Every Time I Wake Up, I Become A Suspect – Chapter 87

The other people in the company, for Jiang Tianyu from outside to throw the garbage back, did not show any reaction.

The company’s office door has not been opened since just now.

The company’s main goal is to provide the best possible service to its customers.

In the end, she just took out her cell phone and sent a message to Qi Ziang.

In the afternoon near the end of the day, finally got a reply letter.

The first thing you need to do is to get a good idea of what you’re doing.

Xu did not expect her to speak, Yan Lili tone hesitant: “This is not good …… funding ……”

“The funds customers give quite generous, and two stores, how we can eat full ~” Jiang Tianyu said lightly.

The actual fact is that the actual person is not a person who is not a person.

The other party’s tall, thin back left, and Yan Lili agreed: “Good, then I’ll take advantage of you, why don’t we go now?”

Jiang Tianyu naturally will not disagree.

The two of them went out happily, and by the time they sat down at the second store called Yuchuanju, it was already seven o’clock in the evening.

This store decoration style is more high-end, the store environment is relatively quiet, next to the table there is a small screen, privacy is also good.

Next, Jiang Tianyu and Yan Lili in the wait for the food, but also chatted a few words.

After today’s day, the two of them are much less rusty and get along much more casually.

“…… Then that time Luo Xu and I almost drove into the roadside ditch!” Yan Lili told the anecdote that happened some years ago when she was just doing this business, with relief in her words.

“So ah, no one can do a good job in a day, encounter some accidents, setbacks are very normal!”

Jiang Tianyu scratched his head and began to spit out the bitterness for the original owner: “I just think I’m too unlucky, it’s not like I’m not working hard enough, or not capable of doing the job, how come all those bad accidents come to me?”

“I don’t care about the work, but even renting an apartment has caused so much trouble!”

Looking at her puffed up look, Yan Lili also quite helpless: “I heard Old Zhu said that the incident of your group rented room was secretly filmed, now the police have identified the suspect is the landlord?”

“I haven’t gotten the final word, but before coming out of the Public Security Bureau yesterday, the police officer in charge of this case said eight or nine is not far from it.” Jiang Tianyu responded with uncertainty.

Yan Lili soothingly stretched out her hand and patted her shoulder: “Who knew that the other party was such a person!”

As she spoke, the woman’s brow furrowed slightly: “I’ve really seen Fei Jianming a few times before, sometimes he came over to collect rent from Henry Zhu, and twice he seemed to come to the company to sign a letter of entrustment.”

“But I don’t know if his business was done by old Zhu himself, Luo Xu and I never took over.”

Jiang Tianyu’s eyes lit up, slightly dropping her eyelids to avoid the attention of those around her, “I think I’ve also seen Fei Jianming’s commission letter, just the day you came back, Qiu Feiyang the case’s principal, that is, his wife came to the company.”

“Some documents let her throw the ground, the follow-up cleanup also wasted a lot of time.”

“Hey, are small scenes, do this business for a long time, you will find what odd things can meet.” Lily Yan wiped her hands with the towel that was still warm on the plate and took the chopsticks to look at the two dishes that had just come up ready to eat.

“But then again, the premise of being able to grow in insight is that you’ve been in the company long enough.”

“Are you also quite curious why Luo Xu and I were a bit indifferent to you at first? That’s because it felt like you couldn’t do it for long, and then you really started yelling about quitting, which reinforced that thought for both of us.”

“Well ……” Jiang Tianyu chewed the chicken crispy bones in his mouth and smiled a little naive: “Do you two think I’m too young?”

“That’s not true, it is a magic spell of our company, so many years you that work station to come and go several. The ones who have been doing it for a long time have been for half a year, and the ones who have been doing it for a short time are probably only two or three months.” Yan Lili laughed and took a sip of water: “So I and Luo Xu said, to death to keep their own place, do not go to that position you!”

“But this is said just jokingly, Xiao Ting, you must not take it to heart ah!”

“I’m a firm materialist.” Jiang Tianyu casually replied, outwardly eating the food, but in her heart she had another plan.

The company can not keep people?

This is the reason why Henry Zhu has been so desperate to appease Niu Xiaoting?

There were so many questions in her head that she was a little distracted for the rest of the day.

The good thing is that Lily Yan helped to give a lot of investigation advice, so that the feedback report in her hand can be fleshed out.

After the meal, the two said goodbye to each other at the entrance of Yuchuanju, ready to go back to their respective homes.

After walking out for a long distance, Jiang Tianyu stopped and turned back, and after making sure that Yan Lili’s figure was no longer visible, she dodged and went into the boutique fruit store next to her.

Carrying two pockets of fruit, she followed the information given to her by Qi Ziang and groped her way to a neighborhood called ‘Taoju New Town’.

She smoothly followed the asses of the park’s residents through the gate’s access control, and after a few minutes, she stood outside the door of a house.

The red-brown wooden patterned security door looked new, with a couplet that had faded somewhat on both sides of the door, and a small colorful incense bag hanging above the door frame.

The door is also hung with a small colorful incense bag.

The door is a very new one.

After about ten seconds, there was a not-so-clear sound of walking from inside, followed by a puzzled question: “Property? Didn’t you say tomorrow morning ……”

As the door was pushed open, the woman in the house wrinkled her brow fiercely after seeing the face of the person outside the door: “Who are you?”

Jiang Tianyu made an effort to raise a smile that was not at all offensive, and with Niu Xiaoting’s ordinary features, the whole person looked harmless: “Sister Zhang, right? We’ve met before, I’m a staff member of Henry Market Research.”

The company’s main business is to provide a wide range of products and services to the market.

“It’s like this, in response to what happened that day, after you left our boss gave me a particularly in-depth criticism, and I also deeply realized my mistakes.” Jiang Tianyu lowered her eyebrows and her tone was sincere.

“So I just wanted to take advantage of the time off work to come over and apologize to you.”

“Originally, you were sad enough after all that happened, and it was really wrong of me to threaten you with calling the police.”

“……” Yang Zhang looked at the girl in front of her, who had almost buried her head in her chest, and for a moment was in a very complicated mood.

The company’s main reason for this is that it’s not a very good company to work with.

“All right, all right, it was not a big deal, so let’s do it.” The woman waved her hand.

“Really?!” Jiang Tianyu surprised snapped up his head, raised the fruit in his hand, attitude attentive: “Sister Zhang, this is a little of my heart, you must accept!”

“The first thing you need to do is to take it in yourself, it’s quite heavy.

The first thing that happened was that Yang Zhang felt confused, and in the blink of an eye, the girl was already standing at the entrance door.

The first thing you need to do is to ask for a drink of water.

“Wow, really? Sister Zhang you are so nice!” Jiang Tianyu’s face was moved to tears.

“You can sit down first.” The first thing you need to do is to take a look at the kitchen and take out a bottle of chilled mineral water. Really not something good!”

In the woman’s heart, ‘leak’ this matter should be the boss to solve the right, and these part-time workers and what is the relationship? There is really no business.

Still standing at the entrance, Jiang Tianyu posture restrained to accept the water, whispered a thank you, and then help Henry Zhu to defend as if to say: “Sister Zhang, our boss also had no choice.”

She did not say the words okay, as if a moment to say a switch in the woman’s body, only to see the other side of the face turned back to sit on the sofa: “I blame my own blindness, obviously so many investigation companies on the market, are more professional than you, but chose the worst one!

“If I had not been in a hurry, and happened to hear about your company from others, give me money I would not have gone!”

“In a hurry?” Jiang Tianyu seems to be a little surprised, and under the eyes of obvious curiosity, embarrassed pursed lips: “Speaking of which, Sister Zhang, why did you want to investigate their husbands ah! Our company’s investigators followed him for several days and didn’t find anything.”

“That’s because the person following him is not capable! The youngest one sent a provocative message to my cell phone, is this still false?” Yang Zhang suddenly became very emotional, and simply scratched open his phone screen to show her the messages.

Although she didn’t look at the exact content, she took the phone number down silently.

“You didn’t ask him ……”

Yang Zhang glared: “Men are such shameless creatures, they won’t admit it even if they ask, I’m going to get hold of the evidence and then make him meekly clean up his act!”

“Sister, you are awesome!” Jiang Tianyu exclaimed, followed by once again turning the topic back to the main topic: “Did you brush up on our company’s advertisement on the internet at that moment?”

“Was it an advertisement?” The first thing you need to do is to get a good idea of what you’re doing.

“No, no, no.” The woman said, lowered her head to pick up the phone, suddenly raised her head, tone of voice certainty: “Yes, it is I happen to receive your company’s spam ads, you see the record is still there, I did not delete.”

Jiang Tianyu smiled and raised her eyebrows without traces, came to the other side, lowered her eyes to look at the seemingly very common advertising text message.

Not true.

Private detective this line, we all know is stepping on the red line of the law dance, simply will not use this illegal base station to place advertising, that is not the wrong on top of the wrong?

Originally not targeted by the police, the use of base stations instead of becoming eye-catching.

So, who was the person who sent this ad to Yang Zhang’s phone?

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