For Taiwan, China fears the collapse of Russia

China fears President’s war Vladimir Poutine in Ukraine does not lead to the collapse of the Russiaa scenario that would leave beijing alone in the face of growing Western surveillance, said the Taiwanese foreign minister, Joseph Wu. Foreign Minister Joseph Wu believes that despite US pressure on China, Beijing is more interested in its own fate and worried about a possible weakening of Russia.

The United States believes that to stop another Russian invasion of Ukraine, China must stand with other democratic countries and draw a line between itself and Russia. This puts China under great pressure… This pressure is reinforced by the assistant secretary of state, the secretary of state, the national security adviser and now the president himself. This puts direct pressure on the Chinese leader… The demands of the United States are very clear. They want to stop Russia’s continued destruction of Ukraine and want China to play a positive role in urging Russia to stop or condemning Russia’s indiscriminate killing of innocent people. China does not accept this… Washington’s engagement with Beijing has not had the desired effect.

said the Taiwanese minister.

As a reminder, China has supported Russia, without materially helping Putin’s country. Beijing, for example, opposed the exclusion of Russia from the G20, while Joe Biden had put forward this idea: “Russia is an important member country (of the G20), no member has the right to expel another country” declared, on Wednesday March 23, 2022, Wang Wen Bina spokesperson for Chinese diplomacy in front of the press.

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