Fight between Alphas Chapter 54

Lana POV

I had just finished hanging out the washing, Arial was talking away to me about drama’s they were having at the Red River Pack. My mother and Father were playing with Ashley and Titus on a mat that was laid out on the grass in the shade of the tree out the back. They were crawling and sitting up now and could say a few words. Grabbing my washing basket Arial and I head inside. I stopped next to my mother looking down at her where she was sitting on the mat as she ran her fingers through my daughter’s dark curls.

“Coffee?” I ask her and she nods before I look toward my Father. “Yes not so much sugar this time” My father says and I smile before nodding my head.

“Tate and I are thinking of adopting, I can’t go through with another miscarriage” Arial tells me. As we walk through the back door and into the laundry. For some reason Arial has fallen pregnant three times, not one pregnancy has made it past six weeks and it was causing problems between them because Chase wanted an heir to take over the pack.

“Maybe go see the pack doctor, and have more tests done” I tell her and she shakes her head.

“They never find anything, I am worried Chase will leave me if I can’t give him children, I know he has given up with the idea, he was the one that suggested we should adopt” She says helping me load the washing machine again.

“He won’t leave you, What’s it like having mum and Dad living with you?” I ask.

“It’s fine, Dad and Chase clash sometimes, but that’s just Alpha issues. Though Tyson keeps pranking Chase and I know he is going to lose it soon and give him the spanking mum never gives them” Arial says.

My sister looks tired and I know since taking over the Pack with Chase they have been having issues.

“At least things have been good with you and Tate, you seem closer than ever. I am happy for you sis, things are turning out great for you” She says leaning her head on my shoulder while I pour the washing powder in.

“They will get better for you soon, you just need to be patient. Speaking of Tate I wonder where he went?”

“He was out the back with Dad earlier” Arial says popping her head out the back door and looking for him. “Must have been called away” Arial says and I nod knowing he wouldn’t have gone too far without telling me. I hear movement outside so I pop my head out to see my mother and father bringing my son and daughter inside.

“You need a hand?”

“No of course not, we still remember what we are doing. We aren’t that old” My father says and I roll my eyes, turning back around to go start making coffee. Walking down the hall toward the kitchen the front door opens, Tate steps inside and I could feel he was a little nervous. I stop staring at him.

“What’s wrong, is everything okay?” I ask when he steps aside and Drake walks in. His hair was longer and he needed to shave desperately, he looked rough and had lost a fair amount of weight but was still big and muscular but not his usual size. I stare frozen and in shock.

“Lana where did you go?” I hear Arial ask before she walks into my back before freezing as well when she laid eyes on him.

I could hear my mother and father talking as they walked inside and I pulled myself together snapping out of my daze. Drake stood there awkwardly like he wanted to do a runner.

“Well look at what the cat dragged in” My mother says walking past me and into the kitchen, I notice Drake’s eyes go to our daughter in her arms.

“Mum , dad can you take the kids upstairs please” I tell them and they both rush upstairs. Drake steps forward and Tate grabs his arm pulling him back.

“I’m going to head home, let you deal with whatever this is” Arial whispers and I nod before she takes off out the back door.

“You look like shit” I tell him walking into the kitchen, I turn the kettle on before turning around to see him run his hand through his now shoulder length hair.

“Are you going to speak or did you become mute?” I ask him when he continues to stare. Tate stands near the entry to the dining room watching us but says nothing.

“Little warning would have been nice” I mindlink Tate.

“I didn’t know how to tell you he was back” He mind links back and I nod to him. Drake watched us knowing we were talking through the link.

“Why are you here?” I ask Drake.

“I wanted to see you, see our kids” He says looking at the wall and not meeting my gaze. I make the coffee setting out five cups.

“Can you take these up to mum and dad?” I ask Tate and he nods grabbing their two mugs and walking upstairs.

“Are you staying or are you planning on leaving again?” I ask, sliding his cup to him where he stood on the other side of the counter.

“Am I allowed to stay?” He asks.

“Depends if you plan on leaving again, I won’t have you walking in and out of our children’s lives Drake, either stay or don’t but if you leave, don’t come back” I tell him and he growls low.

“Don’t growl at me, I won’t tolerate that shit, you were gone for months. Just left didn’t even ring, not even to check on your own kids” I tell him.

“Can I see them?” He asks just as Tate walks in with Titus in his arms, he looked like Drake, same hair and eyes, though his nose and l!ps were Tate all over. I glare at him.

“He has a right to see them,” Tate says.

“Does he, because last I checked they don’t even know who he is” I tell him.

“You know that’s not true Lana, we can feel our own parents and siblings” Tate says and I growl at him. He was right though as Titus instantly had his arms out leaning forward in Tate’s arms and reaching for his other father. I nod to Drake letting him know he could grab him from Tate.

Drake takes him, pressing his face into his hair and sniffing his little head. It angered me a little with how willingly my son went to his father when he never met him before.

“Hey there little man” Drakes says, k!ssing his cheek, while Titus hands tangled in his hair before he tries to eat it.

I walked over untangling Drake’s hair from our son’s fingers while he tried popping it in his mouth. My mother comes down the stairs with Ashley in her arms, my father following behind her. She comes over giving me a k!ss on the cheek and handing her to me.

“We will head off, ring me if you need me” She says, sending a glare to Drake before my father comes over and k!sses my forehead.

“I suggest you don’t f*ck this up son” My father tells him before walking out. Drake nods reaching out and holding Ashley’s little hand between his fingers. She reaches for her brother and Drake holds out his arm wanting to take her.

“What are their names?” He asks, taking her from me so he has one in each arm. He walks out sitting on the lounge while I follow him as he sits down on the couch with both of them in his lap.

“Titus, and Ashley” I tell him and his head snaps toward me, he presses his l!ps in line and gives a nod and I see his bottom l!p quiver as he hugs them close. I feel hands go around my waist before feeling Tate put his chin on my shoulder as he watches Drake with them.

“Your parents are visiting?” Drake asks and I shake my head.

“No, they live with Chase and Lana at the moment, having drama’s with Ryker. It was safest if they left” I tell him.

“I saw Ryker this morning” Drake says looking over at me, his eyes going to Tate when he k!sses the side of my neck. He looks away and I am hit with longing through the bond.

“Where did you see him?” I ask. No one had seen him in a month and Zane said he was hardly home and when he was he was quite unbearable.

“Near Avalon City”

“And why were you there?” I ask, wondering if he was trying to break the bond, not that I cared now if he did. I had Tate and I could live with that.

“Titus was wandering, today is the first day in six months I have been in this form”

“You have been in wolf form for six months?” Asks Tate and I could tell he was impressed most people spend the majority of their time in human form. It was a little unnatural to remain in wolf form for more than a few days, the human side usually wanting control back.

Drake nods before looking back at the kids.

“So can I stay here or do I need to leave?”

“You can stay, unless you have a problem with it,” Tate says looking at me.

“I am fine with it” I tell them before Tate’s voice flits through my head.

“Do you want him to go or not? If you don’t want him here Lana, I will make him leave” He says and I could feel Drake watching us again.

“It’s fine but he sleeps on the couch” I reply and Tate nods before k!ssing my cheek.

“Come, I will get you some clothes so you can shower” He says, grabbing Ashley off him. Drake nods before standing with Titus in his arms, he comes over handing him to me. I take him before walking into the kitchen and placing him in his high chair, Tate doing the same with Ashley while I make their lunch. Both of them walk upstairs while I remain a little uneasy about the situation. I was glad he was okay and as much as I hate to admit it I do miss him, but I refuse to be hurt by him again, refuse to let him hurt our kids.

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