Fight between Alphas Chapter 35

Lana’s POV

Tate didn’t return until dinner time, I am pretty sure he was leaving it till the last minute before he had to return so, he didn’t have to put up with my sister. Arial had made herself quite at home in the spare bedroom and was also raiding my wardrobe while I cooked dinner, I was dreading having to see how much of it was on the floor, she wasn’t exactly one to refold something after she pulled it out.

Hearing her coming down the stairs I look up. She skips into the dining room before leaning over the bench to look at me “Lana where are all your clothes gone, and that cute top I used to like borrowing, and all your shorts, half your wardrobe is missing?” She asks.

“Shorts are gone thanks to him” I tell her pointing to Drake. He shrugs.

“And the shirt should be in the laundry, I think” I tell her when Drake clears his throat awkwardly.

“What?” I ask my eyes darting to him and he looks away, unable to meet my gaze.

“I didn’t throw it out Tate did?” He blurts out and I glare at him.

“F*cking Alpha’s” Both my sister and I say at the same time rolling our eyes.

“That shit is freaky” Drake says pulling the Potato bake from the oven.

“What is?” Arial asks him as he puts it on the stove to cool down a bit.

“You two, you both said the same thing and rolled your eyes at the exact same time” He says and both of us smirk.

“See there you both go again with freaky twin shit, if you two didn’t smell different to Tate and I, I would swear you were the same person”

“Only she is louder” I tell him, and he nods.

“She is submissive” Arial taunts back.

“Not in the bedroom she isn’t, you should have seen her riding Tate” He mocks,

“So not an image I wanted in my head” Arial says while I hit Drake with my tea towel.

“Why it would be like looking at a mirror image” He tells her.

“No, I am talking about the whole two mates thing and my sister being the meat between the buns” She says shivering and sticking out her tongue. My face heats at her words and her mouth falls open.

“What you still haven’t actually properly mated?” She asks.

“Not from a lack of trying” Drake says before grabbing my ass making me jump.

“Yeah that is so not happening” I tell her,

“Besides I still haven’t even marked Drake” I tell her, and she nods “at least you finally lost that V card you been hanging onto.

“It will be happening; you just don’t realise it yet” Drake says.

“Hell no, nothing is going in my ass” I tell him.

“Pretty sure Tate had his fingers in it the other day and you liked it and he also put- ” I nudge remembering before he blurts more out, my face turning crimson, remembering what I actually allowed them to do.

My sister chuckles shaking her head. “Since we are on this topic, how many unmated wolves are around here?” She asks looking at Drake.

“Arial no, you aren’t screwing anyone here” I tell her.

“Need someone to keep me entertained” She pouts just as we hear a knock on the door. Arial eyes sparkle dangerously.

“Bedroom eyes is here” She says bounding over to the door. Drake shakes his head.

“Good luck with that” Drake says nudging me. Elias walks in sitting down at the table.

“Where is my brother?” Drake asks him looking toward the door expectantly, Elias shrugs “he left this morning to go see someone” Drake nods while Arial stares at him like he is a piece of meat she wants to devour.

“Should I be worried?” He asks looking back at her as she leaned on the chair beside him. I laugh and Arial’s l!ps tug up. She Was going to eat him alive if he weren’t careful.

“Staying for dinner” I ask him seeing as I had cooked way to much.

“As long as I don’t become the dinner” I hear him mutter.

“No, you look more like dessert” Arial tells him.

“Arial leave him alone” I tell her, and she pouts. “Fine, I will for now” She says, and I see Elias l!ps turn up like he was trying to suppress his smile.

“This is going to be interesting” Drake says just as Tate walks in the door. He walks over to us in just his shorts Arial eyes wandering his body checking him out.

“Arial eyes off” I tell her.

“Just looking, I don’t want your grumpy Alpha, now Drake on the other hand” she says licking her l!ps and blowing him a k!ss. I chuckle.

“Yeah, not a chance” Drake retorts.

“Clearly we got the good sister” I hear Tate mutter under his breath.

“I heard that” She called.

“You were supposed to” He spits back at her clearly in a better mood. He comes over putting his face in my neck before stealing a sausage from the frypan.

“It’s not even cooked properly” I tell him seeing it was half raw when he bit into it.

“Werewolf remember” He says k!ssing my face.

“Yeah Lana he properly been out killing bambi” Arial says. Tate growls at her.

“So exactly how long do you plan on staying Arial” Tate asks her.

“Maybe a day, maybe forever” She taunts.

We dish out dinner, all sitting at the table. I make a plate for Chase so Elias can take it home when he leaves here and heads home. When we are done Drake and Tate helped me clean up, while Arial kidnapped poor Elias and took him god knows where.

“Your sister is a handful; she better not eat my Beta” Tate says pulling me against him. I chuckle knowing he is right, but she was a good handful and having her here has really calmed my anxiety.

“I’m sorry about earlier” He says k!ssing my neck before s*cking my mark, a m0an escaping my l!ps before I press my l!ps together.

“Stop Tate people are here” I tell him,

“Well, your sister is going to have to put up with it if she thinks she is staying here, my balls were blue long enough” He says pressing his erection against my ass.

The doorbell rings, all of us looking to the hallway.

“Probably my brother looking for Elias” Drake says while he continues drying the plate in his hand.

“Good I can give him his dinner” I tell him walking over a grabbing it from the microwave before answering the door. On my way to the door, I catch Arial and Elias making out on the couch, I roll my eyes didn’t take her long to sink her claws into him.

“Hey Chase” I say opening the door.

“F*ck something smells awesome, you baking?” He says stepping into the hall, he waves to Drake before turning around as I close the door.

I hear him growl making me spin around, “Oh Chase my sister Arial, Arial chase” I say, and she looks up, the noise that leaves his ch3st as he growls makes my blood run cold and my hair stand on end and Drake runs out alarmed.

“Mine” Chase growls and Elias jumps off the lounge where is he was hovering over my sister between her legs, Arial’s eyes lock on to Chase going wide as she sniffs the air.

“I didn’t sleep with her” Elias blurts hands in the air stepping away looking like he is about to make a run for it. My mouth falls open, what were the chances and by god how awkward.

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