Fight between Alphas Chapter 40

Lana’s POV

“How far away are you?” I mind link in a panic when her scream died out, nervousness kicking in.

“Lana, don’t you dare step foot on that territory let me deal with it, they won’t hurt her” Drake mind links back. His voice in my head felt strange, unless I force the link but now, I didn’t have to since he marked Tate.

I hear fighting and my sister’s growl. When she suddenly screams my name. I run, and not even twenty metres over the border, I feel the first dart hit my leg. My agonised scream echoing off the trees as wolfsbane floods my system, Yet I don’t stop, I keep running until I smack right into her knocking us both to the ground as wolves start coming from the trees, my sister fighting a wolf I instantly recognised as Melinda before I knocked her down falling on top of her. We jump to our feet back-to-back trying to keep an eye on the wolves.

“I f*cking”-

“Don’t say it Lana” My sister says when I go to tell her I told you so.

I feel another dart hit my leg before another hits my side. My blood stream feeling like it has been doused in acid. “I can’t believe mum used to drink this shit” I mutter just as a wolf lunged straight for me. I dodge it but it hits into Arial knocking her down and ripping into her shoulder. I grab its head twisting sharply before it falls limply on its side just as I am attacked again by another wolf, tearing into my thigh. I punch it missing as it starts shaking its head tearing my flesh off.

Arial grunts behind me and I know she has been hit with another dart. I see warriors amongst the trees coming from each side when suddenly I am hit in the neck with another dart before I feel three more hit me in the ch3st and I feel myself falling. The ground moving toward my face and I can’t hear Arial except for the soft beating of her heart.

My eyes becoming heavy as I watch Melinda shift back, she walks to my side before kicking me in the face, my head snapping back from the force. I cough blood out to stop from choking on it my face swelling instantly.

“Bet you didn’t think you would see me again bitch” She says before stomping on my hand, my scream sounded strangled from the metallic taste of my blood.

I pass out the wolfsbane in my system sucking me under.

Waking up, I find I am chained to a chair. My head felt heavy as I tried to lift it, the gag in my mouth tasted disgusting as my tongue came in contact with it. Looking around, I find myself in a lounge room. Drakes father arguing with Melinda.

“Are you nuts, I said find a way into the territory to get to Tate, not kidnap the Alpha Queens daughters” He growls at her.

“You want your son back well now he will come looking for her and bring Tate with him, then you can take over his Pack” She replies. Drakes father suddenly slaps her, her face whipping to the side as she is knocked to the ground, she massages her jaw before glaring up at him.

He raises his hand at her again and she flinches putting her hand up when her eyes dart to me watching. Drakes father turns to see what she is looking at when I notice Arial behind them also tied to a chair, though she was still passed out.

“Finally, you’re awake, good now we can have a chat” He says sitting on the sofa and facing me.

“When Drake comes for you, you will let him mark you, then you need to reject that mongrel Tate” I shake my head and trying talking around the gag. He stands up pulling the gag from my mouth.

“I am not rejecting my mate”

“No?” He says before nodding toward Melinda she gets up a cruel smile on her l!ps taunting me when she suddenly grabs an envelope cutter and stabs my sister in the leg. She screams jolting awake, my scream echoing hers as tears roll down my cheeks when she plunges it into her stomach as well.

“You will change your mind”

“Where is Chase?” I yell turning my gaze to him.

“Oh, he is around, couldn’t have him getting stupid ideas in his head about joining your mothers pack, seriously what are the chances of two of my sons being mated to half breeds” He shakes his head.

‘So anyway, you will do as I say, or I will kill your sister” I laugh, and he cocks his head to the side.

“You better hope my mates kill you, because if they don’t, you will die by my brothers hand which will have you begging for death” I tell him and his face drops before he growls at Melinda. She flinches back from his anger being directed at her.

“You trespassed, we have laws and out here you are fair game once you stepped on my territory without permission, your mother goes against the rules she set, the rest of the packs will turn on her”

“You would really kill your own sons mate?” I ask disgusted, that he could wish that upon his sons.

“Tate is not his mate, and this half breed be hardly a loss to Chase” He says pointing at my sister. I chuckle he was in for a shock when Drake gets here baring Tate’s mark.

“She is already marked” Melinda says and his father sniffs the air before growling.

“you let that mutt mark you?” He bellows flicking my hair over my shoulder.

I wriggle my hands trying to pull, to get a good grip on the chain so I can break it. Yet with the wolfsbane in my system I was too weak.

Hearing a commotion outside his father stands up a smile on his l!ps.

“And that would be my son” He says walking to the front door. I hear the door get kicked in, the force making the walls shake as the heavy door bounces off the wall.

“Great you’re here son, come in” He says.

“Where is she dad, hand her over”

“Come in and see for yourself, she is fine” He says making me confused until I smelt it. I could smell his fathers fear, he was scared of his son. How didn’t I notice it last time. The stench of his fear so potent I could almost taste it.

“See she is very much fine” Drake growls grabbing him by the front of his shirt and slamming him into the wall.

“You owe me boy, now let go” Drake lets him go shoving him away before walking over to me. He spots Melinda. He growls as she approaches.

“Alpha Drake, things will be better soon you can have your mate and I can have” She sniffs the air before her eyes dart to his neck.

“You let him mark you?” She says outraged.

“What, you really mated to that f*cking faggot” His father bellows ripping Drake around to face him.

“Pick your next words carefully father, I am not in the mood to play your games” He says shoving his father back.

“You owe me boy. I covered up for you, you would be rotting in a cell if it wasn’t for me” His father snaps.

“Owe him for what?” Melinda asks confused when Drake pivots so quick I almost missed the motion, he grips her throat crushing her throat.

“I have had enough of hearing your whiny voice” He says through gritted teeth as I see Titus take over before I watch shocked as Drake plunges his hand inside her ch3st before ripping her heart out of it. The sound of her skin tearing so sickening I feel bile rise in my throat when suddenly Arial throws up from the gruesome sight as Melinda falls limp on the ground.

He turns on his father, stalking him.

“Ah, ah, ah, son no need for this, do you think your mate will want you when she finds out what you did,”

“Step down, you have lost the plot father, you need to hand the pack over” He says walking behind me and untying my hands. As soon as I am loose, I run to Arial untying hers. What I wasn’t expecting was for her to kill him, as soon as her hands were free, she lunged straight at Drakes father, her teeth sinking into his neck.

“No!” Drake screams as she rips out his throat with her fangs. He grabs her tossing her off before clamping his hand down on his father’s neck, trying to stem the bleeding.

“Dad” Drake whispers as his life drains from his face. Drake stands up just as Tate runs in the door. He stops looking at Drake before looking at Arial. Her face covered in his blood, Drake growls

“You did this, this is your fault” He screams at her. Tate looks around feeling confused while I stand there shocked at what she did, only snapping out of it when Drake lunges at her. I grab him shoving him away, his claws just missing her face as she steps back.

I fall on top of him, quickly standing up and stepping in front of her. But he lunges again this time Tate grabbing him.

“You would choose her over me” He screams at me.

“No, that’s not it. I understand your angry”-

“Angry, you understand I am angry. She just killed my father, you disobeyed me when I said don’t step over the border, this is both of your fault”

“He had my mate” Arial screams at him.

“His own f*cking son, he wouldn’t have hurt him he would be in the cells under the house you stupid bitch” Drake screams before tossing Tate off as he shifted suddenly and knocking me over, he lunges for her, his teeth sinking into her side before he throws her. I get up ripping him back by his fur before he turns on me. His teeth bared before stopping and shifting back. I could see Titus trying to fight him for control, trying to take control back from him when he reigns him in. I was shocked that Titus wanted to hurt me. When Drake glares at me. How wrong I had it, Titus didn’t want to hurt me, no he was trying to stop him. My heart crushing into a thousand pieces.

“I am done, so f*cking done with you and your f*cking family Lana, done with you picking them over us every f*cking time” He spits stalking toward me. I step back, his fists clenched tightly at his sides before he grabs me. Tate jumps to his feet.

“Let her go Drake” He says and Drakes head snaps to the side looking at him. He lets go stepping back.

I feel the air leave my lungs at his next words.

“I Drake Verlix Alpha of the Red River Pack reject you Lana Black Luna of the Forrest Pack”

It felt like he ripped out my heart, pain twisting and writhing so painfully I thought it would kill me.

“What have you done” Tate gasps as I stumble back clutching my ch3st. Arial whimpers my eyes darting to her as I choke on the pain engulfing soul as he tears a piece of it from me. Drake growls stepping forward and gripping my arms.

“Accept it” He screams in my face. His claws slipping into my arms, yet it felt like nothing compared to the pain in my ch3st making my heart palpitate.

I feel tears slip down my cheeks, my entire being calling out for him yet the pure hatred on his face made me falter and instead of rejecting his rejection.

“I Lana Black accept your rejection” I choke out between sobs. Anything to stop the pain radiating through my ch3st. The pain leaving but, in its absence, leaving a huge void. Drake stumbles back at my accepting of the bond breaking the bond severing leaving behind a chill that seeps into my bones.

“Now get off my territory” he snaps before turning on his heel and walking out of the room.

“Lana… he…I will” Tate stutters stepping toward me with his arms out.

“Please don’t touch me” I tell him stepping back away from him, as I try hold all my pieces together.

“Lana I am so” My sister says.

“Don’t, just f*cking don’t Arial” I snap at her. I walk towards the door, stepping outside. The wind whipping my skin, yet I don’t feel the harshness or the cold of it seeping into me, nothing was colder than the feeling inside me. Nothing could repair the damage of what he did.

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