Gentlemen, here are 5 things you should never do to please a woman

No matter how much you love a woman, there are things you should never do to please her. As a man, you have a responsibility to make your woman happy, but there should be a limit.

You have an ego to uphold as a man and you shouldn’t let a woman ruin it or take advantage of you just because you love her.

Never do these five things to please a woman:

1. Pay your tuition fees

Unless she is your wife, beware of funding a woman’s education. It’s fine to help and support her when she’s in school, but paying everything for her is a big NO. However, if you feel compelled to do so, don’t assume that she will be forever indebted to you. People change and she might as well choose to love someone else even after your best efforts.

2. Commit a crime for her

If you can’t maintain his flashy lifestyle, don’t steal or do something stupid just to please him. If she really loves you, she’ll understand when you’re broke and won’t force you to fix her financial problems.

3. Compromise your needs for theirs

Unless it’s really necessary, you should be a little selfish with yourself. You can’t afford to go hungry so you can send her money to buy food. You may be able to share what little you have, but never sacrifice everything you have just to make her happy.

4. Forget your dreams

Before meeting her, remember that you had your own dreams and aspirations. Don’t stop chasing them just because she doesn’t like what you’re doing. If you wanted to go study abroad, the last thing you want to do is change your mind because she’s not comfortable with it. If she can’t wait, let her, but never stop chasing your dreams to please a woman.

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5. Disrespecting your family

Women can be so manipulative, especially when they know you love them for sure and can do anything to keep them. Some will try to show you how bad your family members are and push you away from them. If she ever leaves you, the only people you will have behind are your family members. So, never cut your family ties to make her happy.

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