Her Alpha’s Orders Chapter 70

Jo-anne POV

Jo-anne was out of her bed and heading down the hospital corridor, when she saw T.J. walking towards her, a frown on his face, clearly very unhappy with her being out of her bed. She put up a hand in front of her the moment his mouth opened, she could only imagine, to chastise her, stopping him from voicing his annoyance or concern. Which she didn’t care about.

“Don’t try and stop me T.J., I want answers.

Then you can do what you want with her, kill her. I won’t stop you, I don’t care anymore.” And right that moment she didn’t care, it was taking all her willpower and strength for her to be up and out of her bed.

“Do you mean that?” he asked, not believing her.

“Yes,” she stated, that woman had hurt her wolf, Clova was fading fast, and once she was gone, Jo-anne knew she wouldn’t last much longer herself. They were one now, and where her wolf went she would go. She would not live without her ever again.

Stopped and took a deep steadying breath in.

“You need to go back to bed, Jo-Jo.”

“No. I want answers T.J. and l am going to get them. Right now.”

He was standing in front of her blocking her path. She did not have the extra energy to try and shove past him. Needed what she had left for her stepmother.

“Jo-Jo you’re very unwell.” she could hear his worry, he was right, but it was clear that now that her pain had died off, he was not actually aware of how bad it really was.

“Yes,” she acknowledged, “and I will rest afterwards T.J. fora long time. Just get me to her.” she was staring right up at him, daring him to deny her.

He sighed “Alright, but then it’s right back here to the hospital, Jo-Jo.”

“Agreed.” she nodded without hesitation.

T.J. reached down and picked her clean up.

Jo-Jo didn’t even care, just leaned into him, closed her eyes, the less energy she spent now. The longer she could hang on. He put her into a pack car, whose she did not know and drove away with her, heading for the cells she supposed.

“Jo-Jo?” he asked after a little while.

“I’m fine T.J. I promise, just very tired.” she lied to him. Did not open her eyes or look at him.

Felt the car pull up sometime later and he helped her out. “West is on his way, very unhappy you are here Jo-Jo and not in the hospital.”

“You told him?” she sighed “You shouldn’t have bothered. It’s not got anything to do with him.”

“Yes I should, Jo-Jo. There is more between the two of you than you know.”

He helped her walk down the cell stairs. She had one hand on the wall and he had an arm around her waist. She was not walking so well and she knew it. Her energy was draining quickly.

Saw Karen with her arms stretched up as she hung from the ceiling, her feet were flat on the floor and she was naked, and there was what looked like a bite mark that had not landed properly, looked like teeth marks had been dragged down her body, wolf teeth, and by the size of them either West or T.J. had taken her down and dragged her here.

She turned and looked at Heath in the very next cell. He was hanging in the same position, staring at his Mate, his eyes did not even move to her, did not even acknowledge that she was here.

“Let me in the cell T.J.”

He huffed but unlocked the door, to let her into the cell with Karen. Jo-anne stepped into the cell and looked at Karen, whose eyes had been on Heath, now turned to Jo-anne “Why?” she asked the woman. “What did I ever do to you?”

“I hate you. Is why? You’re a murderous b!tch, and I won’t let you kill my Mate.”

“I would never hurt Heath. I even stopped the Alpha and T.J. from killing him.” It didn’t make sense the man was still alive and she had never attempted to hurt him. The other way around, in fact.

“I saw you do it.” Karen suddenly screamed at her and tried to kick her.

T.J. pulled Jo-anne back out of the way and she stumbled a little. He righted her and looked down at her worriedly.

Jo-anne ignored it and put a hand on him. His chest was still bare from his shift after hunting this woman, she supposed. Steadied herself and stood up properly. “I don’t understand.” and she did not, but she knew they were the same words that Heath had used ‘l saw you do it.’

“I got you out of my house, and into the pack-house, and this is how you repay me.”

“What, out of your house? Into the pack-house?

“Yes,” she snarled at her “who do you think you should thank for getting you mated off to that a*ss-h0le of an Alpha.”

Jo-anne’s eyes widened, she heard a snarl rip out of T.J., pressed her hand against him to stop the attack on the woman she knew was coming.

Anger was burning inside of her as much as it was him.

“You did that to me?”

“Yes. It was me, and it wasn’t easy to do either. It took me days to get him alone, to dose him up and drag his a*ss to that hotel where I had you waiting.”

“Why would you?” It made no sense.

“Because you, you little b!tch, I won’t let you hurt my Mate. You were going to kill him. I saw it when you were 12 years old, clear as a bell.” Then she laughed “Let me enlighten you about that event. That eludes you both.. really did enjoy watching it.” she sneered at her Jo-anne just stood staring at her, she had no memory of it and she knew neither did West for that matter, but Karen was there, she’d set it all up, had stood or sat and watched.

“Enlighten me.” Jo-anne whispered in an angry fury, she wanted to know and she knew so did West.

“Three days, I had you locked away in that room, silver cuffs to keep your psychotic wolf at bay, doses of Ketamine given to you daily, day after day, to keep you compliant. Then getting him a lot without him there.” her eyes moved to T.J. “was hard to say the least, considering the two of them were looking for you everywhere.” she laughed, “they had no hope, you were hours away and scent masked, wolf gone they were never going to find you, till T wanted you found.”

“Finally, I got him, but still he resisted and wouldn’t touch you, so I doused you in heat pheromones. He fvcked you good and proper I tell you. But still didn’t mark you though. I needed that, so more pheromones I threw on you, and kept throwing on to your body, until his wolf was in a complete mating frenzy, completely uncontrollable, his Marking you was inevitable after that, and your wolf returned his bite. Then I left. You would be out of my life, not my problem anymore, gone from my house, away from my Mate, he was finally safe from you.”

“But no, you just had to come back, didn’t you, and I knew you’d kill Heath, I had to kill you to stop it. You’re an evil little b!tch, Jo-Anne, and you don’t deserve to live. You don’t deserve a Mate or to be happy. Look at what you did to Heath. LOOK AT HIM.” she screamed.

“I didn’t do any of that.” Jo-anne grated out, her anger on the surface now, having raised with every horrid word Karen had spoken over her horrid acts not just against her but the future Alpha of her own pack. “I have never hurt a single person bar myself, my Clova. NO-ONE.” She screamed in fury, right back at the woman.

Her whole body was hot and her back was burning hot like it was on fire, saw Karen’s eyes go very wide, as she stared at her now. Fear filled the woman. Jo-anne shot over to the woman and grabbed her face. “I didn’t want them to kill you.” she snarled right in Karen’s face “Let me…be that evil creature you think I am.” then spun the woman’s head around in one hard quick snap and then she hung there limp, lifeless from that hook in the ceiling.

Heard Heath scream in the cell next to her, turned and stalked away out of the cell, up the stares, and shoved out the door, felt her anger drain away and take her life with it, she was done and she knew it.

Saw West coming, running towards the cells “I’m sorry.” she whispered, knew his hearing would pick up on her words It’s all my fault.” and then collapsed down onto the ground, Clova was gone from her now, every thing was draining away rapidly, the last of her energy, strength used on that horrid woman, felt a pair of arms around her, lay her down on the ground.

“Jo-Jo.” T.J. was looking down at her, tears in his eyes. He now understood, knew it was too late, his expression was filled with sadness.

“Tell him T.J., all of it…West, tell him.” She sighed and allowed the darkness to fully claim her.

It was warm with a nice cool breeze in the air, brushing against her skin, there was a soft glow all around her, almost a white sparkly haze in the air.

That air smelled so sweet and filled with the scent of night blooming jasmine. Jo-anne sat up, the grass under her hands felt soft and supple, like velvet almost. She was in a clearing, a small circular place, there was a lake to her left that sparkled in a brilliant crystal clear blue and it was dazzling to look at. Sparkled like there were a thousand stars floating on the surface.

There stood a lady by that lake. She was tall and willowy, wearing a long pale blue dress, and when she turned to look at Jo-anne, her long black hair looked lustrous and shone in the glow all around her, her skin was pale like the moon and she had the deepest darkest blue eyes that Jo-anne had ever seen, looking into them was like looking into the night sky, they too sparkled like the lake as though they were filled with a thousand stars.

She was so beautiful, it was almost hard to look at her, but also a warmth and loving feeling radiated off of her, and when she smiled softly at Jo-anne, she almost felt like she was home, that this was where she belonged. “Jo-Jo, I have been waiting for you.” her voice so soft and loving, beckoned her “Come here my child.”

Jo-anne stood, felt so drawn to the woman, walked over to her by the lake, felt more eyes than just this woman on her, turned her head as she walked towards her, to the dark forest that surrounded the small clearing and saw a pair of Green Silver eyes glowing in the darkness of the forest, watching her.

“She won’t harm you.”

“I know” Jo-anne nodded, she recognised the eyes of her wolf Clova, so beautiful. “Where am I?”

“In my world, child. We need to talk, you and I.”

“Who are you?”

“Who do you think l am?” she smiled at Jo-anne.

Jo-anne looked around her once more, looked at the woman, the way she practically glowed, had an aura of power around her, but felt so kind and gentle, and thought about the words she had used so far “Selena, the moon goddess.” she couldn’t possibly be anyone else.

“A bright mind you have.”

“Why am I here?”

“To give you a choice, to go back. But it won’t be easy, very difficult and hard, to say the least, for you to go back.”

“What do you mean?” Jo-anne asked with a frown.

“Do you want to go back? Lets address that first.”

Jo-anne turned her eyes to her wolf. She could see Clova on the edge of the woods now, she was so beautiful, smiled right at her wolf. “Can I pat her?

“If you like,” Selena waved her hand and Clova walked over to stand beforeJo-anne.

She’d never before been able to pat her own wolf, had always wanted to, knelt down on the ground before her wolf and reached out, ran her hands over her wolf’s face as she smiled at her, up over her ears and gave them a little scratch behind her ears. Clova stepped forward and rubbed herself along Jo-anne’s body and then sat beside her.

“You’re so beautiful Clova.” Jo-anne told her. Not many got the privilege to pat their own wolf.

“Do you know what her markings are for?”

“Yes, it’s your protector’s mark. One for you and your wolf and one for the man destined to always protect you. I granted him to you when you were born,”


“At your mother’s request,” she answered, simply.

“My mother?”

“Hmm,” she said, “But we are not here to talk about her.”

“T.J. is my protector, always had been.” She thought aloud.


Jo-anne sighed. There was something touching her chest. She looked down, but saw nothing. “Why has he not found his Mate yet?”

Jo-anne suddenly asked, he was a god man, and he and Ella were so good together.

“You might not like the answer to that, my child”

Jo-anne turned her eyes to the moon goddess and said firmly “l can handle it.” she had already handled a lot in her life, what was one more thing?

“l had to strip him of his Mate, to make him your protector, he had to be able to solely focus on you and no-one else. Only you and to do this it requires him to have no Mate.”

Jo-anne’s eyes widened as she stared at the woman, tears welled in her eyes as her heart suddenly ached terribly for T.J. it wasn’t fair. She did not want that for him. “Release him,” she suddenly begged, and clutched at the moon goddess “I don’t need him. Let him find his Mate.”

“Without him, Jo-Jo, you would have died, hours after you were born.”

“Then you should have let me die.” She whispered, completely heartbroken for T.J. how could she let him stay attached to her, knowing he would never have a Mate as the consequence. “If I die right now, will he get a Mate?”

“No, what’s done is done.”

“No” she yelled. “I don’t believe that.” Tears spilled down her face and she fell to her knees, as she looked up at the moon goddess “Please, I know you can grant him one. Please,” she begged her.

Saw her look right down at her, say nothing, only shake her head slowly in a no gesture.

“What will? I know you can find a way, I believe you can find away. It’s what you do.” Jo-anne grabbed at the woman’s dress and pleaded with her.

“I will do anything.”

Watched through her tears as Selena turned and stared off into the lake, waved her hand as though she was moving something about and then, felt like it was a long time. Seemed that she was considering or thinking it over, then she nodded her head and dropped her arm.

Turned to look down at Jo-anne “Alright Jo-Jo, I will give you a choice, it will not be easy to make. If you chose correctly. Make the right decision. I will grant you, the right to gift Terence a Mate…” But only if you go back and only if you make the right choice.

“I will go back.” Jo-anne stated without hesitation and got up off the ground, “What is the choice I must make?”

“Ah, now that, you must figure out on your own Jo-Jo. Let’s just say.. only one of you can be happy at this point in time. Perhaps if all can be revealed, everyone can be happy.”

“Every one?”

“Yes, your choice will not just affect you but many around you. Difficult it will be. Are you ready to go back, Jo-Jo?”

“Yes, for T.J. I will go back,” she nodded.

Selena laughed softly, tilted Jo-anne’s face up to hers. “You are indeed special my child, so much heart in you, so much forgiveness. You are all your mother.” then she leaned down and k!ssed her on the forehead.

“You’ll release T.J., won’t you?” Jo-anne called out to her as she felt herself flung back fast into darkness that surrounded the place.

“You.” the goddess’s voice came to her from far away and faded in and out “yes.” she was rushing away from her but hadn’t gotten the woman’s word “Clova.” and then she was gone. The world nothing but a tiny speck in the distance.

Pain was searing at her chest, a heavy crushing weight on her chest, she screamed as she felt her ribs c***k under that pressure, her eyes snapped opened. Two dark green eyes peered down at her, a slight glow in them, West and Volt looking down at her. She would know those eyes anywhere.

“Jo-anne,” he sounded so relieved to see her looking up at him.

“West….” she sighed his name, “T.J.?” she asked, had to know where he was.

“Right here,” she heard T.J.’s voice.

She was so tired, could already feel darkness pulling at the edges of her vision again, felt a pair of arms slide around her, knew it was West, leaned into him. She was back, she could fix it, had to fix it.

Then darkness claimed her.

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