Health: you suffer from pollen allergies, here are these 4 plants to avoid

Spring has arrived for several days and you are already starting to have a runny nose, itchy throat and itchy eyes? You are probably allergic to pollen. Your best friends are now tissues and you can’t find solutions to relieve yourself.

Know that there are many oils particularly essential effective in waking up and stimulating your body during this intense period.

If you have a garden, be aware that certain plants and trees can be the cause of these inconveniences in the spring. As revealed by the media Positivethey are to be banned and avoided absolutely:

The Mimosa

A large plant with bright yellow balls, the mimosa is famous for its soft, sweet scent. Unfortunately, this Mediterranean tree, which is considered to be entomophilous (mode of pollination in which insects participate)diffuses in the air very small particles of pollen which can be aggressive for allergy sufferers.

The plane tree

As imposing as it is, the plane tree is also particularly allergenic. Indeed, it is called in particular “stinging bomb”, because “in April-May, the fruits formed the previous year fall to the ground and burst on the sidewalks, releasing thousands of hairs and plumes.

At the same time, the male flowers enclosed in small green balls spread pollen by falling to the ground”, at notably developed the Figaro Santé. So to avoid all that, we “boycott” the plane tree in our garden.


Very famous, the cedar often has its place as a garden hedge. Unfortunately, if it smells good, it is very allergenic and also particularly toxic because of the thujone that it contains.

This molecule, present in a good number of plants, but also in absinthe, is convulsive but can also cause episodes of disinhibition and sometimes hallucination. It is as bad for humans as it is for animals if ingested.

The Cypress

High up, the cypress is known for its remarkable size. In the spring, this conifer is the ultimate enemy of people with allergies and hay fever. Rhinitis, conjunctivitis or respiratory symptoms such as cough or asthma, itchy lips are common. If you are sensitive, it is better to avoid having one in your garden…

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