Fiji Ruiz disfigured: but what happened to the reality TV star’s face?

Fiji Ruiz hides nothing from his community whatsoever the works of his sumptuous villaor the adoption of its “raw chicken”…anything goes. In this period of Ramadan, she has chosen to share tips and tricks with her subscribers.

Besides, the influencer opened up about her conversion to Islam last year. “I had been learning about Islam since I was 16. I asked myself a lot of questions. My family didn’t expect me to convert at all, because there’s a difference between finding out and making the leap. I started by telling my mother, my brother, my sister-in-law and finally my father. In the end, they see me more peaceful and gentle. They told me that what mattered to them was my happiness and that they accepted, explained Fiji Ruiz.

Before continuing: Came that day when, I can’t explain it, I felt like it was time. I started and now I’m fulfilled, everything has a meaning… Peace in me!“. Moreover, Fiji Ruiz cooks this year and has every intention of showing everything to its subscribers. Fulfilled by her relationship with her husband Anass, the beautiful brunette has plenty to do in their home in Dubai.

But for several hours, Fiji Ruiz has been in turmoil. Indeed, the reality TV candidate had the misfortune to catch several sunburns in the face. Thus, the young woman ended up with her face burned at the level of the forehead and the nose. So much so that the skin began to crack. After trying multiple techniques to relieve his pain, Dylan Thiry’s ex gave his news this Wednesday, April 6, 2022 and gave an overview of his condition in his Instagram story.

” Hello everybody. Are we talking about my forehead? My beautiful forehead. I listened to your advice (…) I only have the top of my forehead and my nose (…) I tried the scrub, it hurt too much (…) It’s starting to go well said Fiji Ruiz, visibly relieved. Let’s hope it doesn’t last too long since the rendering is rather impressive.

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