Freddy (Koh-Lanta) soon to be a dad! Big announcement in photo with his beautiful Morgane

With five participations to his credit, he marked the history of “Koh-Lanta”. From now on, it is his own story that he is writing, with his companion Morgane. On social networks, Freddy announces that he will become a dad in the coming months! Indeed, his beautiful is pregnant with their first child.

Family Koh Lanta is growing! After the announcement of the pregnancy of Myriam, pregnant with her lover Thomas met in the edition of secret weaponsanother news delights Internet users. freddieone of the most emblematic adventurers of the TF1 survival show, is about to becoming a dad for the first time. This great event, he announces it in a photo on social networks, to his nearly 30,000 followers followers.

Tuesday April 5, 2022, while viewers were numerous in front of the sixth episode of Koh-Lanta, The Cursed Totem, Freddy takes hold of his Instagram account. The adventurer who has five participations in the game (in 2009, 2010, 2012, 2014 then 2021) publishes a superb black and white photo. The charming blond strikes a pose with a smile on his lips and his face very close to the already well rounded belly of his companion Morgane

. The latter holds in his hand an ultrasound on which a baby is visible. Right in the middle of all that love is the couple’s cat, head up in the air and eyes glued to the ultrasound. ” Uh… Really?“, can we read. A funny replica that Freddy lends to the animal.

In the comments, many Internet users congratulate the lovers on the upcoming arrival of their first child. Among them, many adventurers like Pholien, Clémentine, Claude Dartrois, Laurent Maistret, Cindy, Christelle, Coumba, Sam, Ugo, Teheiura, Clémence Castel, Kunle, Béatrice, Florence or even Aurélien, who became a father for the second times last December.

This baby, Freddy and his beautiful Morgane were waiting for him impatiently. In August 2021, during an interview with, the adventurer evoked the project of a lifetime. ” A baby is plannedhe let go. We don’t know when it will arrive but we want to expand the family and go around the world with a baby. “A wish granted a few months later…

Congratulations to Freddy and his partner Morgane for the upcoming birth of their first child!

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