Every Time I Wake Up, I Become A Suspect – Chapter 81

“The head is asking you cat!” Luo Xu wandered to his desk, the tone of impatience repeated.

“Let you check the people, people die, let you check the cat, did the cat also die?”

Jiang Tianyu slightly observed the expression of Henry Zhu and Luo Xu, it does not seem to be fake, should really still do not know what happened to the original owner in Yunzhou City.

This is normal, although the company has a certain information access channels, but the so-called information network is only in Jiangcheng local coverage is more comprehensive, Yunzhou City is worse.

Plus Niu Xiao-ting just to find the cat, think Zhu Henry also did not expect anything to happen.

Police arrests are not as sensational as a murder case, far away in Jiangcheng City, they did not notice is normal.

In this case …… Jiang Tianyu frowned untraceably, recalling the performance of Qi Ziang and Lu Li who ignored her, a slightly absurd speculation suddenly rose in his heart.

Could it be that Qi Ziang really recognized her?

It’s a lie!

But indeed, from the interrogation room of Yunzhou City Bureau, the man’s every move was strange, and now it seems that this is the only explanation.

It turns out that there are really people who believe in such outrageous things?

Hiss …… so whether Yunzhou City Police or Jiangcheng City Police did not inform the company where Niu Xiaoting was, they would not want her to do something behind the scenes, right?

Although for the sake of the original owner Niu Xiao-ting’s innocence and safety, she should do what she has to do, but this kind of inexplicable was arranged a face of the situation …… she is really damn satisfied.

Is really satisfied.

In the past it was all her ass chasing after the police, this time always have to enjoy the thrill of being the ‘master’, Jiang Tianyu even began to daydream.

Afterwards, some regrets gathered gradually drifted away thoughts, she slightly gambled like turned back to Niu Xiaoting’s work station to sit: “Cat, not found!”

The only thing that is difficult to do is that she wanted to take advantage of the short time Niu Xiaoting had been employed, the cases handled have not touched any legal prohibitions, come back and resign ……

“It is likely that this wave of commission is only three thousand, to go in addition to car expenses, food and accommodation, there is nothing left at all, but there is work to do is better than no work much better!”

“I and Luo Xu back in the day ……”

The man with a big belly and intends to start reminiscing, Jiang Tianyu quickly interrupted the other party’s long-winded: “Just who are those two people?”

Did not say again when the early days of the business great achievements, Zhu Henry’s expression is very regretful, but still answered her question: “Oh …… otherwise I also intend to mention this thing with you, those two ah is the Public Security Bureau.”

Luo Xu suddenly interjected again at this point: “And thanks to you, the living hell to remember.”

“Tsk!” Zhu Henry disapprovingly glared at him, then stroked his big belly ‘hehe’ a smile: “Yes, the police this time to come for the previous three cases in your already dead investigation subjects, and I do not know why, the police actually suspect that there is a relationship between them. “

“But what I want to say to you is not this, the company’s cases one after another, and now the police have been targeted, this is not a good sign.”

“So the next period of time, we will only do some market research and help people find people and things business, check people this business first to be pushed back.” He said also spread his hands: “So Xiao Ting ah, you do not feel aggrieved, it is not guaranteed that in two days your brother Luo and I also have to go out to find cats and dogs!”

Jiang Tianyu under the eyes of the muscle uncontrollably twitched, feelings this goods is also aware of their own company every day is stepping on the red line of the law crazy bounce.

“Okay, you just came back from Yunzhou City, should also be tired, turn around and I’ll see if your sister Yan’s end is busy, if it’s busy let her take over your task at hand and go to Yunzhou to find the cat.” Henry Zhu chanting.

“Young people ah …… just can’t sink, three thousand dollars is not money?”

Speaking of which, he seems to have suddenly remembered something, raised his right index finger to the air point: “Niu Xiaoting, I warn you, this time do not mention to me what not to do such words, I train you for so long is not easy, people should have a grateful heart!”

Jiang Tianyu reluctantly answered, but behind the scenes, she skimmed her lips.

Indeed, when the third person in the previous investigation was confirmed dead again, the original owner, Niu Xiao-ting, had a vicious breakdown and yelled to resign.

But in the end, the young, the world is not deep, by Zhu Henry lulled two sentences and then quiet.

It’s not easy to train for so long, it’s only four months of work, but in fact it’s because people in today’s society are becoming more and more aware of the law, and there are fewer and fewer people doing this business.

The original owner Niu Xiao-ting education is not high, family conditions are also general, Zhu Henry so easy to catch such a small fool, but also must be pressed?

After all, such as Luo Xu and just mentioned the ‘Sister Yan’ stream, certainly not like her, every month even a fixed base salary is not.

If not, Henry Zhu, a businessman, would not be so generous to people.

Blinking, Jiang Tianyu did not take the other party’s words and asked instead, “Boss, the cases I have handled, the investigated people died three times, you have not suspected anything?”

“Suspicion of what? Suspect you?” Henry Zhu seems to have heard a very funny thing, meaningful stare at her for a long time before shaking his head while turning towards the sofa: “Xiao Ting ah, suspicion of the matter left to the Public Security Bureau, the time is so late, you better go back to rest!”

The side of Luo Xu is also from the nose out of a light snort, ‘disdain’ four words is simply written on the face.

Without the intention of ignoring him, Jiang Tianyu got up and pulled open the door of the company and walked away.

Niu Xiao-ting lived not far from the Henry Market Research Company, walking for about ten minutes to get there.

Unexpectedly old building area, surprisingly still in a shopping mall of some years of the upper floors.

Follow the external staircase up to the fourth floor, Jiang Tianyu turned into a unit door, unexpectedly looking at the four open doors in front of the security.

A group rented room?

Raising an eyebrow, she walked into the house and was greeted by a narrow corridor. The corridor has three, four, five, six doors on either side.

At the end, a turn to the right is a common bathroom, from which a faint smell of urine emanates outward.

And according to Niu Xiaoting’s memory, the old yellowing wooden door facing the bathroom is her ‘home’.

The company’s main business is to provide a wide range of products and services to its customers.

The room is not large, only about 11 or 12 square meters, a bed, a simple closet will have taken up most of the area.

The good thing is that it’s winter now, and Jiang Tianyu, who has been running around for a long time, doesn’t feel how sticky her body is. After letting herself lie on the bed, she noticed at a glance that the wall facing the bed was covered with dense sticky notes.

Getting up again, she got close and looked carefully, and to her surprise, she found the names of the three deceased in it.

This should be Niu Xiao-ting in the job after contact with all the cases, she was extremely careful to write down, including some details of the investigation, progress, etc..

A little thought, Jiang Tianyu still hands to stick to the wall of those sticky notes are taken down, organized and unified into the shoulder bag next to the bed.

The environment of group rented rooms is too complicated, even if the daily doors are locked tightly, it may not be safe.

The door lock is probably easy to poke open with a piece of wire.

Originally thought that the killer might have some relationship with Henry Market Research, after learning about the original owner’s living environment, but found it impossible to rule out the possibility of whether the perpetrator got the relevant information from Niu Xiao-ting.

After all, the three victims are Niu Xiao-ting’s case, she lives or such a place ……

In her pensive kung fu, next door suddenly came a crackling sound, followed by the very regular sound of banging between the bed and the wall, interspersed with clearly audible ragged gasps and female repressed chanting.

The company’s main business is to provide a wide range of products and services to its customers.

Reassured herself that at least this movement was not after falling asleep, she bent down and pulled out the washing utensils from the gap under the bed, pulled off a towel and opened the door into the opposite bathroom.

Because of a hole in the small window of the bathroom, in the late night of -20 degrees in the north, the cold wind was pouring into the house.

She just washed her face, and then wrapped her body sweater tightly and rushed outside at a fast pace.

This rush, nearly hit the person who just opened the door towards this side, the other side naked upper body, the lower half of the body is only covered with a loose flat panties.

“Ho! Isn’t this Xiao-ting? You’re back from your business trip?” The man who spoke was very young, but 25 or 26 years old, with a good body and average looks.

If the original owner’s memory is correct, this should be one of the young lovers living next door, the originator of those unspeakable sounds just now, seems to be called something Ahao & Remember 30340;.

“Well, come back.” Jiang Tianyu vaguely responded, sideways trying to avoid the past.

Ahao sniffed gangly smile, seems to think he is very handsome, but she only felt in this moment by the oil paste eyes.

When she swept past the other side, Jiang Tianyu raised her eyes and vaguely saw the sight of the messy bed through the half-open door next door.

The air seems to be filled with an indefinable smell.

The woman on the bed suddenly got up and casually wore a black t-shirt and walked barefoot to the door, raising her chin with her arms around her chest: “I heard the landlord say you went to Yunzhou City on a business trip? Why didn’t you bring back some local specialties?”

“No time.” Jiang Tianyu walked back to her room with a clean and sharp reply.

After closing the door, she slowly squinted her eyes.

The original owner’s whereabouts, how would the so-called landlord know?

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