Every Time I Wake Up, I Become A Suspect – Chapter 93

“It is indeed him.” The company’s main business is to provide a wide range of products and services.

The first thing you need to do is to take the list from Jiang Tianyu’s hand and rush out, seeing that you already have the suspect’s clues in your hands, he can’t wait a moment longer.

The company’s main business is to provide a wide range of products and services to its customers.

Jiang Tianyu only slightly frowned, tone of voice incomprehensible: “I do not understand why he did not call the police.”

If you choose to call the police at the first moment after escaping, I’m afraid that Fei Jianming and others have already been brought to justice, and I don’t know how many victims will be spared in these two years.

“You just said, this Wei Yushu’s body and face have a lot of scars?” Qiziang raised his voice: “After experiencing something that is hard to imagine, it is not surprising that there is no timely intervention and detoxification of the trauma in the heart.”

Perhaps in this Wei Yushu’s heart, only he himself can redeem himself.

“No wonder Henry Zhu was able to act one step ahead of the police, guessing that not many people have been able to escape from this organization of theirs for so many years, it’s easy to relate.”

Nodding, Jiang Tianyu sat back in her chair and resumed her silence.

At the same time, Qi Ziang stood up. He nodded slightly at her: “Miss Niu, thank you for your help again, you are now a free man, you can go home first and wait for the news.”

“Of course, if you want, you can also stay here. There is food and drink in the lounge, I’m sure you can find it all.”

With these words, he took a step and quickly left.

The other party turned around and disappeared at the door, Jiang Tianyu always felt that what he just said was a bit strange.

The first thing you need to do is to get a good idea of what you’re doing.

The company’s main business is to provide a wide range of products and services to the public.

A few minutes later, Jiang Tianyu stood at the lounge window and looked out, the sky was already dark.

The light reflected from the windows of the office building to the ground, I think today is another sleepless night.

She sighed silently and took a small bite of the bread she had just taken out of the refrigerator, the cold sensation entered her stomach and her features subconsciously crinkled together.

The original idea was to eat some hot noodles, but I didn’t expect the cupboard where the noodles were originally placed to be empty at the moment.

In Jiang Tianyu thinking about the work, behind suddenly came a sound of footsteps, stunned back to look, the visitor or an old acquaintance.

It was the young policewoman she had dealt with in both Zhou Ya and Guan Miao Miao’s body, and the other party was carrying a large opaque plastic bag in her hand, bulging with something.

“Miss Niu, right?” The young policewoman smiled at her, then put the bag in her hand on the table nearest to the door, “This is what the Qi team ordered the supermarket to send over.”

She went forward slightly puzzled, opened the large pocket, and inside was a pile of spicy flavored noodles, ham sausage, and marinated eggs.

The woman who was in front of the police had no idea what to call her, so she politely asked, “Hello, what is your name?”

“My surname is Wang.”

“Officer Wang, thank you so much.” She said thanks with unparalleled sincerity.

The young policewoman hastily waved her hand, then with a joy that almost diffused from her face, she turned and walked away with brisk footsteps.

After filling her stomach with a steaming bowl of noodles, Jiang Tianyu arranged the rest in the cupboard that contained them before.

Next, she cleaned the entire lounge again, to make sure that every place is still clean, and only then turned up the temperature of the air conditioning, pillowed his shoulder bag lying in the corner of the small sofa that did not know when to appear to fall asleep.

I don’t know if it’s because I’m tired, or because I wasted too much energy in helping the Major Crime Unit find the killer’s identity information, Jiang Tianyu slept soundly this time.

Until some rustling sounds came to her ears, she frowned uneasily and slowly opened her eyes.

The familiar white lattice ceiling of the lounge and the white ceiling lamp that is still on are what I saw.

The difference is that it is already bright outside the window, the winter sunlight is not too harsh through the window softly sprinkled on the windowsill, looks warm in the room.

While rubbing his eyes and sitting up, Jiang Tianyu moved his neck contentedly.

I don’t know what it is, but after wearing so many bodies, she always feels that the nights she spends at the Public Security Bureau are the best times to sleep.

With a slight side glance, she saw Lu Li and Xu Lida who were sitting there wolfing down their noodles.

“Yo, awake, huh?” Lu Li, after taking a bite of noodles, sucked his nose and opened his mouth in an odd manner, “I don’t know what people are used to nowadays, one or two of them don’t return home, but they love to sleep in the Public Security Bureau.”

This last statement is purely emotional, and I do not know if it is really too much pressure on life, everyone is gradually perverted up.

If he were an ordinary person, he would want to be as far away from the police as possible.

Jiang Tianyu smiled and rolled her eyes, then a smile, “I do not know what the police are used to now, one or two from me to get an important clue, not even a word of thanks.”

Lu Li was choked up, the mouth of the noodles in the mouth said what can not swallow.

The opposite Xu Lida’s expression is also a difficult to say, feel their knees for no reason in an arrow, followed by eating melon fall.

In order to save a little face, Lu Li took out a tissue and wiped his mouth, then once again raised his voice: “You slept on our Public Security Bureau’s sofa, but I didn’t see you say thank you!”

Who knows that his side of the words just fell, Xu Lida picked up: “correction, that is the Qi team’s sofa, but did not spend half a cent of the bureau’s funds.”

This thing is also strange, obviously they have two comfortable and good sleep sofa in the office of the crime unit, and everyday everyone choose to go to the backyard dormitory to rest, do not know Qi Ziang which tendon is wrong, last month non-pay out of pocket and put a lounge on this floor.

It is not afraid that colleagues interrogation too late?

It is a good leader who knows how to sympathize with his subordinates, although it does not take long to go upstairs by elevator, but this action and idea is very thoughtful.

Xu Lida’s words led Lu Li to glare at him, after the entire collapse of the momentum, it can no longer hold up.

The man angrily forked up the last bite of noodles in the bucket, trying to completely ignore the girl sitting in the corner with a slight sneer in her expression.

But Jiang Tianyu of course will not let him go, after brewing himself a cup of coffee to wake up in the morning, then very familiar to the two people to sit down, smiling and inquiring: “two officers so hard, can not wait for the canteen to open, it seems to be busy all night.”

“How was it? Did you find Henry Zhu?”

Xu Lida’s eyebrows moved slightly, raised his eyes to look at the person who was sitting next to Lu Li, this scene of making the other side eat defeat, but unusually familiar.

Before he remembered something, Lu Li disgustedly moved to the side of the chair: “Last night, the feedback given by the municipal company side is that nearly six months, responsible for the area near your company are a sanitation worker named Liu Jiande, the other side is fifty-six years old.”

Staring in surprise, Jiang Tianyu opened his mouth, “According to the identity information, that Wei Yushu should only be …… thirty-eight, right?”

“That’s right, so I and Xu went to this Liu Jiande’s home overnight, and people happen to be well lying in bed with their daughters-in-law sleeping!” Lu Li said, also feel outrageous.

“On the spot interrogation only after learning that Liu Jiande has not been working for a year.”

“Our city’s municipal companies, a month to these sanitation workers to open the salary, after removing insurance to hand is about three thousand just above the look. He dislikes the low wages and can not afford to pay the company’s insurance, so hired a person to sweep the streets for him, only need to pay that person two thousand a month.”

“This way he can also go out and take another job, which is quite cost-effective.”

Jiang Tianyu pursed her lips in some disbelief, “There is still this kind of situation now?”

“Not what.” Lu Li, a talk about this kind of thing, can be energetic, spittle flew across the face of Xu Lida: “How to operate the specific we are not clear, in any case, there are loopholes to exploit it! After all, these years are what outsourcing companies or labor dispatch, the operating space is still there.”

“Then he hired that person ……?”

“According to Liu Jiande account, that person is also introduced by a friend, called Wei Ming. He just fixed the money fixed to people every month to send over, the other did not know too much.”

Head down a sip of coffee, Jiang Tianyu thought, no wonder the police could not find Wei Yushu’s activity trajectory in recent years, mistakenly thinking that he and those missing people have disappeared.

I think this is how he survived after coming back from the dead? Changed identity, specifically looking for some odd jobs without ID cards, daily expenses only cash.

Because of this, he was able to evade Fei Jianming and Henry Zhu’s gang to track him down, and managed to live to this day of revenge, right?

“Then we found the ‘friend’ who introduced the person to Liu Jiande and managed to get an address, after which the Qi team went over with the technical section directly from the bureau and is still not back.” Lu Liyan struck up, after throwing away the garbage after eating, walked to the refrigerator and took out two bottles of mineral water, and also threw a bottle to Xu Lida by hand.

Then he took a big sip of water, while turning to the window, after a short time, suddenly excitedly yelled out: “Back, back, Qi team they are back!”

The next second, Jiang Tianyu and Xu Lida rushed over, one left and one right standing beside Lu Li, together looking down.

I saw several police cars drive into the compound in turn, Qi Ziang and other people also got out of the car one after another.

Soon, from the last car came down two police officers, and in the middle of them, the person who was obviously controlled by the back handcuffs, from a distance, the figure and walking posture made Jiang Tianyu feel incomparably familiar.

It was the sanitation worker she had seen that day.

At this point, Lu Li spoke up again, his tone full of uncertainty: “How come I don’t see Henry Zhu?”

“Couldn’t have hung up, right?”

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