Every Time I Wake Up, I Become A Suspect – Chapter 32

The time came more than 4:00 am.

Jiang Tianyu stood in the corridor, looking out the window at the distant river scene, sighing out of the breath quite a bit of continuous meaning.

She had never thought before that this life would be so deep with the second police station.

The actual few into a few out has long been counted, this kind of day still do not know when is a head.

The person responsible for the inspection of the Starlight KTV is not Qi Ziang’s serious crime unit, but other departments of the city bureau, so outside the half day, Jiang Tianyu also failed to see any familiar figure.

The police started questioning the employees of the ktv one after another when it was just dawn outside.

Before her turn, the male colleague beside her also spoke to comfort her: “You do not need to be nervous, go in and ask three questions on the line, anyway, only found a few escorts, people are willing, and we do not have any relationship.”

Jiang Tianyu nodded and said she knew.

As expected, the questioning for the KTV waiter is very simple, but is fixed a few questions, similar to whether there is an employment relationship between the escort and the store, the store has no other criminal facts exist, etc.

The two police officers opposite to her to confirm the signature, and then indicated that they could go out.

But she did not move, the two police officers waited for a while, the action is very synchronized look up over.

Jiang Tianyu rubbed her hands in embarrassment and asked tentatively, “I wonder if it’s convenient for you to see Officer Qi of the Major Crime Unit?”



The answer was one part speechless and one part dismayed, hardened her head, she once again put forward a somewhat outrageous-sounding request: “I reckon he should also be working overtime tonight, can you please two officers to help bring a message, say that someone wants to see him.”

“By the way, my last name is Guan.”

Of course we know your last name is Guan!

The two police officers instantly rounded their eyes and wanted to say no, but they were curious about what the woman in front of them was looking for in the QI team of the Major Crime Unit.

In the end, the one sitting on the outside got up, pulled open the door and walked out, and came back about two minutes later.

The other side first glanced at Jiang Tianyu with amazement, then stood at the door and waved at the other police officer: “This questioning room is reserved for the Qi team, let’s go to the one next to it!”

Jiang Tianyu is under the two suspicious eyes, in the sofa to try to sit peacefully.

The result is that this wait is a long time, until outside the sky is almost bright, the corridor standing waiting for only a few people left so scattered after the door finally moved.

A look up, she smiled and greeted: “Officer Qi, Officer Lu, good morning.”

Lu Li wrinkled his nose and answered, then reluctantly handed over the plastic bag he was carrying.

Jiang Tianyu was a little surprised to see the bag of buns, and then softly thanked.

“Sorry, there was a work delay so I’m a little late.” Qi Ziang pulled out the opposite chair and sat down: “I wonder what Ms. Guan is looking for me for?”

Jiang Tianyu took a bite of half a bun and swallowed it whole before opening her mouth, but instead of responding positively to his question, Ji instead asked rhetorically, “Officer Qi is so busy, it wouldn’t be related to our boss, right?”

Lu Li heard her muttering with unclear diction, and suddenly his expression tightened.

Qi Ziang, on the other hand, observed her quietly for a few seconds, then said unhurriedly, “Why does Ms. Guan ask that?”

“Starlight ktv was inspected by the police with great fanfare, and it was not expected that a little problem was really detected, and as a result, not only the escorts and guests got back, but also the boss and the entire staff.”

“This side of the people to the Public Security Bureau, over there you also work overtime serious crime group, what a coincidence.” Jiang Tianyu’s words fell, his eyes lowered as he stuffed the other half of the bun into his mouth.

Lu Li retorted: “We have always been busy with the work of the serious crime unit, you blindly guess also have to have some basis, right?”

“Speaking of which, it’s also strange that the group of people brought back are all on this floor under investigation, but I haven’t seen Chicken’s people since I got off the elevator.” Jiang Tianyu pulled a tissue from the coffee table and wiped his mouth, then continued, “Last night’s clinical examination, should not find any substantial evidence to deal with him, right?”

Perhaps those johns and escorts will be punished accordingly, just that Chicken must have a way to remove himself clean, and none of the girls, including Lara, must have dared to come forward and identify him.

After all, being dealt with by the police is just a few days of detention, but the consequences of pissing off Chicken certainly no one wants to suffer.

“How long is Officer Qi going to keep him? Forty-eight hours?”

The expression on Qiziang’s face did not change much after hearing her words, only a pair of black eyes gradually narrowed.

He crossed his hands, and the index finger of his right hand kept tapping the back of the doer’s hand rhythmically, his heart seemed to be calculating something.

“Ms. Guan has something to say, why don’t you just say it.”

And sitting on the sofa so many times contact down, the other party is a what is the nature of mind, Qi Zion has long had a good idea.

The essence of the words “no profit is too early” was played out by this woman.

It is not known whether what she did was to get rid of her suspicions as soon as possible, or whether the real murderer wanted to enjoy the thrill of dominating the police in handling the case.

The last bun was put down by Jiang Tianyu, who took out his phone from his trouser pocket and placed it squarely on the coffee table: “This contains evidence that will allow Chicken to stay in the Public Security Bureau for a while longer in peace and quiet.”

Lu Li is a bit unbelieving, quickly grabbed the phone in his hand, opened the screen and clicked on the album icon.

It was a video that was obviously secretly filmed from the angle, although the picture was wobbly, but the sound was clear, and the scenes that were filmed were not left behind.

This video is enough to prove that the escorts brought back last night are inextricably linked to Chicken.

In the video, the fact that Chicken is violent with people is irrefutable.

It is not a problem to keep him for a while longer. Even more, this video also gives the police a new idea in the interrogation, may have a chance to pry his mouth open.

“…… If you dare to fool me again, I’ll seal you in the wall, too, don’t think I’ve never killed anyone!”

The threatening voice full of violent emotions was played out from the phone receiver, and it seemed extra clear in this quiet questioning room.

Qi Ziang instructed Lu Li to export the video later, and raised his chin at Jiang Tianyu: “What do you want to know?”

The original intention was to find an opportunity to report Chicken by name after doing a longer time at the ktv and collecting a little more evidence.

It is also never expected that it would come in handy so soon.

“I want to know how Lu Tong’s death and Chicken are related.” As the conversation progressed, Jiang Tianyu simply played the straight ball.

She suspected that Chicken was still because of what Meng Yu said at the beauty salon yesterday during the day, so without knowing the existence of Meng Yu as a person, what did the police get hold of to strike hard at Chicken?

“After the technical section and the forensic scientist jointly experimented and found that the form of Lu Tong’s corpse when she was found did not match the form of a corpse that should have been in that extremely thin and dry air environment sealed in a wooden panel wall compartment.”

“In short, she was not sealed in four years ago.”

“We also found a certain amount of soil in the crevices of the corpse bones, so we deduce that Lu Tong was first buried underground by the murderer for nearly a year after her death, and was only sealed into the wooden wall compartment afterwards.”

No wonder.

Jiang Tianyu instantly reacted to the meaning represented by this.

Three years ago, it was the point in time when Chicken rented that store and prepared to open a ktv.

If Lu Tong was sealed into the wall compartment only at that time, then what Chicken said to the police before that the renovation hadn’t even touched that wood panel wall was an outright lie.

“Although it may not be useful, but if you are not afraid to waste time, why not take the time to check the jeep that Chicken drove.” She thought about it and finally put it out there.

What if.

Although you know it’s impossible, but you have to admit that the job of a criminal police officer, every time you gamble on that one in ten thousand chance.

The first thing you need to do is to take a look at the actual person you are talking to.

In a flash, Jiang Tianyu was the only one left in the room.

She exhaled a breath of foul air and picked up the bun she had just put aside and chewed it slowly in small bites.

This several times and Qi Ziang contact down, she felt that the other party really very good.

The person is cautious, careful, precise, and not too curious.

Instead of saying that curiosity is not strong, it would be better to say that it is smart enough to have its own judgment on everything in the shortest possible time.

When Jiang Tianyu ate and drank enough and full of circles to smooth the air, before the phone taken by Lu Li sent back.

Almost at the same time, the police officer who gave her a statement also came over to inform that it was okay to leave.

Standing on the floor of the Jiangcheng City Public Security Bureau office building, topped by the increasingly hot sun in the summer, thinking again and again, she still chose to go to work at the beauty salon first.

Seeing that Starlight KTV has begun to shake, she can’t lose two jobs in just one day.

In the real world, survival is always more important than ideals.

Besides, things have come to this point, she should do have done, the rest is to believe in the law and justice.


Jiang Tianyu arrived at the beauty salon only to find that today’s business seemed unusually good, so good that Mao Lili didn’t even have time to catch her going over for a chat.

Remember that in the end, at the request of the boss’s wife, she worked overtime until 7:00 p.m., and before she left she got a delicious and nutritious green pepper fried pork over rice as a working meal.


The bus stopped in front of the platform, and the slightly aged automatic door emitted an ear-piercing metallic scraping sound.

Jiang Tianyu got off the bus with barely any energy and walked slowly in the direction of the rental house.

The place where the original owner Guan Miao Miao lives is not only a bit remote, the community is also in a state of three.

The exterior walls of the building have long been in disrepair and are patchy, and the induction lights in the hallway are also in and out of order depending on the mood, Jiang Tianyu felt the potholes in the stairs under her feet and finally climbed to the sixth floor.

She found the key from her backpack and inserted it into the lock hole by the faint light of her cell phone screen.


As the door lock made a crunching sound, Jiang Tianyu’s hand movements suddenly stopped.

Something is wrong.

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