Every Time I Wake Up, I Become A Suspect – Chapter 31

“Got into the car?” Jiang Tianyu frowned.

The company’s main business is to provide a wide range of products and services to its customers.

No wonder Mao Lili and Chen Peng mentioned Lu Tong, will be sharp words that the other side of a big money, this statement may be from the side of Meng Yu out.

The first thing you can do is to take a look at the actual website.

After saying this, both of them have a smiling expression on their faces.

The envy is not necessarily, behind the yin and yang must not be less.

Jiang Tianyu did not care about the thoughts in their minds at this time, a little silent for a while and then curious on the face asked: “What car ah, can also be associated with good fortune?”

“What car came?” Meng Yu looks a little unclear.

Mao Lili is thinking and thinking, also not sure: “Anyway, for us at the time, that car feels like a lifetime can not afford to buy.”

Then, also plausible to say a few first-line car brands, and finally shook his head: “Oops, so long, who can remember clear.”

“That’s right, and that night was also a black light, I saw the wrong may not be.” Meng Yu echoed.

In this regard, Jiang Tianyu had expected, a twinkle in the eye, with a gossipy tone of voice like a lament: “Hey, either that the same person different lives? People take a high-class car, I even ride an electric car are struggling.”

She said, she actually felt some heartache.

Yes, Guan Miaomiao can’t even afford an electric car now.

The other two people couldn’t help but laugh out loud, Meng Yu even unintentionally returned a sentence: “People Lu Tong at the beginning of the car is not a car, is a big jeep, can be magnificent!”

Jiang Tianyu seems not to believe, open mouth retort: “You did not even see the car label, but also see clearly is a jeep?”

“That day was dark, I’m not blind, I can’t tell the model?” Meng Yu seems to be her bar out of a few fire, speaking tone obviously rose a lot: “That car is quite special, should be modified, the roof of a long slip forward to shine a large row of lights!”

“At that time, my ex-boyfriend and I were quite angry, because the car’s lights then shake the rearview mirror of our small electric donkey can not see anything.”

The bottom of the eye is bright, Jiang Tianyu satisfied squinting eyes.

Xu felt that her personality is strange, the next time, Meng Yu did not take the initiative to talk to her again, just a sentence and Mao Lili small talk.

An hour or so later, after finishing the facial treatment, she got up and left.

Then Jiang Tianyu also took a look at the time, and with the approval of the beauty salon owner, got off work and took the bus to the rental house.

In the car, pull out the phone from the bag that had been on mute since yesterday, only to find that from noon to now, and received countless missed call reminders and unread messages, all from Hu Fan.

She sighed silently, she felt doubly tired, just wondering if the original owner, Guan Miaomiao, would have collapsed if she had encountered this situation.

The first thing you need to do is to get a good idea of what you’re getting into.

Otherwise a little longer, by Hu Fan found out the truth about the escort, what things will end up like, no one can say.

This sudden outburst, Jiang Tianyu originally &303 Remember 40; intends to let Hu Fan completely realize that what he did was wrong, so that as long as he is willing to change, Guan Miao Miao back after the two can continue to get along as friendly as before.

But now it seems that the teenager’s psychological condition is even worse than she imagined.

Even if the original owner Guan Miaomiao is fond of this brother, but in the face of this superb, suffocating possessiveness, how long can this fondness last?

One day in the future, once the relationship between the two people falls apart, what will Guan Miaomiao face, Jiang Tianyu does not dare to think about it now.

She thought about it again and again and withdrew from the dialog box with Hu Fan.

That night, Starlight KTV.

Jiang Tianyu, who had changed into her work clothes, came out of the lounge and greeted the others. It was still dark outside, and so far the store was very cold, with no customers coming in.

“Why didn’t Brother Chicken and Brother Liang come over today?” A few waiters came together and chatted in a whisper.

“I don’t know. …… It feels like Chicken has been very busy lately.”

“I heard that he seems to have rented another large store over Jianping Road, is it to open a chain of KTV ah?”

“Maybe it’s a restaurant ……?”

“Hotel? Why, this is ready to wash their hands of gold?” The moment someone said this, the surrounding area instantly quieted down.

The young male waiter soon realized that what he just said was a bit wrong, pursed his lips and stopped squealing.

A few people nudged me and I nudged you, quickly steered the conversation elsewhere, and then dispersed in no time.

Only three waitresses, including Jiang Tianyu, were left standing in front of the glass door, looking at the street scene outside while talking intermittently without nutrition.

Suddenly, the waitress standing beside her exclaimed, “That’s Brother Chicken’s car, right? Brother Chicken is back!”

Before the words fell, the half-new van that Jiang Tianyu had seen under the rental house a long time ago rushed to the door.

Along with the tires and the ground stone tiles rubbing against each other made a toothsome sound, Liang with two people from above down.

But they did not push the door in, but stood on the steps smoking a cigarette, swallowing clouds while also occasionally looking up in the direction of the party came, as if waiting for someone.

Not long after, another car also speedy rushed up the road teeth, can be parked next to the van.

Then the main driver’s door opened, Chicken jumped down from the car with a phone call.

The two waitresses saw the situation is not good, all rushed back to their respective jobs, several large men at this time the face is not good, later a bad easily swept on.

Light is scolded, heavy who can not say what will happen.

Jiang Tianyu did not move, slowly tilted his head to look at the chicken opened, the door has not been closed on the car.

Black Jeep, I do not know if it is because it has not been cleaned for a long time, the exterior looks a little gray.

The body has a lot of signs of cuts and scrapes, estimated that it should be some years, is an international first-line brand mark, the whole car is conservatively estimated to be more than a million.

The most important thing is …… her line of sight moved up and saw the roof of the car after modified large row of lights.

Lu Tong & Remember 30340; the body was found in the lounge wall of Starlight KTV, and one of the people in charge of the KTV is Chicken.

This car all features are very consistent with Meng Yu’s previous description, and the owner of the car is Chicken.

In fact there are not a few people who have modified their vehicles in this way, but sometimes coincidences are more than a coincidence, it may not be a coincidence.

Jiang Tianyu couldn’t help but recall the previous conversation with Brother Liang, the other party had inadvertently mentioned that it was Brother Chicken who had fallen in love with this place at first, which led to the current Starlight KTV.

Hiss ……

When she thought of this, she raised her eyebrows without a trace.

It’s a good coincidence that Chicken hung up the phone and turned around to look like he wanted to enter the door, so the two people were separated by a glass door, and the four eyes were facing each other for a while.

She slowly raised her hand, smiled slightly at the man, as a greeting.

I don’t know if she was startled by her slightly bizarre look, through the glass door, she saw Chicken open his mouth twice, as if he was cursing.

After that, multiple hands reached out and pulled open the glass door on the other side, leading Liang and the others to fish in, and after slightly instructing the receptionist twice, they dove into the back office.

After about ten minutes, Starlight ktv finally ushered in the first group of guests tonight, but also for the next whole night of busy officially kicked off.

The next few hours, Jiang Tianyu busy feet, only in the interval of a breath, walk to the second floor lobby window, down to look at the jeep has not moved two eyes.

Four whole years.

A look of regret passed through her eyes, and even if there had been any evidence inside or outside the car, it had long since dissipated in time.

When she was thinking about what to do next, the foreman’s call came again from behind her, and after answering it, she went back to work.

The time quietly came to nearly zero.

Jiang Tianyu listened to the ghostly wailing in her ears and leaned against the wall with the rest of her colleagues, somewhat drowsy.

Suddenly, she stood up slightly straight and looked around for a couple of seconds.

The colleagues around her were also startled by her movement and asked, “What’s wrong?”

“You didn’t hear anything?”

The colleague froze for two seconds, then shook her head in bewilderment: “A group of singing out of tune is torturing my ears, what sound can there be?”

However, Jiang Tianyu’s furrowed brow did not relax, his eyes looked straight at the direction of the stairway to the first floor, and sure enough, the next second, a group of people rushed up one after another.

The one in the lead held a law enforcement card in his hand.

Public security inspection!

The second floor was suddenly chaotic, and it instantly turned into a chaos in front of us.

Jiang Tianyu, along with a group of waiters, was placed in the corridor of the second floor. She raised her eyelids and quietly watched as several of the girls who were accompanying the drinks in the private rooms, including Lara, all wilted their heads and headed downstairs amidst the police’s scolding.

The serious waiters were the last to go downstairs, and by then the downstairs was lit up like daylight by rows of police lights, and many of the escorts and related guests were lining up, one by one, to get into their cars.

And those customers who came here to simply sing and consume, also had to wait in place for inquiries and go home after the end.

The waiters naturally had to be taken back to the police for questioning, and in the effort to walk toward that police bus, Jiang Tianyu heard the chatter before and after, which led to the knowledge that Chicken and the others were now in the two police cars at the front of the line.

People have speculated, in the end, why this time again only into the eyes of the police, may be related to the corpse a few days ago.

People are discerning police, the police will not be able to see what is fishy in your ktv?

There are also said to blame the chicken anxious to open to make money, or wait for the wind to pass, perhaps can not be any big deal.

Selected a window seat, Jiang Tianyu turned his head to look at the still lively ktv door.

This point in time today is a little too subtle.

For the police, is it really just a simple special operation to combat pornography and illegality?

She doesn’t think so.

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