Golo diet: What it is and what you should watch out for

A new food trend has made its appearance in Hollywood and many celebrities are following it to the letter. We are talking about the Golo diet.

THE Golo diet was created by author Keith Albow and is essentially a metabolism diet. The theory is that blood sugar must be kept low so that insulin can convert sugar into energy, resulting in weight loss.

The Golo diet begins with a program to stimulate the metabolism and maintain low blood sugar levels. He therefore suggests consuming mainly eggs, meat, fish, legumes and vegetables.

It also promotes a supplement called GOLO Release, which contains plant extracts and minerals and claims to regulate blood sugar levels, increase energy and reduce hunger.

In addition to the diet program the Golo diet suggests intense physical exercise such as High Intensity Interval Training. Finally, it is noteworthy that this diet promises to lose ten pounds in a month.

How Healthy is the Golo Diet?

Ten pounds in four weeks? It does not sound so healthy. At this point I would like to point out that rapid weight loss results in a reduction in muscle mass, which means a reduction in metabolism. So once you start increasing your calorie intake again you will regain your lost weight, but this time you will have a higher percentage of fat and a lower percentage of muscle mass.

And of course you should not forget that according to the World Health Organization weight loss is considered safe when it ranges between 2-4 kg per month, always depending on the requirements of each individual.

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