“He blamed me for it”: What Yannick Jadot did not do for one of his sons…

Being both a politician and an involved parent is a difficult equation, even more so during an election period. Yannick Jadot answered the question of his role as the father of two boys in all honesty during his interview with the magazine “Closer”, revealing what he failed to do for one of his boys.

Being a presidential candidate involves sacrifices in personal and family life, Yannick Jadot, representative of Europe Ecologie les Verts for the election of April 10, 2022 knows this well. The 54-year-old politician addresses the issue during his interview with the magazine Closer and sheds light on how his two big boys lived things.

With his first wife, Yannick Jadot has two children, sons aged 19 and 21. If he was able to speak with lightness of his family by evoking the concern of Nutella with his children on France Info a few months ago, he returns to his relationship and his sons with more seriousness in the pages of Closer : “ They suffered from my very committed life, because I was not always there for them. The birthday of one of my sons falls in December, at the same time as the international climate conference. Often I was absent that day and he blamed me. »

Children who have learned to live with their father’s political career and the consequences it can have on them: ” I know that sometimes it’s hard to carry the name of Jadot. Like when a teacher tells them about me because they saw me on TV. Whether it’s good or bad, it doesn’t matter, children don’t like their parents being mentioned.

. “However, they were nurtured by their dad’s struggles and now share the same values” around ecology and solidarity“. This is how the one who won the primary of the Greens against Sandrine Rousseau prides himself on what his children are doing: ” The youngest is committed to biodiversity and works in a center for the protection of birds. As for the eldest, he did an internship on the reception of migrants in Greece.

In Releasein 2019, he described being with his children “ cool and rigorous at a time, move on with them from ” good times“, aperitifs, weekends and like many politicians sometimes, he also blamed himself for moments away from home. And what he is also very proud of, and what he mentioned on a daily basis, is that “thethe current is going very well between his sons and his lover Isabelle Saporta, also mistreated by his campaign.

Yannick Jadot’s involvement in politics is in any case far from over, even if the voting intentions are not in his favor with 6% according to the Ipsos Sopra-Steria barometer. Indeed, according to France Info he was also preparing for the future campaign of 2027…

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