Her Destined Alpha Chapter 41


Last night I had said I loved him, and I meant it. The look in those eyes of his …. The way he k!ssed me, the relief, happiness, and contentment that I sensed from him made it so worth it. I was still worried about how me being a witch would make things harder for him, how his family might not take to me, but above all, I knew it would be worthwhile. Rayhan had become my world, and I wanted him to know that.

Last night had been perfect, I had never felt such pleasure and I’m not even going to deny those org*sms had been mind-blowing. The look on his face when I had run my hand along his d**k had only turned me on more.

I wasn’t even sure I was doing the right thing, but I went with what felt right, and that look of pleasure on his face had been so s*xy. I knew he was experienced and that just scared me even more. What if I wasn’t good enough? But falling asleep in his arms, I selfishly decided not to even bother worrying for the night.

I had slept like a baby. With the long journey, those org*sms, and his arms around me, I was out like a light. And even when the morning had come, I had awoken past noon. I had just gotten dressed in the clothes he had bought for me; thongs, joggers, and a hoodie when he returned with food.

I knew there was something on his mind from the way his brow was furrowed and the way he was distractedly swirling the bottle of juice as we sat eating. ” Rayhan? ” He looked at me, giving me that charming smile of his.

” What’s on your mind? ” I asked. His smile vanished and he sighed. ” I don’t want to bring this up … but the rogues who hurt you, I was wondering if you were up to identifying them via images? ” He asked quietly. My heart thudded as I stared at him. From what I had gathered, the rogues were given a chance at a new life …

” How would you get those images? ” I asked quietly, eating my pasta slowly. ” My uncle, the king, had profiles made due to security reasons and he sent them over to me. ” Does he know about me? ” Suddenly I felt afraid.

” I didn’t say what you were, but knowing them two, they won’t care. I wanted to stop at their pack before heading on to mine. Kiara, the queen, can check you over and heal any other injuries you have, and we could get the rogue situation sorted.

” I didn’t know what to think. Wouldn’t this just cause problems for him? Was he really so hell-bent on getting me justice even when I had already accepted him? Did he really want to avenge me? ” It’s ok if you don’t want to right now …

I just thought if we got it out of the way, we could move on to the next group. It’s another reason I wanted to stop there, to see if Uncle knows anything about who those other bastards who hurt you are.

The ones we saw in that vision. ” He said coldly. His eyes flashed green, clenching his jaw. I placed my hand on his knee for a second and nodded.” I’ll look at the pictures. ” I whispered. Some of them were spelled though … they wouldn’t have known what they were doing. ” ” Do you want them to be let off or punished? ” I frowned; did I want them to be let off? The truth was that they too were victims of sorts …

Sure when they came to, depending on what spell Endora used, they may have remembered what they did, but I wasn’t sure … ” If they felt guilty after being under Endora’s spell, then I want them forgiven because I know how it feels to be forced to do bad deeds.

But, Rayhan, won’t this mess things up for you, or the Lycan king? ” I asked hesitantly. ” No. It doesn’t. ” His words were absolute, but they didn’t answer what I asked. It was clear he didn’t care. He stood up, going over and grabbing his phone from the charger, something he had had in his backpack. He came over and pulled me into his lap, I held the pot of pasta in my own lap, my eyes widening at his move.

My stomach fluttered at how intimately he held me, his fingers curled around my wa!st, sending pleasure rushing to my core. He k!ssed my cheek softly, and I knew he was worried about me. I wrapped my arms around his neck and k!ssed his neck.

” ” You don’t need to if you don’t want to. ” He murmured. I didn’t feel great about it, but … I had to do this … for him and for myself. ” Ready? ” He whispered. I nodded and looked at the phone as he unlocked it and went to his email, clicking on the file and downloading it to his phone. ” If it gets too much, we can take a break. ” I nodded, nibbling at my pasta as the first picture came up, I shook my head, no, I didn’t recognize him.

” Just nod if there’s anyone who hurt you and I’ll screenshot it. ” He said softly, k!ssing my shoulder. I wished this thick hoodie wasn’t covering it, because I wanted his l!ps against my skin. I curled into him, staring at the phone.

Despite trying to stay calm, my heart was thundering. A result of my mixed emotions towards seeing my abuser again and the awareness of his perfect body against me. He swiped to the next profile and I shook my head.

We kept going like this until we were at least fifteen images in, when I gripped his wrist, recognizing the man on the screen. My stomach churned and I didn’t need to nod. He screenshot the profile and gave me a soft k!ss on the cheek before we carried on.

Sometimes I needed to take a longer look at the picture, but we were getting through it, and with him right next to me, it wasn’t as hard as I thought it would be. There were so many pictures after about 20 minutes, we had screenshots of around fourteen people then we had taken a break. ” I’m sorry. I’m dumping this crap on you right after you went through so much yesterday.

” ” I’m stronger than I look. Don’t worry about me. ” I said softly, placing my now empty pot of pasta down. ” I appreciate how much you’re doing for me, Rayhan, but I don’t want it affecting your life … These men are part of the rogue Alpha’s pack, right?

” Yes, The Sangue Pack, but the thing is, instead of giving them a clean slate maybe we should have delved into their crimes first. ” He said quietly, guilt clear in his voice.

” That wasn’t on you. Besides, these profiles are clear proof that your uncle is keeping an eye on them. ” I comforted him. ” Maybe. ” He said, looking down at me. The look in his eyes was intense, and I lightly pushed him away.

” Stop looking at me as if I’m something to devour. I’m not food! ” He smirked, c**king an eyebrow. ” Really? Because after l ast night, I decided you were my favorite dish, one I wanted to devour day and night. ” His voice was low, his hand running between my th*ghs. I bit my l*p as his hand slipped closer to my core and I clamped my legs shut. It didn’t stop him though.

Thanks to the tiny gap between my th*ghs, his hand fitted perfectly. S*cks not to have meaty thi*ghs! My cheeks were burning as he massaged me there, and it took my all not to cry out in pleasure.

He chuckled, claiming my l!ps in a passionate k!ss. I m*aned against his l*ps, my core throbbing as I pulled him closer. His hand moved away from my core, slipping under my hoodie and grabbing my bre*st. ” Oh f*ck baby. ” I whimpered, my eyes fluttering shut. ” You’re so perfect kitten, ” He muttered huskily, his fingers twisting my ni*ple slightly. I couldn’t respond, biting back my m*an of pleasure, as his fingers grazed down my stomach and slipped into the band of my joggers.

He pushed my underwear aside as his fingers began rubbing between my pu**y , making me cry out. ” Oh god, that’s it … ” I murmured, gasping when he began rubbing my cl*t. No longer caring about how my body was begging for him, I locked my arms around his neck as he played with my cli*t , before slipping his fingers lower.

His finger probed at my damp entrance, his l*ps k*ssing and s*cking on my neck, pushing his finger into me. ” F*ck, you’re tight. ” He began thrusting his finger in and out, and soon the slight sharpness eased up and I relaxed into his touch.

” That’s it, baby girl, just relax. ” He whispered, squeezing another finger into me and beginning to f*ck me faster with them. The pleasure built as his every thrust hit something deep within me.

This was different than yesterday, my body was burning with desire. ” Oh god baby, that’s it, Ah! ” I cried out, my vision blackening as rivets of pleasure rushed through me. His motion sped up, the pain along with pleasure rushed through me and I felt myself nearing. f*ck that’s it, faster! ” I arched my back m*aning in pure pleasure, crying out when my org*sm erupted inside of me.

The delicious feeling rushed over me, I saw stars as he continued to f*ck me with his fingers as I rode out my org*sm . I gasped, weakly pressing my legs together, now feeling overly sensitive. His l!ps found mine again and I k!ssed him back deeply, my hand cupping his cheek. ” I love you, kitten.

” He whispered, his nose brushing against mine. ” Love you too. ” I replied quietly, a smile crossing my l!ps, although I tried to suppress it. He held me, car*ssing my back under my hoodie gently until I had my breath back. ” Mind if I ask you a question? ” He asked, slipping his hand out of my p*nts and placing his fingers into his mouth, his eyes flashing. I nodded as he wrapped both arms around ” me, his grey eyes looking into mine.

” I might be kinda out of line … but … are you a vi!gin? ” His words made my smile vanish. My heart thundering. Was that a bad thing? Was it that obvious? I never really had time for a relationship …

Was my inexperience that evident?

” Hey it- ” Does it matter? ” I asked quietly, tugging free and getting off his lap. ” Excuse me, I’m just going to go clean up.

” Del- ” I slammed the bathroom door shut, my heart thundering as I placed a hand on my chest. Why did I panic? Any near s*xual encounters were forced, and I had been able to protect myself from those at least … but … I slid down the bathroom door, wrapping my arms around my knees, trying to fight the sudden sense of insecurity that rushed over me.

Rayhan probably grew up surrounded by beautiful women who owned their s*xuality, and here I was. Lost useless … scarred …. inexperienced …. ” Kitten? ” His voice was soft as he knocked lightly on the door. I scrambled away from the door, ” I’m coming! ” I called, turning the tap on. ” Ok. ” I closed my eyes. How was I going to face him?


Shit, I wish I had never asked. The moment her face changed, it scared me. Maybe I was wrong, and she wasn’t, but she had a messed up life. She obviously didn’t have time to have a relationship. She was gorgeous, and I’m not saying it just because she’s my mate … The fear that maybe something worse happened was eating me up inside and I was terrified.

I don’t know if she had been s*xually ab*sed as she never mentioned it, but her reaction … I was losing my mind as she stayed silent. Even when she came out of the bathroom, saying we should head out, I wasn’t able to break down the barrier she had built. around herself, as she changed the topic quickly when I tried to talk to her about it. Not even looking at me once.

The only reason I had asked was because of the way she felt so damn tight, and the way I could tell she felt discomfort when I pen*trated her with my fingers. F*ck, I’m such an idiot.

I didn’t push too hard as we packed up and prepared to leave. I had rented a car, and we were back on the road, heading toward Uncle Al’s pack. She had only talked to me to ask for my phone to view the profiles, screenshotting at least another 10 from what I could tell as we drove along. ” Want to stop for food? ” I asked. She shook her head, and for a second, our eyes met. ” I’m sorry for asking that. I didn’t think it through properly. ” I said, reaching over for her hand. Please don’t pull away, kitten.

A wave of relief washed over me as she laced her fingers with mine. She sighed deeply, looking away. ” I’ve not really had the time to live a normal life. I’ve had people try to s*xually assault me a few times, but I was able to protect that part of me.

But yes, I am a v!rgin … Is that a problem? ” She asked quietly, looking out of the window. I closed my eyes, exhaling quietly. Relief flooded me, she hadn’t been s*xually ab*sed, thank the goddess.

She had suffered enough; she didn’t need more added to that. I frowned as her last words registered. ” Problem? Why would it be a problem? ” I looked at her, surprised, feeling her heart race as she looked at me. ” We both know you’re definitely experienced … and have probably slept with many amazing women … So I’m just like … never mind. ” She gave my hand a gentle squeeze, but her heart wasn’t in it, as she tugged free and wrapped her arms around her knees, which she tucked up against her chest.

My chest clenched painfully. F*ck … I couldn’t deny that I hadn’t slept with other women when I had … But she was the only one who truly mattered. I glanced away from the road.

Reaching over, I pulled her head towards me and k!ssed her forehead softly. ” No other woman has meant anything to me. With them, it was just s*x , nothing more. Delsanra, you’re the only one that matters to me, and I’m going to prove that to you. ” I said quietly. She sighed and looked up at me, I glanced at the road before looking down at her.

” I know … You’ve proved enough. I’m just nothing compared to you. ” Her words were low, the vulnerability in them fu*cking hurt … ” You’re wrong; you’re perfect, perfect for me.

” I took her hand, k!ssing it softly, but this time I didn’t let go, lacing her delicate fingers with mine as I held her hand to my chest. I was going to make sure she believed that. Someday, she would.

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