Every Time I Wake Up, I Become A Suspect – Chapter 27

“So how did you know that before Lu Tong was born, Xu Chunhua and Chen Peng both had the crime of forced jian on her?” Qi Ziang asked again, completely unperturbed by the sudden news that disrupted the rhythm of the interrogation.

Jiang Tianyu shook his head: “I do not know ah, guess.”

Whirl like some surprised slightly widened his eyes: “They two are really so beastly?”

“You don’t ……?!” Lu Li wanted to slap the table, but the hand raised and felt that this action is not quite right, it was stopped in mid-air, and finally only slightly embarrassed to touch their own head.

“Before I was a waiter at the Chunhua Seafood Hotel, I happened to see Xu Chunhua was harassing Lu Tong, but that Lu Tong did not suffer any substantial injury, so at her request I did not call the police.” Jiang Tianyu finished, a silent sigh.

“As for Chen Peng, or the day you all called us to the Public Security Bureau, I always felt that something was not quite right between him and Xu Chunhua, did not expect ah …… they should not be in cahoots, right?” She seems to be lamenting.

She, Mao Lili, Chen Peng together with an invitation to Chunhua seafood restaurant for dinner, to go on the road, Jiang Tianyu felt in reference to Lu Tong, Xu Chunhua’s reaction strange and strange.

Later, Xu Chunhua was taught a lesson by her because of her salty hands, and in the confusion of hearing the words she threatened Xu Chunhua, Chen Peng’s face became quite complicated.

A little bit of shock, a little bit of incomprehension, and a little bit of regret and fear.

At that moment she was still a little confused, why she threatened Xu Chunhua’s words, Chen Peng heard would be that reaction, now it seems that everything can make sense.

The other side is feeling weak because of the viciousness committed together with Xu Chunhua back then.

Qi Ziang during this period, a pair of black eyes have been staring at her did not relax, after lightly opened his mouth, is considered to acquiesce to her speculation: “Currently Xu Chunhua and Chen Peng two people only admitted to the crime of forcing Lu Tong to have sex with them together back then.”

“According to Xu Chunhua’s confession, the technical section found a video taken four years ago in his hotel office.”

The faces of the three people in the video are very clear, the facts of the crime are irrefutable, so Chen Peng had no choice but to put down.

“Tsk.” Jiang Tianyu some speechless, after all, normal people can never understand the brain circuit of these perverts.

“Well, Miss Guan, I have satisfied your curiosity, now why don’t we talk about your business.” Qiziang slightly raised his chin.

What should come will always come, things have progressed to this point, Jiang Tianyu has no intention to hide anymore.

It is because she was slightly silent for two seconds and slowly opened her mouth after organizing her language: “I arrived at the orphanage at the age of six. As far as I remember, my mother’s mental condition has not been particularly stable, and finally disappeared one day when I got up.”

“Some say she left me, a little dragger, and ran away, and some say she died, but whether she ran or died didn’t have much effect on me.”

Jiang Tianyu calmly recounted, outsiders may feel that Guan Miaomiao very tragic to hear. But for the original owner herself, years of unfortunate life, has long made these old crap seem less important.

Later she met Lu Tong, because that night to save each other once, so the relationship between the two became very close and logical contact with the Lu family’s old couple.

After listening to Lu Tong’s father occasionally talk about some things from his youth, Guan Miao Miao suddenly noticed that many things she seemed to have heard when she was very young.

In her rare moments of lucidity, Guan’s mother spent a large part of her time chanting bits and pieces of her biological father.

The next thing seems to be expected, Lu Tong suddenly no trace, Guan Miaomiao in order to contact Lu Tong plus determine the relationship between her father and herself, then frequent trips to the Lu family.

And after determining that the old man is indeed her biological father, with the character of Guan Miaomiao is even more impossible to ignore, so there is the previous 40,000 yuan incident.

The words fell, Jiang Tianyu lifted her eyelids to look at the two big men across the room.

She did not expect to be able to use the sad story to arouse the sympathy of the two, but after seeing the intolerant face of Lu Li, the corners of the eyes still twitched uncontrollably twice.

“You really don’t have any impression of why Lu Tong suddenly left the Chun Hua Seafood Hotel back then?” Qiziang finally asked this again.

“I don’t know.” Jiang Tianyu shook her head truthfully: “About this, aren’t those two next door more vocal? Who knows if Lu Tong was bullied by them and couldn’t take it anymore, or if they simply killed him.”

In this regard, Qi Ziang did not express any opinion, he just stood up while cleaning up the things on the table, while saying, “Miss Guan, thank you for your cooperation.”

Lu Li also followed up, only to give the impression that has been the desire to speak, and finally he silently went outside to get a glass of warm water on the interrogation table, which shook his head and sighed and left.

Jiang Tianyu took a sip of water with just the right temperature, as if the newcomers who have not long joined the police are always extraordinarily rich in emotions.

The company’s main business is to provide a wide range of products and services to its customers.

Time passed quietly in her thoughts, and finally at ten o’clock in the evening, someone came to inform her that she could leave.

When she walked out of the Jiangcheng City Public Security Bureau office building, Jiang Tianyu took out her cell phone from her backpack and looked at a long list of missed calls with some dismay.

Then she clicked on WeChat, and as expected, she received more than twenty messages of concern and urging from Lara.

The first thing I did was to remember that I was now a working person and that I had forgotten to say hello to Starlight KTV after suddenly coming to the Public Security Bureau yesterday.

The company’s main business is to provide a wide range of products and services to the public.

When the cab drove away that instant, she twisted her head as if she was aware of it, and looked through the car window towards the office building.

In front of a window on the floor where the interrogation room was located, there seemed to be a vague black shadow standing there.

The next second, with a roar of the cab engine, the blue and yellow car quickly disappeared into the traffic.

When Jiang Tianyu arrived at the Starlight ktv, it was already forty to fifty minutes later, when Lara was standing outside with two escorts smoking and sobering up, she hurriedly greeted her when she saw her get off.

“The first thing you need to do is to get out of the car. She looked her up and down and breathed a sigh of relief: “If you don’t come back, I want to call the police!”

“Went out to do some business.” Jiang Tianyu responded vaguely.

The company’s main business is to provide a wide range of products and services to the public.

Jiang Tianyu nodded and said thanks, walked up the steps and pushed open the glass door to enter.

The two people behind the front desk and the few waiters hanging around on the first floor all subconsciously looked over when they heard the commotion, and when they saw that the person coming was her, the waiters all showed their expressions of watching the show.

“Brother Chicken.” Jiang Tianyu stepped forward and called out politely.

Chicken stared at several ‘expectant’ gaze, pressure is quite hard to pull over a red vest casually thrown on the front table, riveted the strength to drink: “still do not quickly go to work?

But I don’t know if it’s because his heart is weak or what, the onlookers didn’t sound as shocking as expected.

The company’s main business is to provide a wide range of products and services to its customers.

The company’s main goal was to make a decision on whether or not to go in the direction of the lounge.

“Wait!” The chicken may also feel that he did not play well, or in front of many waiters can not afford to lose this person, so again opened his mouth.

Jiang Tianyu stopped in his tracks, stood still and slowly turned his head, smiling slightly: “Oh?”

For some reason, at this moment Chicken fiercely recalled the miserable experience of that night, so the words that came to his lips became, “Next …… time something happens remember to ask for a leave first.”



In a crowd of waiters and Liang that uncomprehending gaze, chicken finally got Jiang Tianyu affirmative answer, the expression sarcastic as a goon.

Regardless of how the others really feel, Jiang Tianyu has returned to the lounge and changed into her work clothes.

After closing the tin door of the locker, her eyes once again fell on the wooden panel wall where Lu Tong’s body was originally hidden, looking at the obvious renovation marks on it, she fell into deep thought.

The murderer will really be Xu Chunhua and Chen Peng?

She does not think it may be, just look at Xu Chunhua was scared twice today by the police and confessed to the performance, not at all like having the guts to kill.

As for Chen Peng ……

Buzz – buzz –

Jiang Tianyu came back to her senses and took out her cell phone from the pocket of her red vest, raised her eyebrows in surprise when she saw the caller ID and pressed the connect button, “Xiaofan?”

“Sister Miao Miao.” On the other side came the teenager’s youthful and embarrassed voice: “I …… I am now outside the ktv you work, today’s part-time job place asked to work overtime, and as a result, the door of the school dormitory has been left unlocked …… “

Powerless forehead, Jiang Tianyu can only hang up the phone and go outside, through the glass door really see this moment is standing on the teeth of the road tall thin boy.

The company’s main business is to provide a wide range of products and services to the market.

After instructing the other party not to move around in the ktv while she was working, Jiang Tianyu went to the second floor and got busy.

Until nearly four o’clock in the morning, finally the last music room hygiene cleaned up, she only pounded some sore waist and colleagues to say hello downstairs.

As soon as she pushed open the door of the lounge, she saw Lara lying unconscious on a bed, habitually going up to help her up, she greeted: “Little sail, let’s go back.”

Hu Fan wrinkled his eyebrows at the wobbly girl, not very happy to open his mouth to complain: “Miao Miao sister, this is not without a bed, let her sleep here overnight can not?”

“In the past, but now ……” Jiang Tianyu explained in passing, “A few days ago a corpse was found in this house, LaLa is timid, tomorrow she may be able to get up and cry.”

“A corpse?”

“Yes.” She gave a perfunctory response and walked in front with Lara, not noticing the somewhat strange look of the teenager behind her at the moment.

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