Getting Over a Breakup – Advice For Men

Most men in are in a subculture best described as emotionally retarded. No one teaches you the intricacies of getting over a breakup. “Walk it off and move on”, is the extent of relationship advice most men understand.

The following tips offer a logical, very male point of view to cope with a breakup.

Constructive Not Destructive Behavior

When someone tells you to be a man, they may imply “have a few beers”. It’ll ease your heart ache for one night, but has no beneficial impact on your life.

Engaging in destructive behavior is a fools errand. Over spending, getting drunk, hooking up with the first girl you meet offers only short term relief without offering a long term solution.

Turning to alcohol can also directly tarnish your image. Getting drunk only clouds your judgment enough to make unwise decisions. Have you ever called an ex girlfriend while you were drunk? It’s not pretty.

Focus your immediate energy on building your confidence. Engage activities where you excel and dominate. Get back to feeling in control and return to the status of alpha male.

Regaining confidence is vital to getting over a breakup.

Advice For Men If you Want Your Girlfriend Back

The pain of a breakup is difficult to mask especially for men. Confronting emotion is not second nature for most, so at a moment of weakness you may feel the urge to confess your true, inner most thoughts.

There’s nothing wrong with being emotional, just don’t show it to the girl who just dumped you. You want to maintain your dignity and confidence. Portray yourself as a worthy candidate for her affection.

Women want security, comfort and, to a lesser degree, protection. Groveling, begging, and crying on her shoulder will only gain her pity, not her love.

Source by Ernie Herrera

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