooperated with the police after they came.

Jiang Tianyu took the time to interrupt her, pushing the rice bowl forward to indicate the other party to eat first.

Even though she was still feeling uncomfortable, she still ate the bowl of rice cleanly.

But when it was time to go to bed, the girl still looked a bit scared, and with a pleasing smile on her face she couldn’t refuse to go under Jiang Tianyu’s blanket, making her laugh and cry.

The cramped and worn out wooden bed creaked in protest because it was cold and bore twice the weight.

With the soft body of a young girl in her arms, Jiang Tianyu stared at the ceiling.

This time, unlike Zhou Ya, the police came to the door as soon as he opened his eyes, did he say that the prerequisite for leaving each body was to help the original owner through his immediate predicament?

What is the plight of Miao Miao Guan? The first thing you need to do is to get out of Chicken’s control?

Just listening to the description of the body found in the KTV by Lara, the victim’s death time should be years, Guan Miao Miao only came under Chicken not long ago, this time always involved in what is the relationship.

“Hey ……”

Once again a light sigh, Jiang Tianyu slowly closed his eyes, it sounds like this chicken is not very good-tempered look, for the time being can only take one step to see.

I don’t know if it’s because the body was found in the concert hall that day, the next two days, the two of them did not receive the call to work.

Finally on the third day, Jiang Tianyu and Lara both got a message from Chicken early in the morning.

After having lunch, Lara started to clean herself up and put on heavy makeup as usual, and suddenly glanced through the mirror at Jiang Tianyu who was sitting on the edge of the bed, her face still clear.

“Sister Miao Miao, Brother Chicken said we must be at Starlight KTV before three o’clock today, you ……”

The first thing you need to do is to get to the next level. Although I do not know what you came under him to make a living, but it is so, early death and early life.”

Jiang Tianyu still smiled at her.

The two of them went downstairs together and took a taxi to Starlight KTV.

The light inside was unexpectedly dark, and it took two seconds to see the path underneath.

After walking through a narrow corridor, a turn in front of him led to a fairly spacious room, which should be the staff lounge at the back of the concert hall that Lara mentioned.

The room has several leather benches by the door, and there are a few women sitting sporadically on them at the moment, all playing with their phones, not even raising their heads when they notice someone coming in.

The other side of the door is a row of tin cabinets for storage, the cabinet door or open or closed, some of the personal items inside are clearly visible.

Directly opposite the door is placed on several beds, the above messy, the bottom of the bed also put a lot of miscellaneous items, the whole room is filled with sweat, cigarettes and perfume mixed together with the pungent smell.

Lifted his hand and wiped the tip of his nose, Jiang Tianyu’s heart was clear, no wonder the corpse was sealed in the wood-paneled walls for so long no one found anomalies.

Even if the smell occasionally escapes, the people are afraid that they will only think that the house originally smells bad and will not pay much attention to it.

“It’s all here.” Not long after, chicken came in from outside, after counting the number of people is very satisfied nodded: “night skin are tense a little, this month’s performance is not ideal, if the end of the month still can not complete the words do not blame me not to give face.”

The man put up ruthless words not the slightest bit soft, although the few people present in this business have their own reasons, most of them are also voluntary, but there is a sense of embarrassment that people have to bow under the eaves of the house.

Jiang Tianyu leaned in front of the tin cabinet, took the opportunity to carefully observe the person.

The other party is dressed like a human being, a casual black suit with shiny shoes, but the loose jacket and shirt with several buttons set off the whole person more than a few incestuous atmosphere.

The hair shaved close to the scalp plus the scar on the chin made his aura more blustery.

Soon, after the fierce words of Chicken turned to go, but accidentally noticed the figure in front of the tin cabinet. When he got a good look, he walked up to her with a sullen face: “You’re dressed like this for the ghosts?”

“The skin is itchy again, isn’t it?

As he spoke, the man stretched out his hand to pull her t-shirt.


The crisp sound caused everyone in the room to look over in shock, and it was Jiang Tianyu who raised her hand and unceremoniously slapped Chicken’s hand back hard.

“I don’t want to do it.” Facing the fierce gaze of the person opposite, Jiang Tianyu lifted her head and calmly uttered these words.

“What kind of fart are you putting ……!” The chicken brother angry a black face directly rose into purple, raised his hand high, looking at the stance is to call Jiang Tianyu’s slap.

However, before the slap fell, the door of the lounge was pushed open, and the visitor’s tone was urgent: “Brother Chicken, the police are here again!”

“Damn it! I’ll deal with you later!” Chicken cursed, and pointed a warning finger at Jiang Tianyu, then turned his head and walked away quickly.

Looking at the other party’s back, Jiang Tianyu gave a rather regretful ‘tsk’.

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