Her Alpha’s Orders Chapter 105

Belinda POV

She heard the massive roar, knew it was her father’s Alpha wolf in full Alpha mode, only one thing away from the kingdom could make him roar like that, a threat to his bloodline had been detected. Terence, he was downstairs and in charge, likely he was facing off with Hendrick, those two hated each other.

Had already been getting dressed, Jonathon stretched out on their bed watching her, had tried to convince he to forget getting dressed and to crawl into bed with him, gone so far as to pull his shirt off even, had been undoing his pants, she knew he could convince her it was highly likely only a matter getting completely naked and grabbing hold of her, she’d never been able to resist him. He knew just what she liked, damned man.

That roar had stopped him in his tracks, his head had whipped around, though he had not moved, he was no longer required to jump that would be their son’s job right this minute, his eyes met hers.

Belinda grabbed her royal crown, a simple golden tiara with amethysts laid in it. K!ssed Jonathan right on the mouth, bit his lower l!p and growled “I’ll be back soon for you. Stay here with the girls.”

“And you’ll wear nothing but that to bed,” growled right back at her all demanding, then smacked her right on the a*ss as she turned to leave the room, made her laugh at him. He did like the crown and she would wear it for him and nothing else, just like he wanted.

She followed her father down the stairs, he didn’t even see her, to busy on a mission to protect his bloodline. Though why her, she didn’t know. He rarely had anything to do with her or her children, even when they were in the kingdom, he would stay clear of her, would give her the briefest of hugs on arrival and then just walk away from her, only nod his head in passing after that, her children got even less. Looked at, rarely smiled at any of them and then just dismissed them.

She had disappointed him, when she’d fled the kingdom, his own child had run away from him and the mating alliance he had made for her. He’d never brought up her fleeing from the kingdom, but she knew he’d been furious about it. He never expected her to attend the Royal Court, nor her children for that matter, had only told her she had to present her children after birth, at 16 or when they got their wolves, and at 18, and her children would all have to do the same, it was to test their blood she knew this. Hated it.

Thankfully none of them had the rare gene she had, none of them held the power that her father and Hendrick were looking for and she knew it was Hendrick who was insisting on this continual testing of her blood line, looking for another he could claim for himself.

Seeing Hendrick slammed down on to the floor by her father with the full force of his Alpha Wolf, not only pleased her, amused her a lot, could have sworn she heard a rib or two c0ck as well, not even Hendrick they royal warlock could survive a threat to her fathers bloodline.

She offered to see into the man’s mind herself, not that she wanted to, might see horrid things about herself in there with his sick need to own her, and bleed her children dry. Saw that Terence was smiling, knew from the happy expression on his face he had intentionally antagonised the man into thinking about killing him.

With four of the mans own seers here on high alert for the girl, all their instincts were up including a threat to the royal bloodline, stupid man should have come himself, no witches to pry into his mind.

Stood next to Terence, leaned on the Alpha’s desk and smiled up at him “Were you naughty son? she asked via the mind-link.

‘I wasm,’ he laughed right back ‘told him you and father were upstairs mating like crazy.’

Belinda nearly laughed out loud, the boy was not far from the truth, that’s exactly what would be going on if Terence hadn’t antagonised this man. you incited him into a fit of rage, I think.’

‘Good maybe the King will finally kill him.

‘Unlikely, the man has been around longer than father has.’ she sighed, it was true, Hendrick was old, several hundred years old, looked to be maybe 60 but was much older. Had been loyal to the Royal family for most of his life time, his whole coven was loyal, it was unlikely her father would dispatch the man without clear and present cause, he would want solid proof.

Belinda got to stand and watch along with T.J. the whole time all four of Hendrick’s own, for an hour, pried open his mind, the man’s nose was bleeding and he was barely able to stand up when they finished with him.

She watched as all four of them backed away from the man, she could see the fear on their faces as they looked at him, he was likely to punish them later, for just doing their job and she knew it, so did they in fact.

Was prepared for Hendrick’s claim that she had a secret child, a daughter no less. Told him she wouldn’t know, and reminded them she had been drugged constantly the whole time she had been kidnapped, it was not a lie per-say, a slight misleading is all. She had been under watch and constantly sedated if she’d gotten out of line or tried to escape and she’d done that a lot in the first six months, till he’d beaten her so badly and chained her with silver to stop her wolf from coming forward to help her.

Nearly laughed when Hendrick claimed that her secret child was likely 18, she’d enjoyed staring directly at him as she’d informed him and child she had would have been Jonathan’s and presented, she had not hidden any of Jonathan’s children from him or his seers, he could not fault her words.

Claimed he had smelled royal blood, and then took her father right to Jo-anne’s room, was only half expecting this, stayed outside the room, trailed them all the way there but waved T.J. to stay in the office, she could handle Hendrick on her own.

Leaned on the wall across from her room, heard her father state that she was likely now the Luna to the pack. Belinda had hoped that having Terence and Ella in that bed her father or Hendrick, might not detect Jo-anne’s blood, might get a bit confused and only pick up on Terence. Obviously not. Though he had made the correct assumption, she was now the Luna to this pack, she had bested Hendrick yet again.

The warlock looked absolutely furious when he came out of that room, she could feel the anger coming off of him in waves. He looked right at her, and a corner of her mouth twitched, he was not as stupid as she wished he were. But he should never have told her he was coming, though he likely thought that his quick arrival would get him what he wanted, no such luck, saw the man turn and stalk off, right outside of the pack-house for that matter. Knew he was going to help his seers, probably thought someone out there knew the truth, only a select few did.

That man couldn’t touch them till last, now that Terence was in charge, he could demand to see every single person, every ranked member that lived here in the pack-house and she knew Terence would protect Jo-anne, those that did know would be right at the bottom of his list to present to the seers. If Hendrick was game to make that demand of him, now that it was clear Terence could send him into a fit of rage he was likely to stay away from him for self-preservation.

He wouldn’t come near her, she could best him at his own game, it would be a mental fight he would not want to get into, and it was unlikely he’d want her in his mind anyway.

They’d never read her mind after her two-year ordeal, though her parents had come with him prepared to do so if she was not forthcoming, about where she had been. Alpha Damien had had to report her return to them, and when they had arrived Hendrick in toe, she had acted very traumatised and weak and frail, cried and screamed at every ones touch, even her own mother and father.

Screamed and freaked out so much that her own father had stated she’d suffered enough, and did not want to have to force her to relive it, he’d left her here in the care of her Mate, who when they had arrived was the only person she’d allowed to touch her.

Belinda had learned to act perfectly in her two years of captivity and had warned Jonathan, her Alpha, and Luna, how she would be when Hendrick arrived, did not want them suddenly distressed about her seemingly terrified state.

She’d had to explain to them that they would be bringing Hendrick to peer into her memories, which she did not want, for more reasons than just Jo-anne to be honest, she had been the most pressing, but she did not want to relive her time in that 2 years again either.

They had all been completely shocked by her acting skills, even though warned beforehand, she had acted completely broken, the whole 2 two days that her family had been here, only ever allowed Jonathan to touch her and would go nowhere without him.

She could act out anything nowadays.

Hendrick could stare at her all he liked, prying into her mind about the past, was not allowed, had been vetoed by the Queen herself after seeing the mental state of her own child, after being missing for that 2 years. He could not actively touch her without royal permission, it would be considered a threat to her mental well-being.

“Belinda?” it was her father pulling her from her own thoughts.

“Yes father.” she turned her eyes to him.

“Are you hiding a child from me?” he asked her directly.

“I only raised 3 children father, Terence, Ava and Sonja,” she stated, it was not a lie. She had never raised Jo-anne, never even known if she was a boy or a girl till the child was 5, and thought she recognised herself in the small girl. But had pushed it aside when finding out that the girl’s mother had died in childbirth, thought it to be a mere coincidence. Allowed herself to be convinced by her own self.

He was standing frowning down at her, stood nearly 7 feet tall compared to her 6 feet, looked at her for a long minute “Is there another royal-blooded female in this pack?” he changed tactics, the clever man she thought.

“Yes I believe so.” she nodded “though I only found out a week ago.”

“You did not declare this. Why not?” his eyes were narrowed on her now, he was trying to detect a lie she thought.

“Not required to, she did not live here, lived in Seattle. I did not scent her out till she was brought back to this pack.”

He was frowning deeply now, she was leading him to believe Jo-anne had not come from here, if he looked into it, the girl had lived in Seattle all that time, left before she turned 18 and therefore she could have missed the royal scent, a little loophole.

If he so chose to look into it.

“I don’t like it Belinda.”

“What can I do father? Alpha Westley knew the girl was his Mate, the moment she set foot in this pack, a month ago. He just needed to wait on the full moon, seeing as she started living here just 2 days post the previous full moon. Even he had to wait on her to scent him out. Not even I, can intervene in an Alpha, Luna Goddess-Gifted Mate Bond, now can I?”

He was glaring right at her now, she was not wrong, Keeping an Alpha from his Luna was a deadly game and would likely start a war. Though the minute he laid eyes on Jo-anne her father was going to know she was hers. But her age would lead him right back to her period of being missing, so it again was completely possible she had children out there, that she knew nothing about. As she had already claimed down in the Alpha’s office and there was nothing he could do about that, not even punish her.

She was going to do everything to protect Jo-anne, it was all she could do in the past, and she would continue to do it now as well. Her mind was made up. Had been from the moment she’d known she was pregnant, she would never let her child become a blood bank for anyone, not the girl’s father, not even the King himself. Not then, not now, not ever.

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