Gentlemen here are 5 things a woman does when she is really in love

Although the list is not conclusive [aucune liste n’est en fait jamais aussi précise]this one will provide enough information for beginners on the subject.

The tips below will get you pretty far into a woman’s mind and how it works.

Gentlemen, So Here Are 5 Things A Woman Would Do If She Really Loves You

1. Reveals secrets to you

If she trusts you with this kind of information, it means she really wants to keep you in her life for a long time.

2. She flirts with you a lot

If she goes the extra mile to be touchy freely, she has a serious crush on you. In fact, she does not play. Or she could just be excited.

3. Support your excesses

If she likes you, then she’ll let you get away with it way more than you should. Things that other men [et même ses propres amis] won’t be allowed to do it to her, she will allow it if you do it. This is no excuse for intentionally abusing women. But, if by chance, you spend your time hurting her, and she repeatedly leaves you unmolested, believe that she really loves you.

4. Pay a lot of attention to your needs

Women in love give. This is one of the ways to know if she is in love with you. Whether it’s her attention, her gifts, her care, her food or her affection, she will want to lavish something on you. It’s one of the many ways to know that she’s in love with you. But also remember that she can be generally nice to everyone.

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How to know that you are special is to assess the percentage of things she gives to others and what she gives to you. If she does more of these things for you than for others, you might be onto a woman who really, really has a crush on you.

5. She smiles a lot with you

A woman in love with a man laughs a lot in his presence or at least smiles a lot. It’s because she loves the moment and enjoys your company. The happiness on his face is still one of the best indications for a man to know whether the woman is deeply in love with him or not.

On the other hand, you might just be a clown who knows how to make women laugh.

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