Her Destined Alpha Chapter 44


“Well, well, well, look what we have here. A f*cking stray cat trying to escape.” He said, that cold smirk of his made me shiver. I scampered out of his arms, almost tumbling to the ground when he let go of me suddenly.

“Who told you to catch me?” I frowned. “You’re right. If you cracked that f*cking skull of yours, we would have to deal with one less idiot in the world.”

He mocked taking out one of his cigarettes. I frowned and turned away, ready to walk out of the gates of this mansion. “Did Rayhan calling you kitten get you thinking you had nine f*cking lives?” “I probably do, because, after the amount of crap I’ve been through, I’m surprised I’m still here.

” I shot back. I walked to the gates and to my surprise, they swung open. I glanced at the guard, who simply gave me a polite nod. I had to admit that the one thing that truly warmed my heart was that they didn’t try to keep me here against my will.. “So, care to share why the f*ck you’re acting like a kid?”

I cast a glance at him, annoyed that he was following. “Actually, you’re the reason.” I said coldly. I had to remember that he was the king if he wanted to kill me… I’d be dead before it even registers. “Oh yeah?” “Yes.” I crossed my arm, trying not to show how cold I was feeling. Was I stupid to step out in such a thin cami and shorts in this icy weather?

“No f*cking idea why you’re upset, I walked in on them at the time. Just imagine how I felt.” He said after a moment, and although he sounded normal, I could sense the tinge of pain at the memory coming from him.

I wondered if it still hurt him, he seemed to get on fine with Rayhan though. I didn’t reply, rubbing my arms, as we walked through his pack grounds.

I had no idea where I was going, I just needed space and air. How had he known what had pissed m “I pushed Kiara to that, I hurt her several f*cking times even when I knew she was my mate.’ “So, you are to blame for that.” I added. What an annoying, arrogant, egotistical burrito! 2 “Guess so.” He shrugged, I stopped and glared at him.

“Why are you following me?” “Cause I caused you to run, and you look like something anyone could squish in two seconds flat.” He retorted coldly. I rolled my eyes, “I’m actually not that small. You wolves are just overgrown giants.” I muttered. But despite my attitude, I did ponder on his words.

It was clear he wasn’t blaming Rayhan, which meant I shouldn’t either.. “Listen, you little spitfire. You don’t have anything to be f*cking jealous about, I would be the first one f*cking tearing Rayhan limb from limb if there was anything between the two.” His words made my anger flare inside of me, that burning power tugging at my chest. I glared up at him.

“Don’t talk about him like that.” I hissed, A smirk crossed his face, “Oh yeah? I assure you, my words probably hurt way less than the shit he’s probably feeling right now, knowing you tried to run away from him.” He taunted coldly. His words sank in and my stomach plummeted… That was true… I looked back towards the mansion, guilt filling me.

I had reacted stupidly… “I don’t need you to tell me that.” I muttered, shivering as I stared at the mansion. I never realised I had this much jealousy in me… But the anger I felt when I saw other women flirting with him or imagining him with other women… the intensity of the emotions I felt scared even me.

What if someday I ended up hurting someone because of them? What would Rayhan think of me? “Feeling jealous is f*cking normal. The only thing that ever held me back from castrating a few f*ckers was Kiara.” He said, taking off his shirt and, to my surprise, placing it around my shoulders. I looked away from his body.

Were werewolves really so shameless and stripped any chance they got? “Who said I was thinking about that?” I remarked, shivering as I clutched the shirt around me for any warmth. It wasn’t that thick though. He raised an eyebrow as we began walking back towards the mansion. “I’m not f*cking dumb.” He growled. I sighed. “I was told I was born from darkness…

I don’t know what that means, I was never told who my mother was and why I was given this title. There is darkness within me, and I know there is… I feel it when I’m angry or jealous…” “Isn’t there f*cking darkness in all of us? “He replied, taking a drag on his cigarette. “I’ve always considered myself a monster and I believed it up until she came into my life.

I still know there is darkness there, but she’s shown me there’s more to me than the monster within me. I’m sure Rayhan’s the same for you. We can both agree that he’s definitely the calmer one of the two of you.

I frowned, but it was the truth, I couldn’t deny that. “Guess we needed people as kind and selfless as them…” I murmured, silently apologising for the jealousy and anger I felt towards Kiara. “Are you comparing me to yourself?” He narrowed his eyes. I simply glared back. “You did first.” I stated. “I’m nothing like you, spitfire.”

“And I’m nothing like you.” We both glared at each other, and a small smirk crossed his l!ps. I looked away in annoyance. We were more similar than either of us would admit. “You’re not too bad for a stray cat.” “And you’re not as scary as I thought.” I countered. Yes, somehow, I didn’t mind the man before me.

He was different inside than he showed on top, even the fact that he followed me out… gave me his shirt… subtly defended Rayhan… Yes, he cared for those he loved dearly.

“I was different and didn’t f*cking fit in. But I found my place, and it just took me some time to realise I deserved some happiness and shit. Guess you f*cking need to learn that too.” I smiled, his words hitting home. Yes, I needed to believe I was worthy of this. Of Rayhan. He frowned.

“What are you smirking at?” “Nothing at all.” I looked ahead, as the mansion gates swung open and my heart sank, seeing Rayhan standing there, one hand in his pocket, one hand running through his hair. Something told me he knew his uncle had gone after me, and it took him a lot to not run after me to.

The worry in his eyes made my heart clench. “I’m sorry.” I whispered, ashamed, walking over to him. The king walked off, without another word, leaving the two of us alone. Rayhan didn’t reply, pulling me into his arms and hugging me tightly. I closed my eyes, slowly wrapping my arms around his waist.

The heat from his body warmed my ice-cold body. He said he loved me… He had proved that, yet here I was doubting him and getting angry at him. I didn’t speak as he lifted me bridal style, looking at my feet that were rather red from the cold.

A frown on his face as he walked inside into the warmth and up to our bedroom. I looked at the broken bathroom door, I feeling guilty as he placed me on the bed silently. Walking over to the door, he locked it before returning to me. That frown still remained and I realised I had never seen Rayhan so quiet…

He crouched down before me, rubbing his hands over my feet, warming them. His hair curtained his face, but I really wanted. to see his face… My heart was thudding, and I wondered what was going through that mind of his… “You don’t need to do that.” I said quietly. I wasn’t used to this sort of treatment…

He was an Alpha, yet here he was treating me like a queen, even after I had treated him like that. He didn’t reply. His warm hands enveloped my feet completely, as he massaged them, bringing warmth back into them. The dim lighting of the room cast a warm glow around us. “Tell me Delsanra, what can I do for yout o make you believe that you are the only one for me?” He asked quietly, his hands still massaging my feet.

He didn’t look up and I hated how I could sense the pain he was trying to hide. It hurt, knowing I subjected this to him, but I needed to know the truth too. Rather than find out in a horrible way. I cupped his face, tilting it up, my stomach knotting with guilt. My heart thudded as I looked into his eyes, eyes that held such a storm of emotions that my heart clenched.

“I need to know these things before I learn them from someone else. How do you think it feels to be the only one in the room who wasn’t in on it?” I questioned quietly.

He nodded, his hands stroking my cold thighs. “You’re right, it won’t happen again. It didn’t even cross my mind when we were coming here, Kiara’s just a friend, a family member, I didn’t think.” I nodded, as he cupped the back of my neck and pulled me close. “I’m sorry kitten.” His nose brushed mine, and my breath hitched. I nodded, looking into his eyes.

His scent made me lightheaded. His l!ps brushed mine softly, sending pleasant tingles through me. His l!ps car*ssed mine slowly, his grip tightening on me as he forced himself back. “I’m sorry too…” I sighed, looking down for a second, then back up into his eyes. Mark me. His eyes widened in surprise; my words surprised even me… But I also knew this was what I wanted.

“That’s a big decision, kitten.” He said, car*ssing my upper arms, before reaching up and k!ssing my forehead. “I know.” I said quietly. “And I want this.” His eyes flashed green, but it was gone as soon as it came.

He took my hands, car*ssing my knuckles as he looked at me. “Ok.” He said softly. “Tomorrow.” I frowned. What was wrong with tonight? He stood up, removing the king’s shirt from my shoulders and tossing it aside with a small frown, then pulling his own shirt off and dropping it to the ground. Moving the blanket back, he lifted me, scooting me over and getting in. “Why not now?” I asked stubbornly.

He raised an eyebrow, and l frowned at him, making him chuckle. “Because…” He said, pulling me close. I gasped when my head hit the pillow, only to find him straddling me.

“When I’ve marked you… I’m going to want a lot more You weakened the bond when you tried t … o reject me, although it didn’t severe it… Once I mark you, that bond will be replaced and when it does… These feelings between us will strengthen to…

Everything will feel tenfold more…” He took my wrists, pinning them to the bed.

His hair curtained his face and the look in his eyes made my stomach flutter. “In other words, your possessive, dominant side will just become more obvious?” I asked curiously. “And one which will want to devour you twenty-four-seven…”

He murmured, his finger brushing over my l!ps before he slipped a finger into my mouth. I sucked on it slowly, my core throbbing. His eyes darkened with lust. “It’s a big decision, kitten, and no matter how much I want to mark you, I need you to be ready, because once I mark you, there’s no going back.”

My heart skipped a beat, meaning to accept him in every way… to go all the way “Have a think about that kitten.” He k!ssed me deeply, my hardened ni**les grazing his chest through the thin fabric of the cami I was wearing.

A soft moan left my l!ps as he pulled back, breathing hard. His eyes flickered from green to grey. I licked my l!ps. No, I was ready for this. “I have. I want you to mark me tomorrow. “I whispered firmly.

A gorgeous smile crossed his l!ps, and he nodded slightly. “Then, tomorrow night I’m taking you out.” He murmured, k!ssing my neck sensually, making my heart thud crazily.

“Sounds perfect, I can’t wait.” I whispered. “Perfect. He pulled me into his arms, and I snuggled into him. I knew that after tomorrow, things were going to change… but I was ready. I k!ssed his bare chest.

The urge to lick his ni**le overtook me and I flicked it lightly before k!ssing him there. I felt him stiffen, something hard pressing against my thigh. I smiled innocently up at him.

“Down boy.”You’re a tease kitten. Oh, I was going to enjoy teasing him, because no matter how tough and strong he was as an Alpha, when it came to me, he was like putty in my hand.

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