Football/ André Onana, Cameroon goalkeeper, escapes death: (photos)

The Cameroonian goalkeeper could have not played the match between his country and Algeria today. Until now, his relatives wonder how he was able to come out alive from the terrible accident he had last Tuesday. André Onana laughs from afar. It’s a miracle.

André Onana, the Cameroon goalkeeper, who is playing an extremely important match this Friday, March 25, almost lost his life. Last Tuesday, when he joined the national grouping, the player who plays for Ajax Amsterdam had a terrible accident. The player was involved in a traffic accident on a Douala-Yaoundé road.

André Onana, who came from Yaoudé, collided violently with another vehicle that was completely torn apart from the front. The player’s car is not left out. It also suffered a terrible impact at the front. The player would have escaped without any injury, fortunately. But, at the sight of the images of the accident, Onana’s relatives wonder how he survived. This is a great miracle.

Football/ André Onana, Cameroon goalkeeper, escapes death: (photos)
The accident was incredibly violent

Cameroon has missed out on a tragedy. André Onana finally joined the national team. We do not yet know in what psychological state he is and how he will approach the match against Algeria. The accident could have an impact on his performance. But on the side, we assure that the Cameroonian goalkeeper has regained his senses and is ready to go into battle.

Football/ André Onana, Cameroon goalkeeper, escapes death: (photos)

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