Every Time I Wake Up, I Become A Suspect – Chapter 75

“Huasa? Is that the wife of Gao Yongchang who stabbed you with a knife in the hospital before?” Lu Li’s face was full of confusion: “Has she been discharged from the hospital? If the body is almost recovered, shouldn’t it be detained by the district police station according to the law?”

“I should not be discharged yet, I heard from the hospital that the ribs are broken, it takes time to recover.” Jiang Tianyu also frowned.

“Could it be that she knows about Gao Yongchang? The company’s main business is to provide a wide range of products and services to the market. Lu Li asked again.

Jiang Tianyu pursed her lips, her expression looked a bit strange, and only after a long time did she open her mouth slowly: “That …… after knowing that she asked the police to do mediation for her and Gao Yongchang, I blacked out her contact information.”

Speaking of which, Zhou Manting is also a temperamental person.

“I’m going to go to the police station, two officers you busy.” She threw down these words and disappeared at the end of the corridor like a gust of wind.

The company’s main business is to provide a wide range of products and services to its customers.

It was really her, wasn’t it?

This is too similar to the character of the unprofitable, throw away after use.

But she didn’t care and went straight to the cab parked at the entrance.

Forty minutes later, she walked quickly into the district police station, and smoothly met Hu Hasa in an office.

What Jiang Tianyu didn’t expect was that as soon as she entered the room, the woman who was sitting on the sofa instantly rushed to her and without saying a word ‘flopped’ and knelt down.

“Reporter Zhou, I was wrong, you forgive me!” The other party’s tears came quickly, only a second before the teary eyes.

Although she was armed with a knife with the intention of hurting people, but Jiang Tianyu is not even a hair less, so this case is only an ordinary security case, the remarkable punishment for her is also administrative detention plus some civil compensation.

Jiang Tianyu for the other party’s intention today, the heart has a few bottom.

The police saw the situation and hurriedly went forward to pull people up from the ground: “Since people are willing to come to Ms. Zhou, that is to have their own thinking, you apologize properly apologize, what society is still moving to kneel?”

“Kneeling down does not mean that you are sincere in your heart, on the contrary, if you really know repentance in your heart, I believe that Ms. Zhou is also able to see it.”

These words down, or very effective, only to see Huasa choked and wiped a tear: “reporter Zhou, I feel deep regret for my previous behavior, the recent days of police comrades to my criticism and education I also remembered in my heart, always feel that I should say sorry to you face to face.”

“Really special thanks to you for being able to agree to meet with me.”

Without raising an eyebrow, Jiang Tianyu nodded as a greeting to the police officer across the street, and then looked at the crying woman beside him: “Ms. Hu, what you have in mind is to say it directly, but let me forgive you, it’s a bit difficult.”

“After all, you really wanted to kill me with a knife, this situation I really can’t understand, let alone forgive.”

She was not a saint, much less one who could smile at someone who had tried to hurt her.

“I understand, I understand.” Hu Hasa hurriedly interface, after two steps forward, knees a soft actually to kneel down again: “What detention, detention for a few days I admit punishment! Just can you please ask reporter Zhou to consider not to prosecute me …… related compensation to my current situation really can’t afford …… woo woo woo woo!”

Jiang Tianyu originally wanted to bite back, but suddenly remembered what, the expression also from the very beginning of the cold become pleasant to the face.

“You do not cry first, compensation or something, something to discuss.”

“If you say ah, the two of us this little thing is not worth bothering people here police officers, you are discharged from the hospital? How come you came to the police station? Do you want me to send you back?”

The police officer at the police station stared in dismay, and was obviously a little confused about the direction of events.

Hu Hasa, however, did not find it strange, but rather felt flattered by her sudden enthusiasm.

Dazed, she was dragged into a cab, and by the time she reacted people were already back at the hospital, and Jiang Tianyu’s hands were still carrying the fruit she had just bought from the supermarket downstairs.

“The body is your own, you have to take good care of it, don’t go out without permission in the future, so that the little nurse is also worried about you.” Jiang Tianyu moves naturally, as if the two are close friends that kind of fragmentation.

“Eh? Yeah, okay.” Hu Hasa dumbly responded.

Looking at the other party’s heartless appearance, Jiang Tianyu’s eyes quickly flashed a trace of consideration.

It seems that her intuition is correct, this one is really not very smart, so why the woman would seek out Shang Manting in the first place is very intriguing.

In other words, if Hu Hasa is this kind of character who knows how to stand up for herself, then how will she put up with it until today?

What’s more, the time when Zhou Manting reported the domestic violence case was a long time after Ma Gengzhong’s death was confirmed, and given that Hu Hasa’s husband is Gao Yongchang, Jiang Tianyu doesn’t think everything is just a coincidence.

This matter just occurred to her when she received a call from the district public security bureau.

Huasa this person, seemingly inconspicuous, but it is highly likely to be the only blind spot in the case investigation.

After all, the woman is brainless, not deep enough in mind, acting with special impulsiveness, whether it is the police or Jiang Tianyu, are not put in its eyes at all.

Next, she then cared a bit more about the other party’s health.

Caused Hu Hasa once again full of eyes touched, and swore to her that he really knew he was wrong after many criticisms and education from his police comrades.

Jiang Tianyu face not much care waved his hand, then curiously asked: “Your husband …… surprisingly did not come over to see you recently?”

The woman shook her head somewhat bitterly: “He is going to divorce me, it is estimated that he does not want to see me again.”

“In fact, these days I often think, if the report came out, I did not forgive him, now will not be the same.”

“Speaking of which, how did you get in touch with me in the first place?” Jiang Tianyu took out an apple from the plastic bag and handed it to the person who was sitting on the edge of the bed with a sad face at the moment.

“This ah, or that day after Gao Yongchang beat me in the street, threw myself on the roadside, I was crying, a woman suddenly came over and handed me a tissue.” Huasa was grateful as soon as she mentioned the situation that day.

“After she understood what happened to me, she gave me a business card, and she also said that you, reporter Zhou, are the best reporter in the industry, and that you will definitely help me if I will try to beg you.”

A woman?

“So I have to thank her too, what does she look like do you remember?” Jiang Tianyu asked a follow-up question with a leathery smile.

“Short hair, a little thin, eyes quite big.” Hu Hasa could only give a vague description of her appearance: “Her name is Yang Shan, we also left each other a phone number, she often contacted me miles!”

“This time I was beaten like this by Gao Yongchang, she sent me to the hospital after she found out, saying that this hospital has her good friends, and also gave me a lot of fee waivers!”

Yang Shan?

Jiang Tianyu took out the phone in her bag and quickly flipped out a photo: “Is that her?”

“That’s her! You know her? No wonder she recommended you to me.” Hu Hasa took a bite of the apple, the smile was still full of silliness: “At that time, I was angry because of your follow-up report, she also spoke towards me to come, but nowadays, I think, it should just comfort me.”


Jiang Tianyu only felt as if something in his brain instantly exploded.

The car accident, now we know that it was premeditated, then Hu Hasa entered this hospital, and then met with Zhou Manting?

Now it seems surprisingly not innocent either.

Since Gao Yongchang is sure to participate in the frame-up of Zhou Manting this matter, then the calculated time to beat his wife into the hospital, and then verbal humiliation and the threat of divorce, to stimulate the other party to lose their wits, is not at all difficult, right?

The location of the car accident predestined 120 to pull Zhou Manting to the nearest general hospital, and just now Hu Hasa said that it was Yang Xian Yi who sent her here.

And Yang Xian Yi also fanned the flames in front of Hu Hasa, so much so that she met Zhou Manting in the corridor that day who had been worn by Jiang Tianyu and returned to the ward in a fit of anger and picked up the knife.

If it were not for Jiang Tianyu, the original owner would not have died?

If the original owner died, she naturally did not have the opportunity to defend herself, so much evidence to prove her innocence will also be buried.

In this way, the case of Ma Gengzhong in the end will be how really hard to say.

As for all the people involved in the case, Gao Yongchang was unharmed, Tian Gang was able to stay out of it, Du Yuqi was just sent to strong discipline, Yang Xian Yi is no such person.

Even now, the police investigation has progressed to the present, the least affected on the surface is still Yang Xian Yi.

Obviously, the whole thing seems to have nothing to do with her, but her figure is hidden everywhere.

But if Yang Xian Yi is really the person behind all this, why would Tian Gang and the others listen to her manipulations? Unless, these people have some handle in her hands.

With the new development, Jiang Tianyu no longer have the intention to stay here, perfunctory and Hu Hasa chatted a few words, pick up the side of the find an excuse to leave.

But before she could walk out of the hospital door, the phone she was holding in her hand began to vibrate violently.

Glancing at the caller ID, she breathed a small sigh of relief: “Officer Qi, I was just about to ……”

“Have you recently been tracking the illegal acts related to Lianmei Chemical Group?” Qi Ziang didn’t wait for her to open her mouth, chopped her head and asked a question.

Opened her mouth, Jiang Tianyu carefully searched in her memory and finally determined that she had indeed seen the word ‘Lianmei’ in that USB drive of Zhou Manting.

“It’s ……”

“Yang Xian Yi and the boss of Lian Mei Group have a long term inappropriate relationship between a man and a woman, you should not know this, right?”

Listening to the other party’s words, her eyelids jumped: “Yang Xian Yi and Hu Hasa know each other, this point you should not know, right?”

Hurting each other!!! Who’s afraid of who!!!



“Where are you, I’m just coming out of Lianmei Group now, I’ll pick you up by the way, we’ll talk more about it after we meet.” In the end it was Qi Zion who opened his mouth first.

After quoting the address of this hospital, Jiang Tianyu found a sheltered place on the roadside and waited, letting the night engulf her figure.

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