Her Destined Alpha Chapter 43


Uncle was a f*cking snitch. Delsanra wasn’t dumb. F*ck I did not want to have to tell her about Kiara. Wasn’t that something we planned to never mention? Ever. Back then, I told him if I knew they were mates, I wouldn’t have done it. Yes, I would have told Delsanra, but when the time was flipping right, not when she already felt doubtful.

Even if it wasn’t intentional, he had just f*cked up big time. Delsanra busied herself with Dante, and he wasted no effort in trying to impress her. Uncle was as unphased as ever, and it was irritating me. Kiara popped her head back in, asking Delsanra to go with her and I was glad in a way. Once it was just Uncle and I left in the room, I gave him a cold glare. ” Was that necessary?

” I asked coldly. ” Guess we should think before going around and doing shit we’re going to regret later. ” He replied mockingly. ” She’s been through a lot, she does not need extra shit right now. ” I snapped back. I was not in the mood for his crap. He frowned, taking a drag on his cigarette. ” Care to share? I clenched my jaw …

” Don’t be a f*cking brat and spit it out. How do you expect me to know? I’m a king, not a f*cking god. ” And an arrogant one at that. I frowned, hesitating for a moment before I told him most of the shit she had dealt with. What I knew of anyway, including the vision I had seen, was one of the reasons I wanted his help. ” I swear if you let this shit out to anyone ” I won’t.

Chill the f*ck out. ” He replied coldly. I realized it wasn’t only my anger that was filling this room, it was rolling off of him in waves too … I watched him. His eyes were glowing as he looked lost in thought. ” That’s f*cking disturbing, I don’t think it’s a pack or just random rogues. ” He said quietly. ” What do you think it is then?

” There have been some dead witches show up, and the number of lone rogues around are way too f*cking few to kill witches. ” ” Well, I may have killed a witch a few weeks back when I first met Delsanra.

” No, there’s more than that … and a rogue alone can’t. You’re an Alpha, it’s different, you’re capable of that shit. I’ve already had my suspicions that there is some sort of group who is aiming to kill witches …” ” That would make sense, since the Battle of Hecate’s Betrayal, there are many who hold bitterness and hatred towards them. I replied, running my fingers through my hair.

” I wouldn’t be f*cking surprised. ” ” From one pack or from all over? ” ” I don’t f*cking know, especially now that packs are getting on with each other. It isn’t hard for them to keep in touch and up. form something like this. ” Uncle Al stood ” That can cause more problems. Do you have a plan? ” I asked. He turned, giving me a small smirk. ” I don’t think this one’s my fight, Rayhan.

I realised what he meant … I was paired with Delsanra for a reason …. ” I’m still right behind you, whenever you need me. But I don’t think my hatred or dislike for witches is what will solve this sh*t .

” He continued quietly. I looked at him sharply. He didn’t need to say it out loud for me to understand. For the betterment of our kind and for abuse like what Delsanra went through to never happen again, we needed peace. ” For that, we need to weed out all the snakes from both species. ” I said, standing up as well, slipping my hands into the back pockets of my jeans.

” Yeah, and who better to do it than the Alpha mated to a witch herself? ” He said, ” You will have my support, but the reins are yours. Besides, Kiara’s pregnant. This time around, I want to be by her side every f*cking step of the way.

” I nodded, I get that, after what happened last time and Kiara having to handle it all alone, I didn’t blame him. ” Perfect, I’m not weak, I can deal with it. ” I said, ” We will start with the rogues. I’ll also get some of our trackers to see if we can track down this group. If you have any information on your end, pass it on.

” I’ll have a few men assigned to you too, that won’t be a problem. ” Great. ” I said, now glaring at him, knowing I was going to have to face Delsanra about Kiara soon. ” What’s the matter, scared your mate’s going to give you shit? ” He mocked. He was still an as*sh0le … ” Actually, I don’t mind … ” I said with a c**ky smirk.

He raised an eyebrow, and although what I was about to pull was a d**k move … he kind of deserved it. I walked up to him, smirking blatantly. ” I mean, all her anger and rage is worth it, especially since I’ll be the one to take her V card. To know that I’ll be the first and last man to ever have a taste of her … nice …

” His eyes narrowed. ” F*cker. ” ” That was not a dig at Kiara, it was at you. ” I added, frowning at him. If Delsanra had any past relationships willingly I wouldn’t have minded, but knowing that she was only mine felt pretty damn good.

Yes, I hadn’t saved myself for her, right now I wish I had. But I was still going to be a c**ky d**khead and be smug over the fact she was only for me. ” Yeah, I got that. ” He growled. I smirked. That sure felt good. One win for me.


I was in the kitchen with Kiara, who wanted to cook for us, herself. She was really down to earth, and I enjoyed talking to her. She had now returned with a measuring tape, insisting I needed a new wardrobe.

” I don’t really think I need all this. ” I said, suddenly realizing I didn’t even have any money anymore … Or what I had was left at the penthouse …. I was literally broke. ” Yes, you do! And it’s a gift from me and A 1, it’s the first time you’re visiting.

” Kiara stated. ” How old are you, if you don’t mind me asking? ” I asked, as she started measuring me. She knew how to get her way. ” I’m twenty–one going on twenty–two, I’m only a week older than Rayhan actually. ” Oh, nice, and the king? ” I asked, the moment from earlier returning to me. A sudden thought came to me, but I squashed it instantly.

” He’s sixteen years older than me. ” She replied. ” Wow. ” She laughed lightly as she measured my wa!st, making me lift my hoodie. ” You have the tiniest waist! Oh, I know the perfect clothes that would suit you.

” Yeah … I’m not keen on clothes that reveal skin … I’m literally a canvas of scars. ” I said, running a hand through my hair.

She gave me a small smile, her eyes sparkling purple for a second. ” I’m sure Rayhan doesn’t care. You’re beautiful either way. ” Maybe. But it didn’t mean I wanted clothes that showed off my skin. ” Leave it to me.

By tomorrow you will have an entire wardrobe of clothes. ” ” Umm I don’t really have that much money and I don’t want to have to owe you. ” I said awkwardly. I really didn’t want to take anything from her. She hesitated for a moment, and it

was clear she didn’t want to be pushy. ” Oh don’t worry, if you feel bad I’ll get Rayhan to pay, his pack is by far the richest in the country. ” She replied as she started getting ingredients for something chocolatey …

My mouth watered as I watched her. But I frowned at her words. Rayhan was rich … that much I knew … but now another thought occurred to me; would I really fit into his world? ” Hey, it’s going to be ok.

” She said softly. I looked up sharply. I didn’t say anything … ” I can sense emotions, and when someone’s lying. ” She replied as she began whipping the mixture together of what was definitely brownies .” Oh. I see … A bit like a witch then, although I can’t sense when someone’s lying. ” I said, shrugging. ” It’s something I will use when we question the rogues. Do you want to be present for it? ” I shook my head.

” I don’t know … ” ” You should. It might help bring you closure. ” She said softly. ” Don’t worry, you aren’t alone anymore. We are all here ” 1 for you. ” ” Thank you. ” I said appreciatively.

” When I healed you, I felt the barriers upon you … I’m sorry you have been treated like a prisoner. ” She said softly. I sighed. Barriers … ” Yeah, my powers were sealed to an extent as a child, then Endora unlocked them but placed a stronger seal r upon them *** ” Hmm, yes, I meant on you. Not your powers.

” She replied. I frowned. What did that even mean? I didn’t ask, deciding to leave it at that. ” Can I help? I feel so bad just sitting here while you’re pregnant and cooking. ” ” Oh trust me, I’m fine, I’m pretty fit and healthy. ” She laughed. I couldn’t resist the smile that spread on my face. ” Doesn’t matter, I will help.

” I slid off my stool and walked around the counter, deciding to start on clearing the worktops. She smiled over at me and I smiled back. I do like her. It was much later, and we had retreated to our bedroom.

Dante had given me a few flowers, which his father said was just like his mom. Although I had no idea what he meant by that until Kiara told me how when she was a child, she gave Alejandro a flower. One that he had crushed, Rayhan had added. I had to admit the child was adorable and had taken a liking to me.

He had even sat next to me during dinner and gave me cute small smiles. I often saw the jealousy in Rayhan’s eyes, but at the same time, he found it cute, which I loved. I could tell he loved his cousin and played with him as well when I insisted on helping Kiara clear up. Rayhan had just been on the phone with his mom.

He had dropped the bombshell he had found his mate and then his mom had gotten super excited, wanting to talk to me and see me. He had stepped out onto the balcony to calm her down and I had gone to shower. It was as I was toweling myself dry, thinking how good I felt, that I realised that the scars on my arms were mostly gone … My heart thumped as I quickly examined my arms, my stomach, my legs …

My heart was thrumming so loudly when I looked in the mirror, turning my back to realise that my entire back was almost fully empty. The only scars that remained were the ones that had healed perfectly, leaving very faint lines; the runes, the puffy ones, and the dark ones were all gone. I gasped, shaking as realization struck. Kiara had been able to heal me … I sat at the edge of the tub, trembling … I hadn’t expected this … I stayed there for a good fifteen minutes trying to comprehend it.

To have those marks gone … was a burden off of me. The memories that accompanied those scars would no longer be a constant reminder of all the darkness and pain I had gone through.

Finally, I pulled on the cami and shorts Kiara had given me before returning to the bedroom, wondering if Rayhan would notice. I felt lightheaded. This didn’t feel real. Would I look more attractive to him? No, he already looked at me like I was the most beautiful thing ever.

He now turned, watching me through the open doors. I shivered involuntarily as the cold filled the room. He said something on the phone before hanging up. ” Sorry. I made the entire room cold. ” He said, stepping inside and closing the doors behind him, pulling the curtains shut before he walked over to me. ” You can warm me up. ” I said with a small smile. ” Oh, I intend to. ” He whispered, that small, s*xy smirk playing on his l!ps. He slipped his hands under my cami, gripping my wa!st, sending tingles through me. Leaning down, he k!ssed me passionately.

I k!ssed him back, locking my arms around his neck, the pleasure of his k!ss ripping through me and sending electrifying sparks to my core. We broke apart after a few moments when I needed air, my chest heaving. ” So, your mom’s excited … ” I said nervously. ” She is, and I know she’ll love you.

” He said, his fingers running through my hair before he cupped the back of my neck, his thumb brushing down the front of my neck, his gaze following his finger for a moment before he looked into my eyes confidently. ” Until she learns my truth. ” I said quietly. ” It’s going to be ok, because, regardless of anyone else’s opinion, I love you. ” He said quietly, suddenly lifting met up bridal style. I yelped, clinging to his neck as he spun me around.

” Rayhan! ” I shrieked at how fast he had twirled me around. ” Not scared, are you kitten? ” Not at all. ” I said, looking into his grey eyes as he came to a stop. A flash of amusement glittered in those gorgeous orbs of his. I k!ssed his l!ps softly before moving back slightly. ” Rayhan … What did the king mean by karma is a b*tch?

” I asked . His smile faltered and my heart sank. Something told me I wasn’t going to like what he was going to say … He looked into my eyes and I felt my stomach knot painfully.

I knew from what I gathered it involved both his uncle, him, and Kiara. I just prayed I was wrong. ” That’s just something that happened years ago … it- ” ” What happened? Let’s not skim past what I’m asking Rayhan. ” I said, wishing he wasn’t carrying me when I asked him this. He walked to the bed and sat down, placing me in his lap. Guilt and hesitation were rolling off him in waves. ” Ok, either you tell me, or I’ll just go ask the king himself. ” I said quietly.

He took a deep breath, car*ssing my th!gh. ” It was just a one–night thing, Kiara was upset and I was just there. They didn’t know they were mates at the time. It shouldn’t have happened and it meant nothing on either of our parts. ”

With every word he spoke, my stomach sank. I felt … humiliated … I had been getting all chummy with the woman who had slept with my mate, and they had all known, only I hadn’t … My heart thudded and my anger was burning through me. ” Kitten … Please say something. ” I blinked, pulling out of his hold as I turned to glare down at him, my heart thudding hard.

” You should have told me before I came here. Everyone there knew, but I didn’t. I’m not just your ‘ little ‘ mate, Rayhan. I was downstairs talking to her, when in fact, she probably had the last laugh, knowing I didn’t know. I feel so stupid right now! ” ” Hey, she isn’t like that. You’re angry ” with me ” Don’t defend her! ” I snapped. He stood up, and I held my finger up, ” Don’t come near me. I needed to get out of here, I didn’t want to be here, where everyone thought I was a f*cking pitiful thing.

” Kitten please, I didn’t mean it like that. There is nothing between us. Heck, she’s the mother of my cousin. Come on Delsanra … please don’t do this. ” He moved closer but I backed away. ” I just need some space.

” I shot back coldly. Seeing the flash of hurt in his eyes tugged painfully at my chest too. He was trying to respect my warning, but I could see the internal struggle. I knew if he touched me, I’d give in. I ran to the bathroom, slamming the door shut behind me. My heart was pounding as I felt the tears fill my eyes. I felt so stupid, remembering us talking about Rayhan earlier … She knew my mate better than I did. Yes, I was jealous and hurt … but I didn’t care.

I suddenly felt so suffocated. You know what, maybe this was a mistake …. Rayhan and I … It wasn’t going to work. The very thought made me cover my mouth to hide a sob,” Kitten? ” I said, give me space! ” I snapped, my voice breaking, and I wished it didn’t. ” I love you Delsanra … No one else. Please, kitten.

” Just go away, Rayhan. ” I looked around the bathroom, my eyes pausing on the window … My heart thundered as I glanced back at the bathroom door. Standing up, I opened the tap before I unlocked the window and looked down … I didn’t want to stay here anymore. Especially not in the house of one of my so-called mate’s ex – one–night stands.

I wrinkled my nose in disgust and anger. I climbed out, I’d probably break something if I jumped …. but I didn’t actually care, I didn’t want her help by healing me either. Acting all innocent and sweet.

Ok, maybe that was unfair of me because she did seem genuine, but … Just imagining her and Rayhan together sent a flare of anger rushing through me.

It hurt … So f*cking much … Taking a deep breath, I glanced back at the bathroom door. My eyes blurred with tears when I took a deep breath and jumped, getting ready for the impact.

The wind rushed through my hair, the bitter cold piercing my bones, and just when I thought I’d hit the ground, a pair of strong arms caught me. My heart thudded as I gasped, staring into the glowing blood–red eyes of the Lycan king himself …

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