Every Time I Wake Up, I Become A Suspect – Chapter 40

“I’m not on drugs.” She returned with a firm tone, and added after a pause, “At least I didn’t take this stuff on my own initiative.”

“You don’t have to be too nervous either.” Xu Lida sat there, and Qi Ziang sang the same song: “You students are still young, get together must be happy, the atmosphere is enthusiastic when the mind is dizzy, it is normal to make a little mistake.”

I did not expect Jiang Tianyu to continue to shake his head, his expression serious and serious: “I really did not eat these messy things.”

Seeing that the questioning was fruitless, Qi Ziang did not intend to dwell on this for too long, and turned to ask: “Then why don’t you tell us about the matter between you and Sun Tianyang?”

He did not have the words ‘murder’ in his question, in order to keep the young girl in front of him as emotionally calm as possible. If this case is really a crime of passion,The other party’s body also contains prohibited drugs, although the amount of residue should not be much now, but it is better to try to avoid trouble.

“I and he ……” Jiang Tianyu frowned, as if carefully recalling what, after a long time before then opened: “I and he is a club, what can be the matter?”

For her intermittent speech, Qiziang and Xu Lida think it is a common after-effects reaction after taking those drugs, so the two people are extremely patient waiting, not too much urging.

“According to the police, you went camping these nineteen people, every two people prepared a tent.” Qiziang tone without ripples to repeat the information previously obtained from those other students: “But most of them are boys and boys, girls and girls.”

“If there was nothing going on between you two, then why were you in the same tent?”

Yeah, why?

Jiang Tianyu’s two eyebrows, at this moment almost twisted together, she found that the original director Yu Meng’s memory, there is a long period of vacancy.

I just don’t know whether it was caused by her arrival, or whether it was an after-effect from the original director having ingested something containing hallucinogens.

“I can’t remember.” In the end, she could only tell the truth.

Xu Lida sniffed and squeezed out a light hum from his nose: “Are you going to say next, why did you have a conflict with the deceased, and why did you kill him, you don’t know anything about all of this?”

Unexpectedly, Jiang Tianyu really nonchalantly nodded: “Indeed, there is no impression.”

“But I think that the police uncle can follow the hallucinogenic ingredients in my body to check, after all, I am also quite curious about how this stuff entered my body.”

“Also, how about you guys scientifically calculate how big of a dose I actually ingested at the time.”

“Will that dose make me get high and instantly transform into a beast, or will I roll my eyes and lose consciousness.”

Xu Lida was choked by her top, side face to stare at the captain of the family round eyes.

Was he once again under a delusion? Why do I feel that this student in front of me knows the police process particularly well, as if he is sure that they will not have too much evidence during the initial interrogation, let alone what to do with her.

Qiziang is naturally much more calm than the people around him, and the corners of his lips moved without a trace: “Thanks for the reminder, Ren.”

“By the technical section of the examination record test, the knife you hold in your hand, only your fingerprints on it, the knife is also consistent with the wounds on the body of the deceased, and the blood on it is the blood belonging to Sun Tianyang.” His hands around his chest, chin slightly raised: “To this, do you have anything else to say?”

After hearing these words, Jiang Tianyu lowered her eyes again, and after about a few seconds, her right hand, which was handcuffed to the interrogation chair, suddenly clenched into a fist.

“Since I woke up, I’ve been holding that knife like this, my posture hasn’t changed.”

What she answered seemed to be a bit of a mismatch with what the other party was asking.

Qiziang’s response to this was to get up and clean up the report sheets scattered on the table, and in passing, he also instructed, “If you feel uncomfortable, remember to call someone.”

After saying that, he turned around and walked out of the interrogation room.

Xu Lida naturally to follow, when sure the interrogation room door closed tightly, he accelerated his steps rushed to the man’s side, some puzzled asked: “The technical section did not say that the murder weapon is indeed only her fingerprints? This is ironclad evidence, with so many eyewitness testimonies, I think the child is unable to escape.”

He said, he also gave a long sigh: “Even if she wants to use the hallucinogenic pretext not to say anything, it is useless, physical evidence is always more powerful than the human self-refutation.”

“Also, what did she mean by that last statement?” He lifted his right hand in a pattern and made a false grip, his normally fierce face at this point full of incomprehension.

“I think she was trying to remind us.” Qiziang responded briefly with a few words, then raised his hand and pressed the elevator’s up button.

“A reminder?” Xu Lida stood in place somewhat dazed, waiting until the elevator came, before he busily followed the other party’s butt and got on the elevator as well.

Looking at the lit up floor button, he guessed that his captain was going to the technical section.

The sound of unhurried footsteps.

The sound of unhurried footsteps echoed in the empty corridor, and the next second, the brown solid wood door with the words ‘Criminal Technology Section’ on it was pushed open.

“Team Qi, Brother Xu.” The woman wearing glasses who was sitting next to the computer fiddling with something took the time to say hello, and then buried her head back to work on the matter at hand.

“Well, Sister Zhang, I want to see the murder weapon test report about this murder case last night again.” Qiziang very smoothly threw the folder on the side table, sat on his buttocks on the reclining chair and pinched his brow.

Zhang Ye, who was called ‘Sister Zhang’, stood up after a few final taps on the keyboard, walked around the large table located in the center of the lab and went to the other side.

When she turned back with the report sheet in her hand, she asked casually and unconsciously, “You two are fast, you just took away Ren Yumeng’s blood report sheet, and you’re done with the trial?”

“Well, did you leave it?”

“Leave a fart.” Xu Lida shook his head in a circle, feeling the crunching sound from his cervical vertebrae, while complaining, “It would be great if every suspect could voluntarily admit their crimes, so our workload could be reduced by half.”

Zhang Ye lost his smile and shook his head, handed several report sheets in his hand to the man in the chair, “The fingerprints on the hilt of the knife are clear, and the comparison work was completed successfully without any &3Journal 0340; hindrance at all.”

Qiziang silent look for a while after, with a look to indicate Xu Lida from the evidence table to bring the dagger over.

Then he followed the pattern of Jiang Tianyu just now, fist eyes facing up fist heart facing down, and held the hilt of the knife in his hand with the tip of the knife vertically down.

“and Ren Yumeng himself is right, these fingerprints on the hilt of the knife does match the posture she held before and after the crime, and just now Sister Zhang also mentioned that the fingerprints are clear and not displaced, proving that she did not change her grip midway.”

Qiziang this endless words, so the rest of the two are a bit puzzled, they looked at each other, all from each other’s eyes to see the doubt.

“Qi team, you are ……,” Xu Lida asked in a long voice.

Qiziang returned to his senses: “Brother Xu, you call the forensic doctor, let him come over.”

After saying that, he continued to carefully examine the dagger in his hand, more like mumbling, “Now can determine is Ren Yumeng throughout the murder weapon is held in this way, then assuming that the crime occurred when she and the deceased stood face to face, so stabbing past the action is not a little twisted?”

“Of course, it does not exclude her standing behind Sun Tianyang, hands around each other so stabbed down, or the deceased lying on his back on the ground, she or kneeled by its side, or in its right above the hand.”

Xu Lida just finished the phone call, listened for a while after some understanding of his meaning: “Qi team, you are trying to do a crime at the time of the murder of the killer a simulation analysis of the process?”

“By the way, determine the position of Ren Yumeng and Sun Tianyang at that time, to see which is the angle of action most consistent with the situation of the chest wound of the deceased?”

Knives from different directions, different heights, different angles into the human flesh, will form a different wound traits, if you can restore out the real situation at the time of the crime, for their next interrogation work will also be a big help.

The next few people hit it off, with Zhang Ye as the lead, in front of a computer to do a bunch, carrying out the experiment over and over again.

Until the sun outside from the rightful sky to completely down the mountain, the light also turned from the original bright to dim, the technical section of the laboratory still have ‘drip drip’ electronic sound in the regular ringing.

Xu Lida and the forensic scientist has been sitting on the chair next to sleep over, Qi Ziang is standing on the evidence table then, I do not know what is observing.

Suddenly, the chair under Zhang Ye’s buttocks creaked, creaking sound, followed by a helpless sigh, slightly annoyed after knocking hard on the keyboard, she opened her mouth: “Qi team, this is the last Ren Yumeng may have done the action, if the angle does not match the wound on the chest of the deceased … …”

Responding to her, is Qi Ziang not lightly a ‘hmm’.

Not long after, Zhang Ye took off another ‘shit’, decisively got up from the chair: “Qi team, if Ren Yumeng that way of holding the murder weapon, no matter what posture can not cause Sun Tianyang chest wound traits!”

Xu Lida and forensic eye was also awakened by the movement she made, were quite surprised to look over.

Rubbing some sleepy eyes, Xu Lida felt strange: “How is it possible? The seventeen witnesses present at the time of the crime said they hadn’t seen anyone else enter or leave the tent, so if Ren Yumeng didn’t kill her, who could it be?”

Qiziang slightly narrowed a pair of black eyes, stretched out his hand on one of the evidence bag pointed out, that contains the clothes worn by Ren Yumeng at the time of the crime.

“Continue to determine whether the distribution of blood on top of the clothes is consistent with the pattern of blood spurting after killing Sun Tianyang and then putting the knife ba out.”

“Blind guess should also not be in line.” He said this, slightly contemplated for more than ten seconds, then rushed Zhang Ye: “Trouble Sister Zhang and then push back the content of hallucinogenic agents in Ren Yu Meng’s body at the time of the crime.”

“Someone is lying ……”

His last words sounded extremely low, but it was like a thunderclap in the ears of the crowd.

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