Every Time I Wake Up, I Become A Suspect – Chapter 29

This breakfast can be said to be very rewarding.

Not only did Jiang Tianyu further determine that Hu Fan did have abnormalities, but also let her find a part-time daytime job.

The place where Mao Lili is working now is a beauty salon, just short of a daily responsible for cleaning up the hygiene of the cleaning.

Although the money given a month is not much, but the winning time is relaxed, every day only need to go near noon, to ensure that the hygiene qualified, four or five o’clock can go.

Dirty and tired is not in the scope of Jiang Tianyu’s consideration, anyway, in the Starlight ktv she is also mainly responsible for cleaning hygiene.

This way the income from the beauty salon can balance the daily expenses, the ktv salary can be taken to pay off the debt.

Forty thousand, she calculated with her fingers, about another six months can be completely paid off.

Mao Lili gave a phone call to the owner of the beauty salon to help her make an appointment for an interview, and then the two of them said goodbye to each other at the congee store.

On the way home, Jiang Tianyu pondered about Hu Fan. The original owner, Guan Miaomiao, still cares a lot about her brother in terms of personal emotions, which makes her feel a little tricky.

The company’s main business is to provide a wide range of products and services to its customers.

The idea came to an abrupt halt here, she did not dare to continue to think deeply, hesitated for a while or went straight to the bus stop not far away.

The city of Jiangcheng Vocational and Technical College is located in the local university city.

After getting off the bus, Jiang Tianyu took a step after slightly identifying the direction, and took out her phone to send a weibo.

Nearly eleven o’clock at noon, the technical college gates began to increase the number of people in and out, the faces of young boys and girls who came and went, are overflowing with the best look of youth.

The first thing you need to do is to get a good idea of what you are getting into.

This is the first time that she has encountered such strong emotions after tossing two bodies.

Soon, there was a surprise cry in her ear: “Sister Miao Miao!”

Hu Fan quickly rushed to her body, with a slightly pleasing look: “How can you come? This is the first time you’ve come to me since I went to college.”

The tone of voice, a fine taste and imperceptible aggression and petulance.

Jiang Tianyu raised a smile, only the smile did not reach the bottom of his eyes.

Guan Miao Miao usually struggles to be busy with survival, where there is little extra time and mood to run this way, plus the memory of the teenager will suddenly appear from time to time, naturally there is even less need for this.

“In the morning you left in a hurry, and last night slept too late, I was afraid you would not eat well and be hungry.” She opened her mouth lightly, measuring the obvious green and black under the other party’s eyes, and proposed, “How about I take you to a good meal at noon?”

“I thought …… Sister Miao Miao you were angry with me.” Hu Fan grew up in the orphanage since childhood, is a sensitive personality, earlier in the morning her cold tone, let him apprehensive all morning.

But he didn’t want to upset his Sister Miao Miao again because of these things, so he went up and grabbed the woman’s hand intimately, “Sister Miao Miao, then where are we going to eat?”

Jiang Tianyu twisted her head to look at a street of snacks not far away and nudged her mouth towards the side of that note: “Barbecued meat? Hot pot? Or go over to see it!”

The words, smoothly untraceable break free of the teenager’s hand.

Looking at her back in front, Hu Fan lowered his eyes and stared at his right hand for a while, his eyes flashed with doubt and incomprehension, after two seconds back to his senses then hurried to follow.

Finally the two chose a barbecue restaurant.

The fatty and lean, oily beef on the grill plate emitted a tantalizing sound, Hu Fan held a clip in his hand and diligently grilled the meat for Jiang Tianyu.

Looking at the plate in front of her, she gradually stacked a lot of meat, she picked up chopsticks and ate a large mouthful, noticing that the other party’s eyes did not move away from her from the moment she sat down, she uncomfortably pursed her lips.

The next second, she put down her chopsticks.

Hu Fan was a bit stunned and asked cautiously, “Sister Miao Miao, is this not to your liking?”

“No.” Jiang Tianyu adjusted the expression on her face to the best, then shook her head: “Do you remember what I mentioned to you last night, a corpse was found in the lounge of that ktv where I work.”

“Now when I think about it, I feel a hard panic in my heart.” She said this, as if to corroborate what she just said, wrinkling her nose in discomfort.

“The deceased I still know.”

Hu Fan blinked and asked incomprehensibly, “Sister Miao Miao know? Your ktv colleagues?”

Shaking her head again, Jiang Tianyu suddenly raised her eyes straight to the person across the table, “It’s my colleague who worked in the hotel four years ago, called Lu Tong, about two or three centimeters taller than me, long and beautiful, a smile and dimples of that.”

“You should also know, right?”

The hand that was flipping the roast meat gave a beat, Hu Fan then looked puzzled: “Four years ago I was still in high school, how would I know your colleague?”

“You always followed me, how could you not know?” Jiang Tianyu said with a smile.

Time seemed to have stood still at this moment, Hu Fan’s hand holding the clip instantly tightened, because too hard, the back of the hand even began to bruise exposed.

He reluctantly pulled the corners of his mouth and tried to respond with a light tone: “Sister Miao Miao, what are you talking about? How do I hear ……”

“When we both spoke this morning, you were outside that congee store, right?” Jiang Tianyu’s smile at this time is cold, there is little temperature of the voice is the teenager’s whole body like falling into a cave of ice: “Hu Fan, exactly how long do you want to continue this?”

“How did you know that I went to the congee store this morning? Or did you stay under my house after I came out of the hotel yesterday?

“Don’t you think it’s really scary to do that?”

Hu Fan heavily closed his eyes, not daring to look at the woman’s expression full of disappointment, how things turned out this way, he could not figure out.

Obviously everything is very careful ah ……

After a long time, he heard his dry and hoarse voice: “Miao Miao sister …… sorry …… I just …… “

Just too much like you, like so much that I can’t wait to be with you all the time, so that your world is left with me alone.

But the rest of the words, he simply did not dare to say.

“Hu Fan, I just want to ask you a question now, Lu Tong’s death back then, did you have anything to do with it?” Jiang Tianyu red lips almost pursed into a straight line, straight &30340 note; stared at the teenager.

Four years ago the other side was only sixteen or seventeen, although Jiang Tianyu think this is not very likely, but still asked the mouth.

“No ……” Hu Fan sniffed a shocked expression, hastily shook his head to deny, and some anxious from the table to explore the body on trying to clutch her hand: “Miao Miao sister, I swear I just because I miss you too much to go occasionally I swear I only go to see you once in a while because I miss you so much, what does anyone else have to do with me?”

After hearing his loyalty-like words, Jiang Tianyu was about to open her mouth to say something, but she was suddenly interrupted by the ringing of her cell phone.

She picked up the phone, and when she picked it up, there were panicked voices on the other side, interspersed with ear-splitting cries and screams.

“Lara, what’s wrong? Don’t be in a hurry, tell me clearly!” Jiang Tianyu rubbed his aching temples and tried his best to calm the girl on the other side of the phone.

When she finally heard what was going on, she hurriedly picked up the backpack on one side and once again took a deep look at the teenager who was full of prayers at this moment, “Hu Fan, I hope you can know that what I have always expected from you was never like this!”

“You said you have no relationship with Lu Tong’s death, I believe you one last time, in the future …… you take care of yourself.”

The words fell, she disregarded the other party’s retention, quickly walked out of the barbecue restaurant, and soon disappeared into the slightly crowded flow of people.

Hu Fan, on the other hand, has been sitting at the table, not moving.


Normally, Starlight ktv does not officially open until about 5:00 pm.

When he got off the bus, Jiang Tianyu took a look at the time, it was not yet one o’clock.

Looking at the half-raised roll-up door, even though the glass door inside was tightly closed, she still felt something was wrong.

Slightly bent over, she pushed open the glass door from underneath the roll-up door and walked in, inside was the expected darkness.

After taking two steps forward, she heard the faint sound of sobbing. Subconsciously speeding up her pace, Jiang Tianyu crossed the corridor and pushed open the door of the lounge with force.


The sound of the wood panel door hitting the wall managed to make everyone in the room flinch.

Taking this opportunity, she also got a good look at the scene inside the lounge.

Lara and several other girls who looked familiar were squatting at the root of the wall, all with snot and tears smeared on their faces, while Chicken was standing over them with his hands raised high, scaring everyone by holding their heads with their arms and trying to curl up into a ball.

“What are you doing here? This has nothing to do with you, go away!” The man was obviously angry and did not speak half politely.

Jiang Tianyu did not squeal, walked to the side of Lara, squatted down and carefully observed the girl’s face that had obviously been swollen by the slap, and opened his mouth with a smile: “Lara, what happened? You guys are so angry with Chicken?”

From the time she received the call from the other party at the barbecue restaurant to the time she pushed open the door of the lounge, more than half an hour had passed during this period.

Looking at the situation, these few had long been ruthlessly cleaned up by Chicken for a round trip.

“A few stinky biaozi, dare to gang up to hide the tips given by customers, I think you are tired of living!” The man once again began to curse and swear, and as he spoke, he pulled a girl up by the collar, and the other party immediately let out a scream that could almost pierce the eardrums.

“Am I usually a little too nice to you? If you dare to fool me again, I will seal you in the wall, don’t think I haven’t killed anyone!”

After saying that, Chicken raised his hand again and began to force the question, “Say, whose idea was it?!”

The girl closed her eyes tightly, her lips were trembling slightly out of fear, and her exposed arms were even more bruised and purple, looking incomparably pitiful and miserable.

“Fuck!” Chicken cursed through clenched teeth and dropped his raised left hand with force.

However, the imagined incomparably crisp put applause did not ring out in the lounge.

After a few seconds, the crowd looked in the direction of Brother Chicken with fear and anxiety, just in time to see Jiang Tianyu faking a smile and using her slender arm to hold the man’s hand: “Brother Chicken, it’s almost enough, if the fight continues, in case there is a death, it will not be good for anyone.”

After saying that, she also bared her teeth: “You say, right?”

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