Fight between Alphas Chapter 45

Lana’s POV

I sat in the front with my brother on the trip there, Arial sat in the back, said she wanted to be out of grabbing reach of Ryker who growled at her as she hopped in the car. The trip took hours and by the time we got to the border of the city I was spent and just wanted to go to sleep. Ryker pulled up to a seedy dark part of the city. Pulling up out the front of the apartment building, he gets out and checks us in. Arial hopping out with me looking around.

“What a dump?” She says looking at the garbage strewn about the street. Ryker returns with a set of keys before grabbing our bags out.

“Come on, this way” He says, and we follow him into the building only to find it was vastly different from the exterior, inside was immaculate, and clean. Polished marble floors and modern inside it, it was actually kind of shocking compared to how outside, the place looked rather run down.

We follow Ryker to a door, and he opens it up revealing three beds a bathroom and small kitchenette.

“Seriously we have to share a room with you?” Arial asks.

“I know you two are hiding something, you think I wouldn’t notice. Neither of you are leaving my side while here, now quit complaining Arial or I will make you sleep at my feet” Ryker says dumping our bags on the end of one of the beds.

Arial flopping down on one of the singles and I do the same. Ryker grabs the TV remote flicking on Netflix, while sitting on the double bed. I use the bathroom slipping into my pyjamas yawning. I was exhausted after the long drive.

Arial goes and has a shower while Ryker raids the mini fridge before pulling out some tiny throwdown liquor bottles, he holds one up offering it to me.

“Want one?” He asks.

“Vodka?” I ask and he looks in the fridge before tossing me the little bottle. He grabs a few that look like whiskey before sitting on the bed.

“So what do you want to do tomorrow?” He asks drinking the contents of the bottle in his hand before cracking another.

“Not sure maybe go look around” I tell him.

“Are you going to tell me the real reason you are here Lana?” He says watching me.

“Just to look around” I lie but he sees straight through it. Ryker’s phone rings and he grabs it from his pocket looking at it stopping him from saying what he wanted to say. He answers it and I feel my stomach drop instantly when I recognise his voice.

“Hey Tate” He says looking over at me. I shake my head, I turned my phone off on the way here after he rang it four times in a row.

“She isn’t answering her phone, can you ask her to ring me please” I hear Tate ask him.

“I can do one better, I will chuck her on” He says before holding his phone out to me. I shake my head.

“Hang on Tate” He says putting the call on hold and looking at me.

“Take the phone and speak to your mate Lana, stop ignoring his calls and answer” He says shoving the phone in my hand just as Arial walks out in her pyjamas. She looks at us and I snatch the phone off Ryker, he sits back watching me as I take the phone off hold placing it to my ear.

“That means talk to him Lana” My brothers says, and I roll my eyes.

“What Tate?” I ask annoyed that my brother was forcing me to talk to him.

“You haven’t been answering my calls”

“Yeah because we aren’t together anymore Tate, you have Drake”

“Yeah but I want you and Drake isn’t talking to me either, can you come home, we can figure this out”

“I am not coming home, and don’t lie to me. I know you were with Drake the other day could feel you together, you know how much that shit hurts?” my voice sounding louder then I had hoped.

“Lana, I haven’t seen Drake since you left”

“Bullshit” I tell him about to hang up on him when my brother clears his throat making my eyes dart to him.

“That’s my fault Lana” Ryker says.

“No Ryker you didn’t make them sleep together” I tell him, and I hear Tate growl on the other end of the phone.

“Lana, I haven’t been with Drake, I wouldn’t do that not without you” Tate says and I could feel confusion leaking into me through this god damn bond.

“My fault, I didn’t think it would hurt you just Tate” Ryker says.

“What’s he talking about?” Tate asks me.

I place the phone on loudspeaker handing it to Ryker. Ryker drinks another bottle before sighing while I wait for an explanation too.

“Shit, I didn’t realise Lana gets his pain second hand through you” Ryker admits.

“So, you caused the pain a few days ago, I thought Drake must have got in a fight with his brothers” Tate replies.

“No, Drake came over, looking for Lana my men stopped him at the border”

“He came looking for me?” I ask him and Ryker looks away guiltily.

“Yes Lana, he came for you just as Tate here hasn’t stopped bloody ringing my phone”

“Is Drake alright?” Tate asks.

“Yeah fine, Zane drove him home after, just two broken legs and ribs he will was still breathing when I left though barely, f*cking as*sh0le” Ryker growls and I feel nausea come through the bond from Tate and worry.

“I should go check on him, Lana please come home lets talk about this please” Tate begs, and I could feel his sadness through the bond, but I was over everything, didn’t want this back and forth crap no more though I was a little shocked to find out Drake came looking for me.

“I can drop her off on the way home, I think it is about time you guys talk even if she doesn’t talk and just listens” Ryker tells him.

“Head home? Where are you guys?” He asks.

“At Avalon”- I snatch the phone hanging it up. Ryker looks at me strange before snatching the phone off me.

“What did you do that for?” He says pocketing the phone.

“I just don’t want him to ruin our weekend” I lie, and Arial gives me a look over his shoulder. Ryker shrugs laying back and opening another bottle after an hour of watching Tv we had managed to drink the entire fridge of all the booze. The alcohol rushing to my head as I got to go pee making me stumble slightly. Ryker’s reflexes grabbing my arm as I stood before I face planted on the floor.

“Shit don’t tell mum I let you drink that much” Ryker says walking me to the bathroom.

“Arial help her, I am not watching her pee” He says shivering and making a disgusted face.

“Arial rolls her eyes and gets up helping me stagger in the bathroom, I giggle when I headbutt the tiles sitting on the toilet, quickly peeing.

“You know you should have only had one not nine of those, you don’t even drink Lana” My sister scolds.

“Leave her alone” Ryker’s calls from the room as I stand up. I couldn’t feel my face and the room spun violently Arial grabbing my arm and helping me out of the bathroom as I flop on the bed face down before rolling on my side.

“First time I would ever say, I am the one responsible one” Arial taunts making me laugh.

“I am only tipsy, not drunk so be a good little sister and go down and fetch more from the bar downstairs” Ryker tells her.

“You don’t think you drank enough?” She asks.

“Just stop whining and go” He tells her before reaching in his pocket and giving her his credit card. She growls before taking it from him and walking out the door.

“I know what we can do tomorrow, I will take you to meet someone she is pretty nice but also a little scary, you can ask her about your mates” Ryker says making me sit up or at least try to.

“Who and where” I ask.

“Avery, she is the city’s regent, she is usually at her apothecary shop on the east side”

“What do you mean she is scary” I ask.

“because she is not just a witch, you will see tomorrow. We can go after lunch” He says and I yawn before nodding. We sit in silence for a bit waiting for Arial to come back.



“What did she say about your mate?” He says nothing but rolls over facing me on his bed and I notice how sad he looks.

“Is that why you have been so cranky, you scare mum you know?” I tell him. He rolls on his back looking at the ceiling.

“You can tell me, I won’t tell anyone”

“I tell you, you will hate me, Lana. You’re best off not knowing” He says.

“Did you find her?” I ask playing with my bracelet my mother gave me. Ryker growls and I take that as a yes.

“She rejected you, didn’t she?” I ask, hoping for some answers, anything to explain where my loving big brother went.

“You will get a second chance mate Ryker, the moon goddess will give you a second chance” I tell him knowing she did reject him.

“Moon goddess won’t give me a second chance mate after what I did, Lana. It’s fine I have the pack to worry about anyway” He says the only indication I was onto something.

“The moon goddess will, everyone deserves and second chance,”

“Even your mates?” He retorts and I sigh looking up at the roof.

“That’s different” I tell him.

“No, its not. I can’t get a second chance Lana. But you can and don’t throw it away, don’t throw your mate bond away, you have no idea how much I want what you have and you’re willing to throw it away over one thing. If Lily and Damien can forgive Drake for what he did, you can forgive him” He says, and I was surprised at how angry he suddenly got.

“don’t preach to me brother, maybe go sort out your mate then I will deal with mine” I tell him suddenly annoyed that he would tell me to take them back.

“I wish I could, but nothing will fix what happened between myself and my mate Lana”

“Everyone deserves a second chance Ryker”

“I don’t” He says sitting up, I try to sit up as well but give up, my body feeling way to heavy to function besides talk and breathe.

“Why didn’t you tell us you found her?” I ask.

“Just leave it Lana forget I even told you”

“Maybe we can fix it, I could talk to her”

“What you have become a clairvoyant suddenly, you gonna ask if she can forgive me?” He asks before scoffing making me furrow my eyebrows.

“Huh, what are you talking about?” I ask forcing myself up to lean on the headboard.

“You can’t fix anything, I can’t fix anything. She is dead Lana, I killed her” He says before storming out of the room leaving me shocked. Did he just say he killed his own mate? Arial walks in just as he opens the door running into her. He looks down before growling at her and snatching the bottle from her hand.

“Wait Ryker where are you going?”

“To see a friend, don’t leave the room” He says walking off. Arial comes in closing the door looking at me questionably.

“What just happened?” She asks.

“I.. I can’t tell you”

“Are you for real, of course you can you’re my sister” She says throwing her arms up.

“Not this Arial, I definitely can’t tell you this” I say closing my eyes.

‘He is gay isn’t he, loves the c*ck. I knew it, f*cking knew it”

“He isn’t gay Arial”

“Well until you tell me what’s going on, I am just going to assume he like it up the as*s” She says flopping on her bed.

“Finally, can watch what I want” she says leaning over and stealing the remote off Ryker’s bed. I chuckle resting my head on the headboard thinking of what Ryker told me.

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