Every Time I Wake Up, I Become A Suspect – Chapter 39

Jiang Tianyu sat next to the campfire and let the hot fire warm this cold body, as for the other people are hiding far away, standing there with a fearful face pointing at this side.

The surrounding environment, should be the wilderness, and the crackling sound of the campfire, lining the night of the dense forest more and more silent a few.

The first thing you need to do is to look at the people who are far away and deduce from their age that the original owner’s age should not be too old.

Finally, in the distance came the sound of sirens, in this depressing late night, is undoubtedly a shot in the arm to the crowd.


Bang Bang!

With several muffled sounds of closing the car door, Qiziang led people from the police car, immediately surrounded by a group of young people with a youthful appearance.

“Oh my God, police uncle, you finally came!”

“Scared the hell out of me, dead man! Ooooooooooooooooo ……”

“Yeah, yeah, Ren Yumeng killed someone !!!!”

Lu Li immediately called a halt to this can’t hear a reason for the gossip, and then let one of the more stable-looking boys open up to explain, which is barely clear the context.

The original in front of this is a group of Jiangcheng City Teachers College students, they are about 20 people are the school street dance club.

The reason for appearing here today is also because the club in consultation with everyone’s opinion after a group hiking activities, they walked on foot from the school to the foot of this scenery is quite beautiful, originally intended to camp for a night after returning to school in the morning.

Who would have thought, the accident just appeared.

Ren Yu Meng killed Sun Tianyang.

This is Qiziang today heard the most words, he urged Lu Li and others to pacify the group of students who have not yet officially entered society, they are wearing gloves and footwear, slowly walk towards the front of the fire bright place.

This time the technical section and forensics have arrived near the tent, is doing the relevant preparations, his line of sight will naturally fall on the campfire next to the slender figure sitting on his knees.

Then, the forensics head into the tent, and began to examine the body.

“The deceased, male …… has his ID card on him, let me see ……”

“Sun Tianyang, 21 years old. Shedding a lot of blood …… cause of death is initially judged to be because of a knife stabbed in the heart and died, the process is fast, it will not take long. If the deceased is nothing defensive, most likely will not make any sound.”

Technical Section colleagues nodded in understanding: “No wonder just those children have indicated that before the suspect walked out of the tent, they did not find anything unusual.”

“That’s not necessarily true.” Qiziang squatted in the tent mouth position, surveyed the still spacious space inside, lightly opened: “After preliminary questioning, understand that these students at the time of the crime is holding some kind of bonfire party, I see that there are still guitars over there, if lively, some sounds are naturally ignored.”

The forensic scientist raised an eyebrow in approval and carefully measured the wounds on the body of the deceased with a tool: “The wound is only this one on the chest, and the murder weapon is about 3 cm in diameter.”

“As for the results of the poison test in the body and the rest, we will have to wait to give you the results when I return to the bureau for the second autopsy.” The forensic scientist finished, signaling that the assistant on one side could bag the body for transport back.

Stand up, Qiziang steps away to the campfire, pulled over the side of the matzah and sat down.

However, because of his long hands and feet, his strong body looks more or less shortness of movement and comical at this time.

He carefully observed the girl across from him, and saw that the other side looks beautiful, slightly curly short hair with willow eyebrows and almond eyes and a standard goose egg face, the whole person looks soft and a touch of competence.

However, at the moment, that beautiful and with a little student unique childish face, is permeated with a trace of confusion.

But only confused, for the suspect who just killed a person, the girl is too calm some.

Then, Qiziang’s gaze gradually moved down and finally settled on the position at the other party’s feet.

There is a dagger with blood stains, and even a paper towel underneath, isolating the murder weapon and dirt contact from the possibility of contamination.

“This knife, in addition to me no one has moved, I also try to ensure the integrity of the crime scene, things you can take away first.” Jiang Tianyu said softly, his voice a little mute, finished also pursed slightly dry lips.

Soon, under the gesture of Qi Ziang’s eyes, people from the technical section came forward to finish taking photos and sealing the evidence, and put the dagger into the evidence bag.

“What’s your name?” He opened his mouth and asked, his voice not too loud, but with some seriousness.

Jiang Tianyu blinked and answered very cooperatively, “Ren Yumeng, 20 years old this year, now studying in the Physics Department of Jiangcheng Normal College, sophomore year.”

“Do you know the deceased Sun Tianyang?” Qiziang asked again.

Nodding, she still answered dryly, “Yes, he and I were both members of the school’s street dance club, and he was in his junior year in the math department.”

“What conflict existed between you and him, and why did you want to kill him?”

“Kill him?” Jiang Tianyu like some surprise, first looked down at his own pair of blood-stained hands, then raised his head with some uncertainty: “I do not know ……”

Qiziang frowned, after a little thought stood up, beckoned colleagues from the technical section to the girl’s hands and the whole body for trace sampling and examination, and then ordered: “A moment to bring the person back to the bureau, first draw blood to send a drug test, I think her state is not quite right.”

He narrowed his eyes and looked at the students gathered by the police car not far away, his eyes swept over a terrified face, he raised his chin: “And those, make sure everyone’s blood is sent for testing.”

“Okay, Team Qi.” The technician from the technical section responded painfully.

It was not until around six in the morning, when the early morning daylight poured through the leaves on the camp, that the police finished their forensic work and took the twenty or so students to prepare to return to the Public Security Bureau.

Jiang Tianyu, wearing only short sleeves and handcuffs on his hands, was guided by the police towards the police car.

The wind in the mountains was a bit harsh and cold, so that her bare arms were covered with goose bumps.

She recalled the information she had just received from the technicians, and it was already the end of August.


For northern cities, the end of August and the beginning of September has officially entered the early autumn, the morning and evening temperatures are not high, wearing such thin is sure to feel the slightest coolness.

Another two months.

The first thing you need to do is to get a good idea of what you’re getting into.

At least is also experienced a lot of incredible things, such bad treatment, counted or the first time.

Soon, two police officers also got into the police car, one left and one right to sandwich her in the middle.

The two eyes of pity and regret were mixed with scrutiny, and she felt that her head was getting dizzy again.

The police have been working with the police for a long time, and now the heart has officially fallen to the ground, so the police car did not take long to move, Jiang Tianyu closed her eyes and fell asleep.

When she woke up again, the police car had stopped at the compound of Jiangcheng City Public Security Bureau.

She turned her head to the police officer who woke her up and said thanks, and followed the person’s ass into the interrogation room with low brows and obedience.

I don’t know if it’s because the former director Yu Meng’s looks are too good, or because she is more cooperative with the police, next whether it’s the police who came to draw blood or are responsible for guarding her, the attitude is not bad, whispering like they are afraid to scare her.

The company’s main business is to provide a wide range of products and services to the public.

After careful recollection, the other party should be called Xu Lida, the impression of a little grumpy.

“Ren Yumeng, right?” Qiziang simply went through the interrogation routine, after which he handed the stage to the person beside him.

Xu Lida’s looks should be the most intimidating in the entire Major Crimes Unit, coupled with his rough voice and not-so-great temper, just being stared at by him without making a sound was enough to make a portion of those who were timid feel frightened.

Slightly moved the hands fixed by handcuffs on the interrogation chair, Jiang Tianyu understood in his heart that perhaps this is a combination of the police deliberately arranged.

After all, the original director of the Yu Meng is just a child who has not yet left school, although killed, but from the scene does not look like a premeditated crime.

If it is a premeditated crime, and would not do it in full view of the public?

Such impulsive character of the students, perhaps a frightened all put down.

Sure enough, the next second Xu Lida eyebrows up, ‘snapped’ a forceful folder in the hands flung on the desktop, sneered: “Look at your young age, the hands are stable and accurate, the deceased Sun Tianyang was killed by your knife.”

“Now there are a total of seventeen witnesses outside, all of whom said they saw you kill the deceased, what else do you want to say?”

Jiang Tianyu was blown by the folder fan wind slightly drooping eyelids, and then tone calmly opened his mouth: “all said to have seen me kill someone?”

“That’s really strange, we have that tent to avoid light so good that I can’t even see my own hands after zipping up, they have good eyes one by two, and they can see me kill someone with my hands.”

“In that case, how do I come out of the tent after a dozen talents as if they had seen a ghost, one ran faster than the other.”

“Uncle police, remember I want to report to you, they are perjury, to be legally responsible!”

The two people called ‘police uncles’: “……”

Xu Lida some uncertainty black half face, in fact just outside the students have also called him police uncle, but how he felt that these four words from the mouth of this one, the accent fell so wrong?

It was as if he was really mocking him for being too old.

The actual fact is that you can find a lot of people who are not able to get a good deal on this.

Qiziang tapped the desktop twice with his fingertips gently and unconsciously, and smoothly drew out a report sheet and put it on, interrupting the stare-off between the two that was somewhat like a contest.

“This is your blood test report, the results are that your blood contains a certain dose of mai hor|| acid diethylamide, which is the main component of the common hallucinogens on the market.” Speaking of this, his body leaned forward slightly, and the sense of oppression was pulled to full strength.

“Ren Yumeng, you’re high on drugs?”

Jiang Tianyu’s breathing stalled, staring at the report sheet out of focus.

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