“He moaned a lot”: Amel Bent’s decision which drove her husband Patrick Antonelli crazy

The coach of “The Voice” was interviewed by the site “Feminine”. And during the interview, Amel Bent revealed that one of her decisions is far from having delighted her husband Patrick Antonelli.

Amel Bent was in the spotlight on the site Feminine. The singer and coach of The Voice – who is currently pregnant with her third child – gave an interview to our colleagues. The opportunity to come back to the elimination of Eric Di Meco, former player of OM and the France team, who is far from having pleased her husband Patrick Antonelli.

Surprise for football fans on the show The Voice 2022 of March 19. He participated in the adventure with his rock group Osiris in which he evolves as a bassist. He is accompanied by Axel the singer, Patrick the drummer, and Alain, Chris and Lionel the guitarists. They tried to seduce coaches Marc Lavoine, Vianney, Florent Pagny and Amel Bent with their cover of Supersonic, from Oasis. Unfortunately for the five friends, no one turned around, which put an end to this great experience. But not looking back, the mother of Sofia (6 years old) and Hana (4 years old) almost regretted her choice when she discovered the former footballer. ” I know you who have the microphone. Yes because my husband is from Marseille, he watches the team and I think you’ve already seen you speak. My husband will kill me, he shows me all the time

“, she had launched.

Feminine therefore wanted to know what had been the reaction of her husband after discovering that she had not retained Eric Di Meco. ” He didn’t really yell at me, but he still had a good laugh. He said to me: ‘You are a Parisian, you don’t know anything. You don’t realize, Di Meco is one of OM’s greatest symbols.“, she replied. But Amel Bent caught up well because after the shooting, the sportsman sent t-shirts to her husband as well as a short video. Attention that has certainly touched Patrick Antonelli who has been following OM assiduously for several years. He also tries to transmit this passion to his daughters. ” He is such a fan of OM, it’s crazy. He tries to convert our girls to support OM, he shows them OM matches, but the poor thing is impossible, they were born near Paris and live in the suburbs, he will never win on that ( laughs)“concluded the beautiful 36-year-old brunette.

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