Her Alpha’s Orders Chapter 94

West POV

West did not like seeing Jo-anne that distressed, watching her with Heath, a man who had attacked her, and tried to kill her, sobbing right into his chest. She’d already forgiven the man, he knew it. Didn’t know why he’d done it, didn’t seem to care at all about that either, not anymore.

She just didn’t want the man to die, told him she loved him, even with their bond severed still loved the man, it seemed. Wanted him to come back to her, to her sisters too. There was nothing he could do about the man’s condition. Even if by some miracle Belinda’s words were true.

Heath was likely too far gone to come back and West had no idea, if he could ever trust the man after what he had done. Even if he did come back from this, he would likely have to stay in here or leave and go rogue. Neither choice Jo-anne was going to be happy with. Needed more thought on that if he pulled through.

She was so quiet on the walk back, it bothered him, reminded him of how she’d been once before, didn’t like it at all, went wherever he directed her, mindlessly followed along, on autopilot mode, he thought. A part of her was not here right now, already grieving Heath he wondered.

Watched her heave for well over a minute and nothing came up. Ella took her away, her very loud statement about if he or Jayden didn’t like it, they could deal with her Mate, only made him smile. T.J. too. Jayden looked a bit confused, she was un-marked and he had no idea she and T.J. had claimed each other yesterday, not his concern.

She touched T.J.’s chest and asked him to send up some breakfast. He k!ssed her temple and nodded, indicating that he would. West watched as Jayden realised who she’d been talking about, frowned even further, saw T.J. look right at the man, smirk right at him as he smacked Ella on the backside for all to see, eliciting a giggle from her as she walked away with Jo-anne, heading for the Beta’s suite.

West turned to one of the omega’s and asked them to please take some breakfast up for the two girls in the Beta Suite. Then turned with T.J. headed off after the two of them. It would not have escaped Jayden’s attention that both he and T.J. were still in the same clothes as last night. West in just his jeans, still bare chested and bare footed.

T.J. still in his jeans and tee-shirt also no shoes on.

Currently, Jo-anne was walking around without a guard at all, just Ella. Jayden’s Beta was sitting with him at the breakfast table, his other man in the pack hospital. Jayden looked to be having reservations about his men being around Jo-anne.

He now knew none of them would be able to contain her, not even he could.

It was also likely very clear to the man why T.J. was always around her now. Belinda’s words to him had been very clear. He’d read Jo-anne’s file, knew she was an orphan, this reveal of her bloodline was something he needed to think about. It was likely the man’s brain was ticking like crazy.

Not only had he once again tried to claim Jo-anne, she’d voiced the word Never at him, in a unified form of her and her wolf. It was interesting. it was not a formal rejection, seeing as the man was still here, just a statement that she would not be submitting to his wolf, like they had wanted her too.

But now the man knew she held real power, a royal bloodline, he was likely to want her even more now, a princess for a Luna. Indeed, it would Rank that mans pack right up and likely grant him access to the Royals.

Not something West wanted for himself or this pack, he’d heard enough about the way Belinda had run from them, and those creepy seer’s to know better. If Jayden wanted to rank his pack up he’d have them seer’s all over him and his pack all the time. West was more than happy to claim nothing from the Royal family, hell if she wanted to renounce them he would let her, didn’t need to go presenting his heir to them. Or any of his children, for that matter, if she chose him. Not with what Belinda had said last night about them wanting her.

Ella had already been warned by Belinda and accepted it. Jo-anne was yet to even know what she was, who she was. They were all going to have to sit down and discuss breaking the news to Jo-anne.

He showered and changed into slacks and short sleeved dress shirt, found Ricky standing outside the Beta Suite, looked right at West and frowned but said nothing.

“Thank Terence, for not outing the two of you,” West commented, saw the man’s eyes widen slightly, ignored it. “Jo-anne’s had a traumatic night and Heath is likely dying, she has seen him this morning. I want to know if she feels…hollow.”

“Yes, Alpha,” he stated all Gamma.

“Oh and Rick, I don’t care. You love who you love, claim your Mate already.” West stated as he walked off, shortened his name on purpose, to gain the man’s full attention. Mostly, only Cole and Baden, his father, shortened his name.

Went downstairs grabbed food on his way to his office, no real surprise to find that man standing outside his office waiting to have a word with him.

Opened his office door and stepped in, held it open and then closed it behind Jayden, effectively shutting his Beta out of the conversation that they were about to have.

“l already told Ben everything.”

“Including your daughter. How old is she?”

West asked him.

Jayden said nothing and West waved him into a chair. “What do you want, Jayden?”

“You lied to me.”

“I did not.”

“Jo-anne’s file is a lie.” Jayden stated flatly.

“It is not, everything in it is the truth. Jayden.”

“Then stuff is missing. For instance, Belinda, the former Beta’s Mate, a Royal Princess, is her mother.” West looked right at him, as he chewed on his sandwich, he had seen this coming, “She did not raise Jo-anne, abandoned the girl at birth. For her own reasons.”

“And they would be?”

West shrugged, “Her knowledge still. I don’t know.” West answered him. “As far as I know, no-one knows Jo-anne is her daughter. She outed herself last night, to threaten you.” a small lie only.

Jayden was frowning at him now. “No-one? Then explain to me her and Terence your Beta’s connection then.”

West smiled “Weird isn’t it” he acknowledged.

They have always been like that, right from the day he found her in the snow. Now I guess it kind of makes sense.”

“You’re not very forth coming West.”

“Neither are you, Jayden. Your daughter?” he could play this game.

They sat staring at each other for a good solid minute.

“She’s an Alpha-blooded Princess, West. That means a lot.”

“Yes, I guess it does to those who crave power. And she damned near rejected you, could almost say she did, stated in front of all, she’d, they’d never submit to you.” West smiled “l warned you, that you would push her into my arms, trying to claim her against her will.”

“She did not reject me.”

“Hmm, guess we’ll see. She does recall you trying to force her to submit. How do you think, she is going to feel about that? Twice you’ve done this now to her. Someone had to stop you, on both accounts, you are not even trying to let this be her choice anymore.”

“She is my Mate. I will claim her West.”

“She is also my Mate, Jayden. I will not give her up so easily, not to a man I believe wants her to be a submissive, or for the power it might bring you. Or to a man who won’t let her do what she loves either.”

“Her art, your referring to, I presume.”

West raised an eyebrow at the man, he only addressed the easy one. Said nothing at all, he had been the one to bring up Jo-anne’s bloodline and that it meant a lot to him.

“Luna’s jobs are arduous and take up a lot of their time, and then theirs also the producing of Heirs.”

“Only if poorly managed, are Luna’s jobs arduous.” West corrected him. “My mother spends about 4 hours a day in her office. That would leave Jo-anne plenty of time to paint, whenever she wants to. As far as I am concerned, she can spend all day painting.” and he did want that for her, Ella would be more than capable of stepping in to help out with Luna duties. The two of them could share the roll if they so chose to.

“Then your mother is lax in her duties.”

West smiled, he knew she w as not lax and if she was here right this minute she would be ripping him a knew one and tossing him out on his a*ss.

Nothing got passed his mother. Not ever. Not West’s Bond, she’d known about that before he had.

“If there is nothing else, Jayden, I’ve got a dying man to attend to.”

“That’s a Luna’s job West.” he shot at him as if making a point. Likely had forgotten West’s mother was in the hospital.

“Not when it is Jo-anne’s father, it’s not.”

Jayden glared right at him. Then got up “just kill that man and be done with it. He’s a danger to her.”

“I won’t kill him, not without Jo-anne’s permission. That is the difference between you and. I respect her wishes, you do not.”

Watched as Jayden stalked out of the office and banged the door shut behind him. West sighed, the man was going to be a problem, seemed that now he knew what she was, he was going to be more determined. West was going to have to make sure he was watched properly, perhaps more guards on Jo-anne too.

West did not like the man’s attitude, twice now he’d tried to claim her against her will. Even Volt was respecting her right to choose, surprised him more than a little.

‘Hurt them once before’ he heard his wolf inside his mind. ‘we not do it again.’

West nodded, it seemed he and his wolf were now on the same page and of the same opinion much more often than not, nowadays. He’d not actually argued with his wolf in weeks, it was nice, to both be on the same paqe. Seems Jo-anne had fixed them.

T.J. strolled into his office, “Jayden looks pissed off.” he laughed “What did the two of you have to say to each other?”

“Not a great deal. Just called me a liar about Jo-anne mostly. I called him one about his daughter.”

“Did he answer you?”

“Nope didn’t expect him to…don’t worry about it. How is Jo-anne?”

“Upset about Heath, cried all over Ella up there, barely even noticed I was in the room. I see why mother wanted Ella there. It seems those two have trust between them.”

West nodded, he already knew that “it’s going to be bad when he dies, Terence.”

“know, but mother will be here to handle her if she looses it.”

“Let’s hope it doesn’t come to that.”

It was just before lunch when the cell guard mind-linked him to tell him Heath was vomiting up blood. West sighed heavily and got up to head out there, guess this was it. He would see before informing Jo-anne of anything. By the time he got there, he found Heath sitting on the side of the bed. His restraints had been renoved earlier in the morning after both Maree and Marie had been out to see him. West saw the man’s eyes open and look right at him.

“Heath?” he questioned the man, who didn’t appear to be on deaths door anymore.

“I’m alright Alpha! How’s Jo-anne?” he addressed him as he would have done once a very long time ago, interesting considering he was a rogue now. And then asked about how his daughter was. The man did sound tired, looked exhausted as well.

West did not know what to make of him. “Are you stilla threat to her?”

“No!.” he shook his head “I’m sorry, I..I can’t really explain it, what happened… just after Jester bit her, just wanted to hurt her..felt, I don’t know.

“He closed his eyes again “Compelled to hurt her I guess you could say.”

West was frowning at the man now, his choice of words, compelled to hurt her, they’d been West’s words, how he’d felt actually during their Mate Bond.
Jo-anne’s blood, I smell it.’ Volt raised his head inside West’s mind.

West looked at the fresh blood on the floor, what the man had been vomiting up he supposed, not a great deal. About a cup, maybe two, but his wolf was not wrong, it was her blood, none of it was Heaths.

“You told Jo-anne, you saw her kill Karen. Explain that to me, Heath.”

“I did see it. When Jester bit her, I saw her kill Karen. I didn’t know the reason why, just saw her snap her neck.”

“Do you know why now? You were here for that conversation.” West wanted to know if he recalled things from when his mind was fractured.

Saw the man’s eyes open, saw the pain in them as he nodded slowly. “I heard Karen, say the most horrible things…I’m sorry West, Alpha. I had no idea…if I had known I would have turned her in myself.” saw a tear slip down the man’s face. “l just wanted to protect my daughter, her virtue.”

West nodded, he actually did understand that, always believed that’s why the man led with the threat. Jo-anne could have become pregnant that day to West, and this man, her father at the time, had insisted on him taking responsibility.

“Rest, Heath, I’m uncertain as to what to do with you, I’ll likely.. have to put it before the elders. You know this right. If you want to come back to the pack, that is.”

“Yes, I’ll only come back if Jo-anne allows it. I know she’ll take care of her sisters.” he sighed “Can I see her? I need to apologise.”

“That you do. But let’s get you cleaned up and food into you. Can’t have you dying of starvation now, can I?”

“That other man, that was here, her Mate. He’ll want me dead, was an Alpha l think.”

“He is and he does. But Jo-anne has two Mates right this minute and the other is abiding by her wishes for you not to die.”

“Two?” he was frowning now, looking right at West. “Who’s the other?” sounded more than nervous. Probably thought it was T.J.

“You’re looking at him.”

Saw the man’s eyes go wide, “Goddess I’m gonna die.” he muttered.

“Not if she picks me Heath.” West smiled at the man, then he turned and left the cells, spoke with the guard, to organise a clean up of the cell, including the man himself, fresh clothing and food for him.

Walked himself up to the Beta suite, noted no Ricky there, knocked on the door and then let himself in. Both Ella and Jo-anne looked up at him, saw her nervously watching him, was waiting for bad news, he guessed, saw her hand reach out and grab on to Ella’s Walked over and sat on the coffee table, “Heath is alive, feeling better it seems.”

“W… What?” she stammered.

“I went and saw him for myself. It does seem he’s back to normal. ‘d like to wait and see, before you go over and see him”

“He’s really better?”

“Seems that way.” West nodded at her. “I have some people cleaning him up, gotten a change of clothing for him and food to be taken over for him to eat. Now I’m not saying that I trust the man Jo-anne. But it does seem, he’s no longer fractured anymore.”

She was leaning forward now. “When can l see him?”

“I’d like to wait on that. Want to watch him closely, 24 hours at least.”


“l know you want to see him. I will take you over myself if he doesn’t have an episode in 24 hours. I need to make sure it’s safe, first.” He explained to her.

She actually nodded “Alright.. understand.

“How are you feeling about what happened last night?”

“I don’t know…still don’t really believe I have Alpha Blood.”

West smiled at her. “A lot to take in, I know.” He stood up. “Just take your time and let it sink in. On that note, we do know who your mother is now.

She’s not ready to come talk to you yet, but she will given time. Please be patient with her. Been through a lot.”

“Likely I was created against her will, I know.

Figured that out myself already. I don’t blame her West, I likely remind her of something she doesn’t want to remember.”

Such compassion for everyone, he leaned down and k!ssed the top of her head “l know that, just rest here with Ella, no need to see Jayden or me, for anything today unless you want too.”

“He watched her nod “Can I tell my sisters?”

“Of course you can, they can go see him after the 24 hours as well.” he smiled down at her, then left her there to be with Ella for the day.

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