Every Time I Wake Up, I Become A Suspect – Chapter 86

“I have carefully read the report of the relevant findings that you returned to the company, including those photos, and the content is indeed not as rich as the sticky notes you recorded yourself.”

Jiang Tianyu spit out the bones of the bullfrog while humming twice as a response.

After all, the client only wants the results of the matter, no one will be interested in how many times a day the person being investigated went to the toilet, smoked a few cigarettes, those things that do not seem to be very relevant to the client’s claims, Niu Xiaoting naturally will not take out to the company.

“You twice to Yunzhou City, respectively, to investigate Liu Kai and Pu Xiuxiu, in the note, they both have been to the same place.”

“A teahouse named Mu Yu Xuan.”

Listening to Qi Ziang’s very logical analysis, Jiang Tianyu has not stopped eating, because the mouth is still in the food, so the words are not very clear: “Teahouse …… they are both local people in Yunzhou City, plus Yunzhou is originally a small city, appearing in the The same place is at best a coincidence, right?”

“According to the Yunzhou City police on the two dead life trajectory of the flow of investigation, the results show that Pu Xiuxiu daily activities are concentrated in another district, suddenly ran to the next district of a teahouse, the reason for this is quite intriguing.”

“If this is not enough, Jiangcheng City, the deceased Qiu Feiyang, we are investigating who he contacted before he was born, and where he went, in his cell phone payment app, found suspicious consumption records.”

“After tracking the recipient account of that record, found that it was in Yunzhou City, is this Mu Yu Xuan teahouse.”

The original Jiangcheng City, when the deceased was found, the serious crime unit was not able to be linked to the case in Yunzhou City, so the consumption records for this far away in Yunzhou City, did not care too much.

Finally, Jiang Tianyu pulled over a napkin on the table and wiped her mouth hard: “You’re going to Yunzhou on business next?”

She pursed her lips, and felt a little disappointed that the intersection point between the three was not in Jiangcheng.

And how to catch up with Henry Zhu just handed her a case, these two days is certainly not out of the city.

But soon after thinking about it, but feel nothing, investigating the case is the work and duties of the police, she is here to follow the blind worry about what it is.

Even if you can get out of the city, so what? Do you want to continue to continue the original private detective style of action, in the eyes of the police to make things happen?

“Yunzhou City Bureau Shi team’s intention, indeed, want me to go over to help gatekeeper, to see if the fastest speed to find out that teahouse in the end what fishy.” Qiziang explained in great detail.

This, Jiang Tianyu completely understand, after all, this is a serial murder case, the police must be worried that there will be new victims appear.

Only this moment’s mood is slightly bizarre.

The company’s main business is to provide a wide range of products and services to its customers.

But only just in a case has a higher right to act, surprisingly so quickly began to be ungrateful, really human desire is endless.

“By the way, Henry market research side, there is something to continue to trouble you.” Qiziang on the other side of the phone, seems to have read her mind through the airwaves.

“The families or boyfriends of the three victims, through what channel did they find your company. I mean, Liu Kai and Pu Xiuxiu can be a native of Yunzhou, put so many private detectives in Yunzhou do not use, to Jiangcheng City side to seek far away?”

For this point, the police in the end, of course, is also clear about the causes and consequences, just what kind of twists and turns the process will encounter, can now fully imagine.

The client for their own little mind, the pressure can not cooperate, will not tell the truth, how much truth all depends on the mood of others.

The investigation company, in order to maintain their own interests, to give the things and how much truth, but also all have to rely on the police to judge their own analysis.

Sometimes from the inside to start, but is a shortcut.

Hearing this, Jiang Tianyu immediately came to some spirit, very dry should be.

The two people had a shallow chat about the case, and then ended the call, she also took the bag and left the store after the check.

In the evening, as usual, back to the group rented room, Jiang Tianyu lying in that shabby second-hand bed, just feel that the night is quiet a little too much.

Ahao couple now in the Public Security Bureau, red sister moved away, the remaining two households do not know because of fear temporarily did not come back to live or what, the same are not much movement.

Without the daily reverberations of ragged gasps and screams in her ears, she soon fell asleep.

The next day, Jiang Tianyu was full of energy and went out early in the morning to run the two stores that were open in the morning.

Near noon, she burped while kicking open the broken security door of the Henry Market Research Company.

Will carry the food packing bags on the sofa, rushed to the company happened to be in Luo Xu and Yan Lili greeted, she then noticed is standing in front of a wall with a forked waist, full of beautiful fat man.

And in front of the other side, is a hanging banner there.

Yan Lili, who lazily walked over, perhaps seeing Jiang Tianyu’s speechlessness and confusion, while stretching out her hand and unpacking the bag, pulling out chopsticks and lunchboxes from inside, while opening her mouth: “The old man with Alzheimer’s was retrieved yesterday, and the banner was sent over by the family.”

Luo Xu also sat on the sofa with a butt, shook his head and snorted: “Maybe he slept with the banner under the covers last night.”

“No, head, you do not have to? I say it’s better to send a broken banner than to give more money.”

“You know a hammer, this is called honor! The investigation company opened to the wall hanging banners, that is considered a success!” Henry Zhu full of spring turned around, originally small eyes, at this time is narrowed into a slit: “I’ll send a circle of friends to the people of Jie Cheng investigation company to see, I called this wave bottomed out!”

“Gas this bunch of turtle grandsons!”

The lone remaining eyes look at the man who has some mental disorder there spinning in circles, Jiang Tianyu went to sit down in front of the sofa on Lily Yan’s side, by hand from the backpack pulled out two bottles of Coke to share with the two.

“I ran two stores in the morning, and by the time I got to the second one I couldn’t quite eat anymore, so I only gave out a small portion of both to taste.”

“I thought you guys probably hadn’t eaten yet, so I left the rest untouched and packed it back.”

Faced with the kindness she released, the remaining two did not resist, Luo Xu although still a stinky face, but at least did not say anything more.

As for Yan Lili, after receiving the drink, she also said thank you in a nice voice, and then took small bites of food.

“So where did you guys find the people yesterday?” Jiang Tianyu really think that the private detective business people, more or less very strong skills in the body.

Normal elderly lost, the family’s first thought is to call the police, then will go to the radio station, ah, contact rescue teams and so on, the last step is to mobilize all the friends and relatives around, in the circle of friends to carry out a massive forwarding help.

She had to admire the fact that she was able to find the person before all the other departments, despite the overwhelming information.

After hearing her question, Yan Lili intermittently, roughly recounted the situation yesterday.

The summary is that the old man actually did not leave home too far, only to go to a place a bit remote, coupled with the sparse monitoring along the way, the police were not able to determine his location in the first place.

The difference between Lily Yan and Luo Xu and others is that the two of them did not go out to find someone at the beginning, but spent some time on the family to ask the old man something about his youth.

This way, using the old man’s temperament and daily habits as a starting point to find, naturally, they get twice the result with half the effort.

“Wow.” Jiang Tianyu, after listening to this, very much went away with a look of admiration, and once again looked at the two of them with a gaze that vaguely carried a bit of admiration.

There is no one in the world who does not like rainbow farts, and after some operations, even Luo Xu, who is usually somewhat tit-for-tat with her, had a rare, embarrassed, slightly sideways face when he looked directly into her crystal eyes.

When the two people this meal is almost eaten, while Henry Zhu shut himself in that small office do not know what is busy, Jiang Tianyu cleaned up the mess on the coffee table, while the seemingly unintentional open mouth: “But I am quite curious, usually the boss does not let us go out to hand out leaflets, only hanging a sign outside, so there is business at the door? “

“I said Niu Xiao-ting, your reflex arc is really long, more than four months into the job, right? How come you only remember to ask this?” Luo Xu wrapped his hands around his chest and leaned on the windowsill.

“It’s already the era when old people are skilled in using smartphones, what kind of flyers are you sending out?

“Brother Luo has a good point.” Jiang Tianyu smiled sweetly, directly confused the man.

Handily picking up the garbage into a plastic bag, she wobbled out the door ready to take it out and throw it away.

The brain recalls the words of Luo Xu, targeted advertising push business? I always feel that it is not as simple as it seems on the surface.

For no reason, the families of the three deceased or people close to them, why suddenly all want to investigate them?

Slowly walking down the external stairs, even with something on her mind, she still threw the garbage precisely into the curbside community garbage uniform collection point.

Unexpectedly, the next second was called by the next sanitation guard, the other party frowned a face, the tone is not very good: “Little girl, the garbage bag is broken, soup and water flowing all over the ground, can not pay attention to?”

“I’m really sorry.” Jiang Tianyu felt that she was wrong and apologized sincerely with a smile.

The sanitation worker still complained about the few drops of soup on the road: “Nowadays, young people, as long as they are not reminded, always do not take such trivial matters to heart ……”



Jiang Tianyu only felt an instant thought flashed through his mind.

That’s right, what if someone had deliberately reminded or hinted at the side of those three commissioned investigators?

The first thing you need to do is to get back to your workplace and say sorry to the sanitation workers, and then take a step back to the office.

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