Her Alpha’s Orders Chapter 53


Standing in West’s empty office, T.J. was not alone, Damien and Luna Natalia were both staring at him, he had no idea, where the man was. T.J. had left him right here in his office, dealing with his anger over Jo-anne being na*ked outside in the pack for all to see, and there had been a good 2 dozen male and female wolves down there with her on the training ground.

Ricky and Cole would have gotten a look at her before averting their own eyes, but knew better than to stare. West was a possessive creature and he had never stood for it 10 years ago, would not stand for it now, though he had to she was not his anymore, and T.J. could see the man was indeed trying to restrain himself.

If she was his now and that had happened, he’d have been on the war path and literally would have gone down to the training ground and likely forced his shirt over her head, to cover her body and then tossed her over his shoulder and carried her to his office for the yelling at. But he had not done that, showed he was trying to deal with her, not being his.

“Try to find him.” Luna Natalia interrupted his thoughts, she was looking right at T.J. and she looked worried also.

“Alright.” T.J. nodded, though he knew as well as they did, anyone could mind-link to the Alpha in charge, they were all now connected to him since pledging allegiance to him. So why were they standing before T.J. asking him to do it, instead of just doing it themselves, was a mystery. He could only think that something was wrong.

T.J. reached out to West, like he’d done a million times before, over their life time. Then frowned, it wouldn’t connect, tried again, nothing. Closed his eyes to solely focus and try to force the link to connect, could feel it but not connect to it, couldn’t reach him.

Opened his eyes and looked at both of West’s parents, who were still staring at him, now he knew why they were here staring at him, West had been know to ignore is mother or father on occasion but never declined a mind-link from T.J. they were close, like brothers actually, West trusted no one in this pack more than T.J.

Neither of his parents could connect to West, and they were here to get T.J. to do it, but not even he could. It was unlike West to go off grid, so to speak.

“When did this start?” T.J. asked, he’d had his own stuff going on and so had not noticed the disappearance of is own Alpha, the man had been angry and he could be out of range he supposed.

Volt might have gone running off out of the pack, to help get their anger over her being seen na*ked by others, out of their system.

“About 5 minutes ago.” Alpha Damien sighed “l felt him, just kind of vanish from me, the tether and mind-ink to him is not snapped, but greatly diminished.”

T.J., frowned, he reached out for the tether himself, to try and locate West, if he was on pack territory he should be able to pinpoint the man. It was there in his mind, but as Alpha Damien stated it was diminished, tried with all he had to feel where it went, but got nothing, sighed and shook his head.

“Probably off pack territory.” he told them both, and at their I don’t believe you looks elaborated for them “West had a run in with Jo-Jo, this morning, she actively challenged him on something, and he was pissed off about it. Told her to get out of his office, she just walked out uncaring it seemed. Then later on she was na*ked out in the training ground.’ saw Luna Natalia frown and shake her head slightly “pissed him off even more.”

“Those two need to get their acts together.” She muttered.

“Don’t blame Jo-Jo, Luna.” T.J. snap at her “West is the one with the issues.”

“Don’t speak to me like that Beta.” she snap right back.

T.J. Smiled he could in fact talk to her how he liked, “I’m in charge, if West is not here.” He reminded her not so gently “And you of all people know, it’s all Wests bloody fault.”

“Enough.” Alpha Damien roar at the two of them.

T.J. ignore him, his eyes were still locked on the Luna’s “Blaming Jo-Jo for West’s possessiveness, is not right.” he snapped, then took a breath to calm down. “I’d say he left pack territory to go and calm down. He’ll come back give it an hour or so, if he’s not back, l’ll order a full search.”

She was glaring right at him, but his bone to pick with her ran much deeper than West running off to calm down. She also knew damned well not to blame Jo-Jo for Wests attitude and with T.J.’s confirmed knowledge of Jo-Jo, being his sister, he was ready to take her on, seeing as she was the one to have removed Jo-Jo from him and his care, something he had not wanted even back then.

“I’ll monitor the situation, have all border patrols check in and get back to you,” he stated and went to sit in the Alpha’s chair to make a solid point, to Luna Natalia that he was the one in charge right this minute and not her.

She put both her hands on the desk and leaned over it, glared right at him “Only till my son comes back, then your a*ss is out of that chair.” his point not lost on her. Poor woman had no idea about Wests contingency plan for this pack it seemed. He wondered if Alpha Damien did for that matter.

“Nat, come on, calm down.” Damien put his hands on his Mate and guide her away from the desk and out the room, looked back to T.J. “Find him please, Terence.”

“Of course Alpha Damien.” he nodded.

He was way more level headed than West was, got his temper from his mother it seemed.

Mind-Link his way around the packs border patrols to see if any of them had seen their Alpha leave the territory in human or wolf form. No-one had seen him, that didn’t mean he hadn’t though, could have slipped through a gap or just told one of them to not say anything and they would not, wouldn’t risk his wrath.

“Where are you West?” He muttered to himself.

Brought Ricky and Cole in on the knowledge, neither of them could get him either, it was more than annoying.

West’s car was still in the garage, when T.J. went to check it, called the mans mobile phone and heard it ring, sighed it was on the desk. T.J. had not seen it, under a bunch of papers, wherever West was, he did not want to be contacted.

An hour later there was no change, he report to Damien and Natalia and an hour after that he had his Unit, the previous Alpha and his whole Unit in his office plus the Luna, even Oliver and his Unit were there, they were all standing around the packs map, marking off places that had been searched by all of them. Were now organising more search parties for the man. Two hours missing, it was not like West, something was definitely wrong.

One third of his warriors had been dispatched now, out into rogue territory units of 12 men each, to do a 10 kilometre search from the borders out, the rest he needed here in case they came under attack of any kind.

Luna Natalia was becoming distraught, very worried that something was wrong with West, that he was out there injured somewhere and unable to call for help. T.J. couldn’t blame her, she was his mother and he or only son, and with every minute thạt now passed the concern for their Alpha could be felt by all of them.

By 2pm, they were all out in wolf form hunting everywhere, scouring every inch of the pack, all the gorges and caves, in the area, Even T.J. had a bad feeling now, where the hell was the man, how could he just blood disappear and no-one knew about it.

West was not so irresponsible as to not tell someone, where he was going. That someone was usually T.J. this was not like West at all. T.J. was constantly trying to connect with him, on alert for anything different in his link to his Alpha. When it did finally connect, it was as it always was, completely normal, a strong link, good and solid.

“West! Where the hell are you?” he yelled at his Alpha, the whole bloody pack now knew he was missing at this point. Unable to hide it from them considering they were all bloody looking for him.

He knew West had opened a multi lined mind-link “l’m fine.” he sounded quite calm “in the pack-house.” sounded a bit confused to TJ, maybe the man didn’t know that everyone was out looking for him “What’s all the fuss.”

“You were bloody missing.” T.J. shot at him, more than annoyed, how could he, the Alpha, not know the whole damned pack was out searching for him.

“What?” he sounded quite shocked to T.J., knew even Wests parents who were linked in were listening to their conversation, but staying out of it.

Technically it was T.J.!’s job to question the and only having one person talking at him was needed. “No i wasn’t.” he didn’t sound as though he’d been missing “Where are you?” West asked.

What a stupid question, if everyone thought he was missing, where the hell did the man think they were, lazing about drinking a beer “We’re all out, bloody looking for you.” T.J. snapped a little more than angry with Wests unconcerned attitude.

But from the feel of the tether, he could feel that West was in fact in the direction of the pack-house, which is where he claimed he’d been all day. The mind-link and tether certainly did feel to T.J. like here was there and the West did sound totally confused as to why they were all out looking for him.

T.J. connected to all those out looking for him and brought them back in, telling them the Alpha was back in the pack-house and safe.

He was the first to arrive, closely followed by Damien, didn’t bother to shower just yanked on a pair of shorts as did West’s father “He’s in the office.” Damien muttered. T.J. could feel through the tether that Damien was right, they were close enough to actually pin point the man.

He and Damien both stalked into the Alpha’s office and there was West sitting behind his desk, perfectly fine, looked like he’d had a shower recently and he was wearing different clothes from this morning, when he had stalked off towards his office, so he had definitely been somewhere.

Narrowed his eyes on the man, something was going on alright, but what?

Luna Natalia shoved her way into the office, past the others that had arrived before her, Ricky and Cole, his own father Jonathan had now arrived, glared at him for moment before turning his eyes on West, also Baden and lan, the former Gamma and Delta, two whole generations of Alpha and Alpha Unit all in the Alpha’s office staring at their Alpha.

West was just sitting there in his chair a raised eyebrow at them all. Clearly had no idea what was going on it seemed. He was in the dark as much as they all were. Or at least that was how it appeared to be.

Luna Natalia yanked him right out of his chair and turned him around, to check him over, needed to make sure that he was okay and unharmed. No real surprise there, West looked a little annoyed by it but put up with it.

“I’m fine.” he assured her, trying to stop her from patting him down a second time as thought she might have missed something, unlikely her wolf senses would smell his blood. Tell me what is going on!” the man seemed so calm.

“you bloody well just vanished West, gone, poof. No-one.” T.J. indicated to everyone standing in the office, with a sweep of his arm “could get a hold of you. No mind-link and no tether. Gone. Where the hell were you?” T.J. demanded of him.

“Library archives.” West informed him casually.

“Library archives, bullshit.” T.J. called him on it the man was way to calm “lt was checked. Who checked it” T.J. rapped out.
lan raised his hand “Was he there?”

“Not that I saw.” lan shook his head, no.

T.J. turned back to West “Try again.” he was more than annoyed that West was fine and dandy, had taken himself off the pack’s grid so it seemed, should have told someone, it was the calm thing that was itching T.J.’s brain though. So damned calm cool and collected. Looked very relaxed.

“Then lan missed a corner I guess,” he sank back down in his chair and leaned back, looking right at T.J.

“Out.” T.J. snapped at the room and they all went with the exception of West’s parents. West was staring right at him, oh the man thought he was going to be able to deny, whatever he had been doing and get away with it.

Watched as his father closed the door, to make sure it was shut then turned right to him once more

“Where were you?”

“Right here in the pack-house.”

“Where in the pack-house? Clarify for me exactly where you were.”

“I do not have to tell you my every move Terence.” he shot at T.J.

So the man did not want people to know where he had been then…

“West you scared us all.” Luna Natalia begged him to answer.

“And I’m fine mother. I just switched off. Had a bit of a rough morning and needed to be alone.”

“You can’t do that son. Not without telling someone. Your Beta at least has to know.” Alpha Damien sighed heavily “You have responsibilities”

“I know that.” West nodded “”l let Terence know, in the future.”

“In the future, you’re going to do this again?” T.J. glared at him.

West sighed, “Look, I didn’t even know you were looking for me, that you all thought I was missing. My apologies, for worrying you all.”

“West where were you?” the Luna asked him again “please, I thought something had happened to you, everyone did.”

“I was honestly. Here in the pack-house the whole time.”

T.J. was watching him as he talked to his parents, the man was not lying about being here in the pack-house, and T.J. doubted he’d lied about not knowing that everyone was out looking for him either. He’d checked the Alpha Suite himself, even gone and checked his old room.

Ah, that son of a b!tch, T.J. looked him over, he’d showered, he was with a girl and T.J. could damned well bet which one too. No wonder he hadn’t wanted to be disturbed and had gone off the packs grid. But 5 bloody hours.

He folded his arms across his chest and stared at the man, T.J. had not actually check in on Jo-Jo, her door had been closed and locked, and he didn’t have a key to her room, but he had gone to her room, knew she was in there. Had felt her tether, but had not heard anything coming from her room. It was likely sound proofed, all guests rooms had sound proofing, all bedrooms did in fact. Wolves got loud.

When he’d tried to mind-link with Jo-Jo he’d gotten the impression she was sleeping, so had left her alone, turned and walked from the office “Terence, where are you going.”

T.J. turned and looked right at him “to check on one of my sisters.” he commented casually and left the office, walked down the hall and up the stairs, all the way to Jo-Jo’s room and there it was West scent lingered by her door, and not just his, hers as well.

Closed his eyes, sighed and walked away, those two were going to be the death of him, it seemed.

Headed for the Alpha bar, needed a bloody drink after the day he’d had. His Alpha and Jo-Jo again.

Bloody man couldn’t wait a freaking week to claim the woman, how hard was it to wait until she had the opportunity to scent him out.

West should know better, he had better not have marked the woman or T.J. was going to beat the living hell out of him ‘mess with my little sister will you.’ he thought as he downed a whole beer in one go, but then a smile touched his face. His little sister, it did actually make him happy to think of her like that. Couldn’t wait to see her, hug her in a big bear hug from brother to sister, she wouldn’t know why, but he would.

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