FITNESS: Aches after sport: 3 tips to relieve them quickly and well

When you start in fitness, and more particularly in bodybuilding, body aches are quite common. Starting with the first session and the first week which are really fatal! It’s normal. Your muscle has been working while it has been “at rest” for some time. Yes, climbing a few stairs does not really work. It therefore needs time to adapt. And unfortunately the adaptation passes above all by the pain, also called aches. Do not panic, a few small techniques will be able to relieve you.

How to get rid of aches?

  • Heal evil with evil

You may not really like this technique, but it’s the best one. A small evil is cured above all by the evil. Eh yes. If the aches are slight, the best solution will be to soften the muscles and relax them by remaining in motion. First tip: exercise! But without forcing. Do not redo an intense sports session, opt instead for yoga, swimming pool or walking.

  • Water, the magic potion

To avoid having aches, or if it’s too late, to try to cure them in part: use and abuse water. Our body is made up of 60% water, so it is essential to drink at least 1.5L a day for the body to function perfectly. And help muscles recover. Otherwise, aches happen. In addition to water, eat more foods rich in potassium such as bananas, and in vitamins such as citrus fruits or dried fruits.

  • Heat for short-term relief

Nothing better than a good hot bath to relax after a long day? It’s the same with your muscles. Aches, they will appreciate the heat of the water to relax. For even more effectiveness, gently massage the sore areas from bottom to top to facilitate blood circulation.

3 natural remedies to feel better, and avoid using the famous arnica cream or granules which will not do your body any real good.

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