Fresh Litigation On The Candidacy Of The APC Candidate For The Imo North Senatorial District


The global village woke up to the rude shock in disbelief, of the freshest judgement by a High Court in a cause or matter decided by the Supreme Court vide a judgement. The issue of the candidacy of the APC in the Senatorial District, and for the said concluded by-election , has been settled by the Supreme Court in favour of Mr. Frank Chukwuma Ibezim. And this is sealed forever.

The twin pillars of jurisdiction and competence determine the efficacy of every pronouncement of a Court. And once the Supreme Court delivers it’s final position in judgement in any cause or matter, every Court, including the Supreme Court, becomes foreclosed from further action in such circumstances. The only exception could be on the Application for Review to the Supreme Court by an aggrieved or dissatisfied litigant on issues of miscarriage of justice, misapplication of the law, or on wrong interpretation of the Constitution. And still, the chances of success in the Application for Review are intolerably slim.

What is outstanding, and which holds off the adm inistration of the Constitutional Oaths on Mr. Frank Ibezim is the pending litigation on his qualification ab initio , following the allegations of forgery and perjury.

And except the final judgement lies against Ibezim in the forgery and perjury matter, which matter would end at the Supreme Court ultimately, Ibezim remains the Senator – elect of the Imo North Senatorial District of Imo State, Nigeria.

For emphasis, the APC cannot replace another candidate in the event of an unfavourable judgement against Ibezim. Clearly, both the APC and Ibezim, as well as Senator Ifeanyi Godwin Araraume will lose out vide a successful prosecution of the challenge on forgery and perjury, to the advantage of the other Political Parties in the contentious election. This is the consequence of the final judgement of the Supreme Court on the rightful candidate of the APC in the said concluded by-election in the Imo North Senatorial District of Imo State, Nigeria in favour of Mr Frank Chukwuma Ibezim.

It is regrettably unfortunate that some Lawyers and Judges have continued to collaborate in mindless fraudulent activities to humiliate, and cast further aspersions, deepening the absence of confidence in the Nigerian Judiciary in the pursuit of inordinate ambition, and worthless wealth. Very regrettably unfortunate!

The most recent judgement of Taiwo Taiwo, J is not only an embarrassment, but it is a confirmation of the obvious rot and corruption in the country’s justice delivery system. And the reckless engagement by the Judge will certainly be considered in commensurate disciplinary actions once there are protests and complaints from the litigants and the vigilant public.

Fundamentally, it is trite that once the Supreme Court makes pronouncement on any issue before it for review or adjudication, every Court below, bows to the position so expressed by the Supreme Court in such cause or matter. And this position of the Law has not been altered yet in Nigeria.

Conclusively, the judgement delivered by Taiwo Taiwo, J purportedly on the now settled disputation in relation to the candidacy of the APC in favour of Senator Ifeanyi Godwin Araraume , represents a kindergarten engagement, ridiculously laughable, and without efficacy. The judgement so delivered by Taiwo Taiwo, J is dead on arrival.

Let Constitutionalism and Imo State prevail always!!!

Temple Okonji Esq.
Abuja Nigeria.
March 20, 2021.

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