Five things you should never do after being fired

Whether you saw it coming or not: getting fired is no fun. If you have lost your job, I am sure you will have countless questions: how do I tell the news to my people? What statement do I give to a future employer? What the hell am I going to do tomorrow?

I have already listed a few practical answers.

Do not stribble against it

Your employer can unilaterally terminate or cancel your contract at any time. So you cannot refuse to be fired and there is no point in trying to delay the process by not signing your dismissal arrangement. You do not need your signature to terminate the contract. Of course, you always read every document before you sign. Would you like to check whether the stated cancellation period or compensation is correct, or do you want to think a little before you agree? Then you can take some time for that. But that does not delay your resignation. Also, know that you are not entitled to compensation or cancellation if you have committed a serious mistake and are fired for an urgent reason.

Don’t be put off by the word ‘dismissal’

Many people are reluctant to explain to a potential new employer that they have been fired. They are afraid that it will reduce their chances of being recruited. That is why they sometimes request that the contract be terminated by mutual agreement. That may look nicer on paper, but beware, it deprives you of the right to unemployment benefits. A benefit is only intended for people who are involuntarily unemployed. That way you will not receive a severance payment either, because you agree to the end of your employment contract.

Don’t forget to arrange your hospitalization and group insurance

If you had hospitalization or group insurance through your employer, don’t forget that they end on the last day of your employment contract. If you perform a cancellation, you are insured until the last day of it. If you have received a termination compensation, both insurance policies will stop immediately. The insurer will contact you to clarify your options. For example, you can transfer your group insurance to a new employer or you can leave the saved sum with your insurer. There are also all kinds of options for hospitalization insurance, so it’s important to be well informed and to make the best choice for your situation.

Do not consider your holiday pay as a nice extra

Do you work as a clerk? Then you get your so-called departure holiday allowance paid on your departure (Not mostly practicable in some private sector, in Nigeria and other African countries). As a clerk, you build up vacation rights for the current year and for next year. If you are no longer employed, you can no longer take that leave. Your acquired vacation days are therefore converted. In practice, that means that you get a substantial sum of money deposited, sometimes more than a full monthly wage. Nice, but pay attention, because it is an advance on your holiday pay from next year! That is settled with your new employer. So next year there will be a month or maybe even two months in which you will hardly get any money deposited because you have already received the holiday pay. So better put those pennies aside.

Don’t burn bridges

Being fired is not fun, sometimes a dismissal can even be traumatic. But try to rationalize it anyway. Don’t make a drama out of it and don’t burn bridges. Because there is a good chance that you will meet your supervisor or your colleagues again in the future. The business world is small. If the dismissal was successful, there is no reason why you could no longer do anything for each other.

Five things you should never do after being fired

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