“He chomped! “Doc Gynéco and his rallying to Nicolas Sarkozy, “out of friendship for his son”

Artist and politics do not necessarily go hand in hand and on the eve of the presidential elections, few are those who openly show their support for a candidate. Princess Erika has chosen not to hide but limits her positions, remembering the fate that was reserved for one of her colleagues, Doc Gyneco who had supported Nicolas Sarkozy.

Princess Erika announced on the networks her voting intentions for the first round of the presidential elections on April 10, 2022: it will be the leader of La France insoumise, Jean-Luc Mélenchon. The 57-year-old singer and actress returned to this subject in her interview with Parisian while she is about to release a new album, addressing more broadly the investment of artists in politics. A tricky thing according to her, remembering what happened to her friend Doc Gyneco.

Princess Erika willingly agrees to show that she voted for “Alexis Corbière as deputy in Montreuil” and that she “wants Mélenchon to be president”. But, the commitment of this mother of two children stops there: “ Mélenchon’s entourage contacted me several times to support him more concretely, to make a clip, to go to a meeting. A small video, I would perhaps accept, but to appear in an electoral meeting, it is my limit, it is too dangerous. In 2011, I went to a meeting of the Left Front in my city, but on the sly, hidden at the back of the room. “To illustrate her point, she then remembers what happened to Doc Gyneco:” We can see what happened to my friend Doc Gynéco, who went on stage with Sarkozy mainly out of friendship for his son. Then he died!

Doc Gyneco and the Sarkozys

After the 2007 presidential campaign and its unexpected support for Nicolas Sarkozy, Doc Gyneco experienced a veritable descent into hell. Mocked in the media, denied by his audience, the rapper had gradually disappeared from circulation, forced to register with Pôle Emploi. Ten years ago on RTL, he returned to this painful period: “ People went crazy when they saw the picture of me and Sarkozy, they couldn’t really read it. (…) People absolutely wanted to see me dead“, he analyzes. Today, the Doc says he no longer wants to get involved in politics after this painful experience and swears that he will not be caught again: ” You’re risking your life, I didn’t know extremists were crazy, I didn’t know people could kill for ideas…”

The rapper knows well Pierre Sarkozy, eldest son of the former president with his first wife Marie-Dominique Culioli who flourishes in music and is named, in the middle, DJ Mosey. It was he who produced his album Peace Maker, as he confided in an interview for Telestar in 2008 : “Pierre Sarkozy made all the sounds on the disc, and produced it entirely. He gave me back the punch, the desire. Last year, nobody wanted to work with me. » Bruno Beausir, his real name, met the man he considered at the time to be ” his brother “thanks to the former head of state, to whom he was already close:” We got hooked very quickly. Pierre has an incredible soul, funk and hip-hop culture. »

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