Every Time I Wake Up, I Become A Suspect – Chapter 45

The police station in charge of security in this part of the university city came to the police when they saw several people in police uniforms standing there, the mood is a little confused.

But after a preliminary understanding of the situation, they took Jiang Tianyu and Sun’s mother, the two parties involved, back to the police station.

In an office, the two sat opposite each other, and next to them, the old police officer was sitting leaning on the desk, persuading bitterly.

Through the air vaguely diffuse a thin layer of smoke, Jiang Tianyu eyebrows are all cold, while the mother of Sun is always squirming, wringing his body refused to speak first.

“I said old sister.” The police said half a day, feel some dry mouth, picked up a cup and drank two large mouthfuls of tea, then again out: “We are this age, how to be so impulsive? I do not look like the young girl also want to claim compensation for the look ……”

“You apologize first, her side understands, we go through a procedure to sign a letter you can go back.”

“My son because of her ……” Sun’s mother still wants to hold on to the matter of Sun Tianyang’s death, but fiercely into the cold eyes of the person opposite, suddenly felt some weakness.

The other half swallowed back, she lowered her head and opened the bag she was carrying: “I’ll pay for it, how much compensation do you want?”

“One hundred thousand.”

“!!!” Sun’s mother thought she had heard wrong, after seeing the old police officer was also stunned, she instantly stood up, arms crossed and yelled: “One hundred thousand? You might as well go to the robbery? I see you are young, how can you have such a black heart!”

“How do you not feel black-hearted when you casually say some untrue news in front of so many people at school?” Jiang Tianyu sneered back.

“Either apologize, or be detained.”

“You ……!” Sun’s mother looked like she was about to rush up again, but halfway through the old police officer was pushed and shoved into the corridor outside the office.

Because the door was not closed, so Jiang Tianyu could clearly hear the conversation between them.

Through the gap, she looked coldly at the two figures in the corridor, no half ripples in her heart.

It’s not that I don’t pity the other side’s pain of losing a son, but even grieving people have to be reasonable.

If people are really killed by Ren Yumeng, then the mother of Sun even swing a hundred slaps, she will stand there motionless hard.

But what if it’s not? Everything still has to wait for the police to confirm the news.

In her opinion, Sun’s mother does not care who killed Sun Tianyang. No matter who the target is, what the other party wants right now is just to selfishly vent their frustration.

The company’s main business is to provide a wide range of products and services to its customers.

In the end, this drama ended with an apology and a standard ninety-degree bow from Sun’s mother.

After fulfilling the relevant formalities and walking out the door of the police station, she saw two people waiting anxiously outside to greet Sun’s mother.

A man and a woman, it seems to be a father and daughter.

The company’s main goal is to provide a solution to the problem.

Jiang Tianyu walked to the side of the road without looking away, ignoring the three people who were whispering together not far away, and who were occasionally stealing glances at her side, waved and stopped a cab, got in and left.

After returning to the house Ren Yumeng’s parents rented temporarily, located near the school, she ate a beautiful home-cooked meal, and then chatted with the two old people for a while before going into the bedroom.

Ren Yumeng’s parents had wanted her to take a long vacation to go home and rest after such a terrible thing happened to their daughter, but Jiang Tianyu refused, so they had to stay here and take care of her closely for a while.

The night was dreamless.

The next day, Ren Yumeng’s class schedule was full.

Jiang Tianyu packed up early, carrying her bag with her books, and stepped into the door of the teacher training college in a hurry.

However, she did not run in the direction of the Department of Biology, but chose a fork in the road and arrived at the downstairs of the complex five or six minutes later.

After pulling out her cell phone to determine her class schedule, she put on her mask and walked into the building with her head slightly hanging down.

Then she climbed the stairs to the third floor, passed through a few closed doors, and finally entered a classroom with a capacity of about 200 people.

At this moment, there are only a few students sitting in the classroom, Jiang Tianyu walked to the penultimate row, found a convenient position to run from the back door at any time, and put down his backpack and books.

It didn’t take long for the crowd to grow.

Although Ren Yumeng’s name is quite famous in the teacher training college, but the number of people who have actually seen her and know what she looks like is very limited, plus Jiang Tianyu used a mask to cover most of her face, so it was quite safe for the time being.

To be on the safe side, she put the hood on the back of her short sleeves on her head again.

Finally, amidst the chatter, two girls walked into the classroom through the front door.

Jiang Tianyu unobtrusively put away the books she used to occupy her seat in advance, with headphones in her ears, she lay down on her desk.

As expected, when the two girls found that there were still empty seats at the back of the classroom, they rushed over at a run.

After asking the students on the other side of the outside, the two of them settled down with a happy face.

Once seated, the girl next to Jiang Tianyu’s side, with two twisted braids, put her cell phone on the desktop, took out some cosmetics and a small mirror from her bag, and opened her mouth briskly: “I told you, there is an advantage of coming late, this position today, is simply perfect.”

The other girl smiled warmly and softly, a long dark chestnut curly hair draped behind her head, big eyes and small mouth, a standard beauty.

“Yes, yes, yes, everything you say is right.”

Jiang Tianyu’s eyes were slightly narrowed, and with the corner of her eyes she saw the real look of the legendary Sun Tianyang’s girlfriend, Sister Wang of the Foreign Language Department.

The first time I saw him, I was able to see that he was the only one who had ever been in the room.

The classroom discipline of the big class has always been more difficult to manage, as long as the teacher with a microphone in front of the hissing imparting knowledge, the second half of the classroom is still chaotic.

And the first twenty minutes or so of this class, the twisted braided girl spent in makeup.

When she finally finished a complete makeup look, she looked in the mirror to admire and adjust the details while opening her mouth, “By the way, Pan Pan.”

“As soon as I took this elective class I remembered that heel of yours, the man was gone cold, and I felt creeped out just thinking back to him accompanying you to this classroom.”

“What are you talking about?” Wang Pan Pan frowned slightly, even if the words of reprimand, through her soft voice said like a petulant: “After such an accident, everyone feels sorry ……”

The actual fact is that you can find a lot of people who are not able to get a good deal on a lot of things.

“I heard that he was stabbed to death by a girl from the street dance club.”

“What’s the grudge? Pan Pan, it’s a good thing you didn’t say yes to his pursuit, I think this person’s character is definitely not good.”

“Typical central air conditioner, eating from the bowl and watching the pot. He is chasing after you on one side, and on the other side he is attracting a girl from a club, this is called self-inflicted evil.”

Jiang Tianyu: “……”

She was about to believe what she said, and indeed dangerous gender relationships have been talked about from ancient times to the present.

The police have clearly used the release of this practical action to prove the innocence of Ren Yumeng, but these people actually all choose to turn a blind eye, gossip is how to catch people’s eyes how to spread.

“We are just ordinary friends.” Wang Pan Pan softly explained a sentence, and then did not want to talk much.

The company’s main business is to provide a wide range of products and services to its customers.

The one-hour class passed quickly, and with the teacher’s ‘class dismissed’ on the podium, more than a hundred students were like wild horses that had escaped from the reins and instantly took the door.

Jiang Tianyu still seems to be asleep, lying motionless on the table.

Wang Pan Pan and twisted braid may be too lazy to squeeze, but also has been sitting on the seat and waiting.

The next second, the twisted braid suddenly whistled and then joked, “Yo yo yo yo, Pan Pan, here comes another one of your followers.”

Jiang Tianyu smiled and looked towards the front of the classroom after changing her posture.

Only to see a boy standing by the door, all hip and with a head full of dirty braids. His features were ordinary, but the clothes he was wearing set off the whole person who did not look ordinary.

“Oops, I’ll leave you guys alone, remember to bring me a cup of fruit tea when you go back to your dorm room.” The most important thing is that you can’t be afraid of the world.

And Wang Pan Pan seemed to be angry back, “We are just friends.”

The company’s main goal is to provide a comprehensive range of products and services to the public.

The company’s main business is to provide a wide range of products and services to its customers.

The two people are really on par with each other and each other.

The two of them walked out of the classroom one after another, and she packed up her things and followed them.

The campus is full of people, so Jiang Tianyu did not deliberately hide her figure, so not far behind the two, the pace is leisurely as in a walk.

Finally, the two people in front of them entered the cafe located on the first floor of the library and chose a window seat to sit down.

Jiang Tianyu naturally had to follow, after paying the price of $28 for a cup of iced American, she sat in a position diagonally behind the two, always paying attention to the movement there.

But before she could get any useful information from Wang Pan Pan and the male student, she found that many people in the cafe were discussing the murder of Sun Tianyang.

Helplessly hold forehead, this case must be solved as soon as possible.

The real Ren Yumeng is a child with a soft and fragile personality, and the damage caused by these untrue statements to her psychologically may be irreversible.

After all, from the original owner’s point of view, she did not do anything wrong, only accidentally fell in love with a boy, only to get involved in such right and wrong.

“By the way, I asked you to go hiking last week, fortunately you didn’t have time.”

A male voice coming from behind her managed to bring Jiang Tianyu back to her senses.

Climbing a mountain?

When she was suspicious, the boy continued, “I wanted to take you to the city’s most famous Hong Mountain, but I never thought something would happen there.”

“You should have heard about the news of our school’s street dance club, right?”

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