“Get up and work”: Kim Kardashian apologizes for the statement that provoked reactions

“Well, this statement came out without the questions and the general context,” he explained

Following the reactions it provoked with the advice to young entrepreneurs, the Kim Kardashian he takes it all back and apologizes.

Earlier in March, having taken on the role of business coach at the time of the interview with Variety, she decided to turn on the lights and shared a tip for sure success: “Get up and work”. Of course, she received harsh criticism on social media, while her phrase became a joke at this year’s Oscars – to Judi Dench, specifically. “We have an inspirational quote for you”, the presenters of the night told her, Regina Hall and Wanda Sykes. “Because you did not win tonight. These are the words of Kim Kardashian: “Work harder”, this is what we want to do».

Now, Kim poses again and talks about her awkward comment in a special episode of the show Good Morning Americawhich will be screened on April 6.

“Well, that statement came out without the questions and the debate around it,” Robin Roberts told reporters. “The excerpt was released plainly, without the previous question, which started “After 20 years in the field, you became famous for being famous”

. “And my tone and behavior changed because of the previous question, which led to what I would advise women.”

Then she explained what her real advice was.

“The advice I would give is how Having a presence on social media and being in reality does not mean that you will succeed immediately. And you have to work very hard to achieve it, even if it seems easy and it looks like you can build a really successful business only from social. And you can do it, with a lot of work. “

Kim Kardashian added that she had no intention of demoting women, he did not want to show that he does not respect how much each one works, nor to question it.

“I know they work hard. The statement came out without the general context. But I’m really sorry you got it that way. “

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