Fated To The Alpha Chapter 168: Andrei POV

The excitement still felt fresh, my entire body was buzzing with knowing Sage is officially mine, officially my Packs Luna. I was woken by her wrapping her body around mine as she got comfortable in her sleep, her leg hooked over my waist and I was content in remaining in bed with her all day, snuggled up close to her.

I felt like we were finally getting somewhere, and I knew she now trusted me or she would never have agreed to let me mark her. That feeling alone was enough to make my blackened heart leap with joy. Rolling on my side to face her, I brush her hair over her shoulder, admiring my mark that now lay etched into her flesh, showing the world she was mine. I brush my fingers over it and she shivers, her eyes fluttering open and a sleepy smile spreads across her l!ps.

“Morning” She whispers, snuggling closer and tucking her face under my chin. I hear her sigh as she inhales my scent. My fingers tracing lazily down her side to her h!p. I didn’t want to move, enjoying the sparks rushing over me everywhere her skin touched. Though my reaction to having her so close with her naked pressed tightly against me was obvious.

My pants becoming increasingly uncomfortable and I knew it would be only a matter of time before she realised and shifted away from me. I remain still trying to ignore the raging hard on I had going on, soaking up as much as her scent as possible.

Eventually, though I had to move, she would freak out like she did everytime and I wanted to avoid that. I roll on my back intending to force myself out of bed. Only when I try to escape her does she tug me back.

“Stay, it’s still early” She whines and I stifle a laugh. Sage never pouts or whines but I wasn’t going to refuse her as she refuses to let my arm go. Laying back down I pat my ch3st and she instantly moves, tossing her leg back over me and placing her head on my ch3st.

I try to cross my legs without her catching on but her thigh brushes against me and I freeze, waiting to feel her fear, waiting for her meltdown or for her to start having a panic attack when she speaks.

“Is that why you were trying to leave?” She asks, she yawns covering her mouth with the back of her hand.

“Yeah, I didn’t want you to panic, just let me up and I will go get rid of it and come back” I tell her but she shakes her head.

“It’s fine, Andrei, unless you’re uncomfortable,” She says.

“I am sure I can manage” I tell her, her hands running up and down my stomach, my muscles tensing at the trail of sparks her fingertips leave.

“If you keep doing that though, you will make me uncomfortable” I tell her, grabbing her hand before bringing it to my l!ps and k!ssing her knuckles. Through the newly forged bond, I couldn’t feel any nervous energy coming from her, yet she could also feel me and I know now that we are both marked the bond would feel 100 times stronger to her.

“It is stronger, she knows we won’t hurt her, she feels safe with us” Donnie tells me and I can’t help but smile at his words. At least she doesn’t think I am a monster, not in that sense anyway, unlike everyone else who thinks I am the monster from a few months ago still, sometimes I feel the urges spring up but it is getting easier to fight them.

“Just remember to keep your head” Donnie says, his urge to kill completely gone the moment we met her like he had a personality transfer, if only I was the same yet I don’t think I will ever get rid of the hatred for them, the anger just waiting to be unleashed.

“What are you thinking?’ She says propping herself up on her elbow and looking down at me. She presses the crease between my brows, smoothing it out with her index finger.

“Nothing and everything” I tell her as she peered down at me like she was trying to figure me out, a worried look on her face, one I hated seeing on her.

I lift my hand cupping her cheek and she leans into my touch. “I’m fine, Sage. I just get stuck in my head sometimes” She nods her head leaning down and pressing her l!ps to mine and I feel her smile against my l!ps when I nip at hers.

Her l!ps parting and my fingers tangle in her hair as I deepened the k!ss, her tongue brushing mine softly when I pulled her on top of me, her legs straddling me and I grab her a*ss before thinking and realising what I did a second too late.

I hear her heart rate spikes in her ch3st yet she doesn’t pull away instead k!ssing me harder, her tongue fighting mine for dominance. My d!ck is throbbing with the need to bury myself in her and I pull away, breaking the k!ss when she growls at me before realizing what she did as I sit up. Her cheeks turning a light shade of pink in her embarrassment.

“Sorry, I don’t know why I did that” She murmurs,

when I feel her arousal through the bond, it smashes into me like a freight train, but I could also feel her uneasiness.

“It’s the bond, the pull is stronger now, ” I tell her. She sighs and I grip her chin tilting her face back u p to mine.

“Don’t be embarrassed, you’re supposed to feel like that” I tell her, pecking her l!ps softly before svcking her bottom l!p into my mouth. She m0ans softly pressing closer a deep purr escaping her throat and vibrating in her ch3st, her ar0usal perfuming the room as I clutch her to me. The scent so foreign to me, Sage never got ar0used.

Never wanted me like that or if she did I didn’t notice, usually the only thing I got was the smell of her fear. She wraps her arms around my neck deepening the k!ss and I roll her h!ps against me and she m0ans into my mouth.

I turn, pressing her against the bed, my body moving between her legs and I press some of my weight down on her when Donnie speaks.

“Don’t push her to far Andrei, she is sitting on a blade’s edge”

“She seems fine” I growl back at him.

“Because of the bond and Sierra, Sage is going off feeling now and she will snap if you keep pushing her too far, ” He snaps at me.

I pull away k!ssing down her cheek, jaw and neck before letting her take my weight, my raging hard on pressing against her. She m0ans before freezing, her hand gripping my hair before I feel her push her fear aside but I don’t miss the slight tremble of her fingers gripping my hair as I svck on her mark, her h!ps involuntarily grinding against me and I move away from her neck, knowing it was only because of me touching her mark. Her h!ps still as I nip and k!ss her jaw before pressing my l!ps to hers for a second.

“We should stop” I tell her, her breathing was hard, her lust filled gaze on my l!ps and I feel myself smile.

“Maybe we could try— ” She goes to say but I feel her nervousness creeping back in and know I need to move away before I send her spiralling back.

Before I could though she moved forward k!ssing me, pulling me back to her. I groan at the warmth of her pressed against my crotch, and can feel her need for release over riding her as my hand moves between her legs, her heart rate spiking as I graze my fingertips against her slit. The moisture between her thighs makes me growl.

“Mr Andrei” I hear, making me tense. I shake the voice off wondering if I am hearing things.Praying I am because Sage for the second time was allowing me to touch her.

“Mr Andrei! ” I hear a child’s voice screaming at the top of their lungs. Sage jumps hearing it too before I hear knocking which I thought was odd, the steel door barely picks up noise.

“Is that?” Sage asks.

“Jonah” I say with an annoyed growl.

“Mr Andrei! ” The voice gets louder and Sage giggles.

“Jonah likes you, ” She chuckles.

“He can’t help it” I tell her knowing it isn’t the boy’s fault as annoying as it is. Children, especially orphans are drawn to auras they feel safest near, the strongest aura offering comfort and a sense of safety though why he gets that from me is beyond me, I was far from approachable even I knew that.

I get up moving to the window to try to wave him off or spot someone to tell him to go away. Only when I toss back the curtain he is at the window nearly making me jump out of my skin as he balances on the ledge on the second floor. Sage Shrieks, scrambling to cover herself with the blanket.

“Jonah what the heck are you doing, how did you get up here”

“The ladder” he says and I look out the window for a ladder but don’t see one.

“What ladder, what are you doing?”

“This ladder” He says pointing to the side and I look where he is pointing before shaking my head and pinching the bridge of my nose with my fingers.

“That is a drain pipe Jonah, not a ladder, now get down from there, you don’t look through windows” I tell him and I hear Sage giggle behind me. He waves to her. “Hi Miss Sage” He says waving a little too enthusiastically and he leans too far back, my heart nearly leaps out of my ch3st and I step forward on reflex, my face smashing against the window when he nearly topples backwards, a horrified shriek leaves Sage behind me before she exhales in relief when he manages to catch himself. I rub my nose and glare at him. Yet also relieved he didn’t fall.

“Jonah, enough now climb back down” I snapped at him. Little shit was going to give me a heart attack. I turn when I see him shuffle back to the drain pipe when his voice reaches my ears again.

“Mr Andrei, I’m scared” He says and I roll my eyes walking back to the window.

“You climbed up here, you can climb down” I tell him as he clutched the drain pipe. He shakes his head looking at the ground, he places his foot on the drain pipe bracket clinging to the pipe with his hands before freezing looking back at me.

“Climb down” I tell him motioning for him to go down but he shakes his head. I growl annoyed. His little green eyes peered back at me pleadingly and I rolled my eyes at him, annoyed.

“Fine, just hang on” I growl before stomping out of the bedroom and down the steps. I unlock the door before marching around to our bedroom window. Jonah is still clutching the drain pipe, I suppress my growl wanting to snap at him for his recklessness.

“Jonah, can you get down or not, that pipe will not hold my weight” I tell him, shaking the thing gently. Hearing running behind me I look over my shoulder.

“Jonah, I told you to leave the Alpha alone, what are you doing up there?” Malik growls at him.

“I’m stuck” Jonah cries out looking down at us. Malik facepalms himself letting out a frustrated exhale.

“ I’m so sorry Alpha, I told him steer clear of here”

“I wanted to tell Mr. Andrei about his parcels” Jonah says, tears rolling down his cheeks.

“Ok enough, you will be sitting in the naughty corner when you climb down” Malik says and I raise an eyebrow at him.

“What? That’s what my mother did, it is better than getting the wooden spoon up my backside ” Malik shrugs and I chuckle, shaking my head and looking back up at Jonah.

“Enough playing around and climb back down” I tell him but he shakes his head. Little shit was going to make me climb up there.

“Ah, hang on” I tell him. I test the pipe looking at Malik. “Should hold, ” He says.

“Feel free to volunteer” I tell him knowing he is half my body weight but I knew he was also ridiculously afraid of heights. I mutter under my breath and Malik snickers as I start to climb the pipe.

The pipe shakes as I climb up it and I hear the thin metal brackets groaning under my weight as I dig my toes into the brackets pulling myself up to Jonah. I grab the back of his shirt. Jonah turns to look at me, tears streaking his face before he clutches my shoulders.

Sage watches me from the window in her dressing gown, concern etched on her face and I go to take a step down when the bracket snaps under my weight and the pipe pulls away from the wall. I feel myself falling, adrenaline hitting me and I let the pipe go and I grip Jonah shoving him to the centre of my ch3st.

I fight my own instincts to try and turn and brace my hands out. Jonah screams bloody murder making my ears ring when I smack the ground, landing on my back. The air being smashed out of m y lungs, Jonah winding me as his knees smash into my stomach as he lands on me.

I stare at the sky, everything aching. My head throbbing to its own beat as I smack it on the grass. “ oh” Jonah murmurs, his face coming into focus when I feel something warm and w.et run across my abdomen and sides. Donnie starts howling in my head in laughter and I hear Malik snort and I glare a t him as he leans over us.

“I think I peed a little” Jonah whispers. Malik erupts with laughter while I was not only f*cking sore I was now drenched in piss and it wasn’t even my own. And a little, I could fill a jug as he emptied his bladder on me. Jonah scrambles off me before looking at the bent pipe, the front of his shorts drenched.

I groan rolling on my side just as Sage comes rushing out in a panic, a look of relief crosses onto her face as I stand up as she looks between me and Jonah.

“Did you see Miss Sage, I flew off the window and didn’t even get hurt, not a scratch” Jonah says.

Malik is still laughing and tries to contain himself as he motions for Jonah to come to him.

“That was very naughty Jonah, you don’t climb houses and you peed on the Alpha” Malik says chuckling at the last part and I growl at him.

“I need to shower” I snap stomping off back inside. Sage was snickering behind me before she stopped when I glared at her. “Are you okay?” She asks and I see her bite her l!p trying not to laugh.

“You think this is funny” I ask, raising an eyebrow a t her, she presses her l!ps in a line and shakes her head but I could feel her amusement.

I rip her towards me pressing her against me and she shrieks pushing on my shoulders.

“Not so funny now that you are covered in piss too” I tell her and she squirms trying to get out of my grip.

I let her go and she chuckled. “It’s a little funny” if I wasn’t the one being peed on I may have seen the humour of it, but nope I do not see the funny side. I rub my a*ss, each step making it ache.

“My a*ss hurts,” I gr0an.

“Want me to rub it” Sage chuckles, locking the door as we enter the house. She undoes her dressing gown leaving her naked and I smirk at her plump a*s.

She has filled out nicely since coming here, no more skin and jutting out bones. She turns tossing her dressing gown in my face, the smell of piss destroying my nostrils as she laughs darting up the steps.

“I call Dibs on showering first” She squeals, racing up the steps. I growl taking off after her, she skids in her haste when she reaches the top step, sliding across the floor before correcting herself with a giggle. She takes off toward the bathroom door reaching her hand out for it when I catch up to her snaking my arms around her waist. She shrieks before turning in my arms.

“You weren’t about to lock me out were you?” I ask and she wraps her arms around my neck and I walk her backwards into the bathroom with a growl. “Maybe” She smiles as I nip at her l!ps.

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