Every Time I Wake Up, I Become A Suspect – Chapter 23

When he raised his eyes again, Jiang Tianyu only felt that the scene in front of him began to change, and soon changed from today’s elegantly decorated Chunhua Seafood Restaurant into the glorious Chunhua Seafood Hotel four years ago.

And one day four years ago, Miao Miao Guan was requested by the back kitchen cleaning sister to stay after everyone was off work to help cover a shift.

Mostly because she was not familiar with the finishing work of the back kitchen, she was not able to finish at the time she was supposed to leave work, and dragged on for more than an hour.

In her body and mind tired from the back of the lobby ready to go home, suddenly heard a thin whimpering sound from the front desk.

I do not know what happened, thought the store was burglarized Guan Miaomiao hid in the corner of the stairs, through the faint light coming in through the floor-to-ceiling windows, saw the faces of two people overlapping.

It was Lu Tong and Xu Chunhua.

Lu Tong was pressed against the other side of the countertop, hands resisting, expression pain, it does not look like voluntary.

The first thing you need to do is to make a sound and then shout as if you had just walked out of the kitchen: “Who? Who is there? Brother Zhang? You’re not off work yet?

Xu Chunhua should be shocked, let go of the unkempt Lu Tong, panicked towards the back door of the hotel.

Afterwards, Guan Miao Miao raised the police, but was stopped by Lu Tong, saying that after all, the other party did not really have their way.

The young girl living alone is always extraordinarily difficult, and this matter also involves Lu Tong’s reputation, Guan Miao Miao can only remain silent.

Later, not two months later, Lu Tong suddenly disappeared, Xu Chunhua’s statement is that the other party resigned.

At that time, Guan Miao Miao thought that Lu Tong was unbearable harassment before leaving, but now it seems that this matter is doubtful.

Immediately after, not to a month, Guan Miaomiao also resigned.

The reason is no other, Xu Chunhua that day he was broken by the scandal, at first is nothing to find fault. After some reason, picking a fight gradually escalated into xing harassment, she was not embarrassed to this point today and with the arrogance of young people, angrily left the place.

The memory is not followed up here, Jiang Tianyu back to God, the frown between the eyebrows deeper some.

It seems that the original owner really did not have any more contact with Lu Tong, so that she came to work at the ktv where her corpse was hidden, it was really just because she owed money to Brother Chicken?

All of it is really the same as the reason you said yesterday in order to cope with Qi Ziang and Lu Li?

It’s all fate.

“Guan Miao Miao? What are you thinking about? Come over and sit down!” Mao Lili has pulled Chen Peng to sit on a window seat, see her expression dazed also joked: “The store is just redecorated, you are so surprised ah?”

Xu Chunhua shy stomach expression smug, should be to Mao Lili implicit compliments and Jiang Tianyu this ‘surprised’ look are feeling a hundred thousand percent satisfied.

So he waved his hand: “How we are considered old acquaintances, today I am the host, you must not be polite.”

After the words, non- dragging three people to the lobby of the big glass jar before ordering food.

Mao Lili and Chen Peng were not too kind to order two ordinary seafood and river food, and when it was Jiang Tianyu’s turn, she nonchalantly pointed to the largest king crab and a very expensive-looking lobster.

Xu Chunhua’s face turned black at that time.

Jiang Tianyu turned her head and smiled at him, “Oh, I ordered a little too much, didn’t I?”

The expressions of Mao Lili and Chen Peng next to him were written with the four big words ‘you think so’.

“Boss Xu how not to remind me of the well, I thought I could really eat whatever I wanted today.” Jiang Tianyu almost smiled into a flower.

Xu Chunhua looked at her, a breath of air in the chest not up and down, finally looked her up and down two eyes, do not know what calculations in mind, but simply waved his hand and called over the waiter, really fished out the king crab and lobster.

After that, the four of them returned to the table, drinking tea and chatting at the same time.

She reached out and grabbed another handful of melon seeds.

Soon, customers began to patronize the store one after another. Xu Chunhua was unable to, and got up to greet the three after saying a few words to them.

While he was chatting with his acquaintances, Jiang Tianyu’s table’s dishes were brought up one after another, and Mao Lili couldn’t stop smiling as she looked at the tender king crab legs.

In the absence of Xu Chunhua, the other two were obviously much more at ease.

The company’s main business is to provide a wide range of products and services to its customers.

“You say, she actually offended what people ah?”

“Weird ruthless, the people killed and sealed in the place where the sun is not seen for so many years ……”

Chen Peng listened to listen to suddenly put down the chopsticks, but did not say anything heavy: “The dead are big, you say less two words!”

But Mao Lili is not happy, the tone of voice immediately tinged with a little sour: “These are the police said, what has it to do with me? You are the only one who cares about people, they put you in their eyes in the first place? The first thing you need to do is to get your hands on her, but in private, who doesn’t know that she is having an affair with Xu Chunhua?


Jiang Tianyu was eating a crab leg while staring round-eyed at the exchange of words between the two people opposite.

It could not be helped that Guan Miao Miao’s previous personality caused her to be extremely closed-minded about this gossip information, and her memory was basically only left with going to work, leaving work and eating, except for the incident that night.

“You ……!” Chen Peng fiercely stood up, a face rose red.

At this time Mao Lili also not willing to show weakness followed by up: “What you you, people take you as a spare tire it! Not all from this resignation time on the side of the big money, if I say it may be that the original spouse to see her disagreeable only ……!”

“You have enough, Mao Lili!” Chen Peng finally could not help but shout angrily.

This voice, naturally, attracted the attention of everyone in the restaurant, Xu Chunhua slightly pacified the acquaintances then quickly walked over.

“What’s wrong with this?”

“Chen Peng ah, not as a brother to educate you, stinky temper change, change!” The man acted as a peacemaker.

Chen Peng smiled a face, not good to brush off the other side of the face, an ass sat back.

And Mao Lili because just mentioned Xu Chunhua, feel some weakness, also did not say a word back to pick up the chopsticks, puffed into the mouth a mouthful of vegetables.

After such a small incident, Xu Chunhua simply stayed over here, the atmosphere at the table with him at least eased some.

The man began his long-winded speech, but the words are some grand theories of life, sounding quite serious, but in fact, in the ears of the other three, every sentence is a subtle self-aggrandizement.

Until Jiang Tianyu who buried his head and ate hard noticed a strange feeling coming from his right thigh, and once he lowered his eyes he saw a short thick fat hand tentatively touching over.

“Crap! Ah!”

A sudden, somewhat harsh scream once again drew everyone’s attention to the table.

‘Bang’ sound, the table plate are followed by a shock of the sound directly across the Mao Lili and Chen Peng were stunned silly eyes.

Only to see Xu Chunhua slightly bowed body standing at the table, a face of pain, while his left hand turned over, palm facing up, wrist is now being a white slender hand fiercely pressed on the table.

Judging from the color of the hand engorged with blood, the strength is beyond the imagination of bystanders.

In contrast to Xu Chunhua’s dilemma of not being able to struggle, Jiang Tianyu is still sitting peacefully on the chair, with a smile on her brow and soft voice: “After so many years, how come Boss Xu has not grown much?”

“Taking so much advantage, not afraid of rotten hands, huh?”

For a while, the people present who could hear these words all had different expressions.

The customers were fine, Mao Lili and Chen Peng, who knew Xu Chunhua’s background, reacted in a very intriguing way.

Mao Lili looks somewhat gloating, while Chen Peng looks complicated emotions difficult to understand, some inscrutable.

The two small movements and micro-expressions are all in the eyes, Jiang Tianyu feel almost a hand to let go of the man’s wrist, let the other side of the wrist to run to the side to continue to wail.

Xu Chunhua skin is black, even so under the eyes of the left wrist is also clearly visible purple bruises, pain he is more snot and tears paste a face.

“Little jian man, I want to call the police!” He shuddered and drank, but because of the lack of breath, it seemed little momentum.

“As you wish.” Jiang Tianyu shrugged indifferently, picked up the backpack placed next to him and walked to Xu Chunhua’s side, frightened the other side took a big step backward.

“As long as you’re not afraid that your little shit will end up being known to everyone.”

After saying that, she walked towards the door, leaving Xu Chunhua, who was still cursing in place but didn’t dare to take any real action.

When out of the hotel, Jiang Tianyu side face through the glass window to look at the scene of chaos inside.

The crowd, including Mao Lili and Chen Peng, surrounded Xu Chunhua and seemed to be doing their best to comfort him.

After the line of sight hit the three, she turned and disappeared into the streets of the people.

On the way back to the dilapidated house where the original owner Guan Miao Miao lived, Jiang Tianyu mentally mulled over the people she had contacted today, thinking about what acceptable way to tell the police about what happened back then.

After all, after last night’s ‘karmic theory’, she feels that she now has little credibility in Qi Ziang’s eyes.

It’s not easy to get back to your soul, you just see two small vegetable stalls on the side of the road in front of you, she went up and picked and bought some greens before continuing to walk back.

Finally wandering downstairs, Jiang Tianyu took a long breath and was about to pull out her keys to go upstairs when a male voice suddenly came from behind her.

“Sister Miao Miao!”?


She turned her head back in surprise and was greeted by a clean-looking boy with a tall, thin body.

“You ……”

But before she could get the words out of her side, the other side suddenly rushed up in a big stride and took him directly into his arms.

“Sister Miao Miao, I miss you so much, how come you haven’t contacted me in the past few days?”

Listening to the aggrieved voice coming from above his head, Jiang Tianyu was as stiff as if he had been struck by lightning, and all he could think of was one thing.


The 40,000 yuan is not …… spent on this, right?

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