Her Destined Alpha Chapter 45


The following day, I really didn’t know how to face Kiara … She probably knew I had found out, and although I didn’t hold it against her, that little sliver of jealousy would remain.

Maybe when Rayhan marked me I’d feel better, or when we actually had s*x … Just the thought sent heat rushing to my face. But for now, it remained. Rayhan had left early to deal with some stuff, and I had slept in. However, it was now lunchtime, Rayhan had returned, and I knew we couldn’t delay going down any longer.

I looked in the mirror; my white hair was just below my shoulder, my blue eyes seemed more vibrant than they used to be, and my skin looked healthier as well, but I was still just me. Nothing special compared to Rayhan or Kiara. The bathroom door opened and he stepped out; showered and dressed in a black top, grey jeans, and a leather jacket. He even dressed better than I did …

” Hey … What’s with that face, kitten? ” He asked, walking over to me and cupping my face before looking down at me with concern. ” Nothing much. ” I sighed, wrapping my arms around his waist. ” When are we leaving? ” ” In the afternoon, Kiara wanted to get you ready for our date. ” He said. I saw the flicker of worry in his eyes when he mentioned her, I sighed and nodded.

” Ok, ” ” Are you sure you’re ok? ” He asked, k!ssing the top of my head. I closed my eyes, inhaling his scent. It calmed me instantly, and I let his warmth soothe the turmoil inside of me.

” Yes, I am, just the usual worries. So what I have you been up to all morning? ” ” I went for a run with Uncle, then we sparred, discussed some plans regarding some Alpha stuff, then I rang Lola and Raihana as I needed them to do some stuff for me. ” He replied, his gaze dipping to my l!ps … I didn’t miss how he licked his l!ps slowly.

“ Sounds good. Who won the sparring match? ” I asked with a small smile, I think I knew the answer. He raised a perfect eyebrow, k!ssing me passionately, sending rivets of tingles through me. ” Who do you think kitten?

” He k!ssed me softly and I giggled against his l!ps. ” I think the oversize burrito. ” ”Burrito? ” Yes, your uncle. You’re a quesadilla – he’s a burrito. ” He blinked before smirking with amusement. ” You really are an interesting kitten. ” ” That’s the only unique thing about me, my weird brain. ” I shrugged, tugging my sleeves down over my hands.

” So shall we go down? ” ” Come on. ” He wrapped his arms around me from behind; tugging me up against his chest and k!ssed my neck softly. ” I can’t wait until tonight …

” My heart thudded, knowing that tonight … he would mark me …. He bit down slowly on my neck, making me gasp as a ripple of pleasure ran through me. His hand slipped under my shirt, caressing my stomach. My breath hitched, my chest heaved as he continued his sensual k!sses along my neck. ” Rayhan … we need to go …

” I murmured, feeling something hard against my lower back. ” I know kitten … ” He forced himself back, his eyes flickering from green to grey. I smiled slightly as I led the way out of the bedroom. It was later in the day, and when Kiara had said that she was going to order some stuff, I didn’t realise just how much.

On top of that, she said she got most of it delivered to Rayhan’s home. That hit hard, making me realize that this was it – I was officially going to have to face his family … Kiara had then taken me out for a full pampering session, saying I needed my nails, hair, and makeup done.

So here we were, I was sitting on the chair at the salon after having a full–body pampering session, including a pedicure, massage, and a full–body wax. Finishing off with some shimmering oil, that I had to admit I loved. ” I’m thinking of adding a few layers to add some volume, then a full wash and blow–dry.

”The hairdresser said, giving me a smile. ” Your hair is so white. Where did you get it done? I’ve never seen such a pure white shade … ” Oh, somewhere down London side. ” I lied instantly; it wasn’t the truth, but I couldn’t really say it was natural. ” It’s great, but the cut isn’t the best. Don’t worry, we will fix that all up. said politely.

” She nodded as another woman came over and began filing my nails. ” Acrylics, but not too long ” Kiara added from her seat, where she was sitting drinking some tea. ” Acrylics? ” I said. ” I really don’t think they are necessary.

” Just try them once. If you don’t like them, never again. ” Kiara said with a pleading look. I sighed and nodded, giving in. There was something about her innocent doe eyes that made it hard to refuse.

When we went down at lunchtime, luckily no one mentioned anything, and although I knew at some point we would need to talk about it, I was glad there wasn’t any awkwardness between us.

” The kin- Alejandro is a hands-on dad, isn’t he? ” I asked, remembering how Kiara had bunged the child in his arms and announced we were leaving. ” He does find it hard, I’ve noticed it’s rare for him to keep him alone.

He usually has backup with him, and this time that backup is Rayhan. ” Kiara laughed. ” Well, they can all have some bonding time. ” I smiled.

Rayhan had been more worried about me leaving the pack territory, which everyone had agreed on, so he, Alejandro, and – Dante were in a car stationed outside. The lady washed my hair, and never in my life had I ever used so many products, virtually none compared to how much was now applied to it.

After the wash, she got to cutting it, getting rid of all the dead ends and any of the uneven strands that remained thanks to my home cuts. Once my hair was dried and she had styled it into loose curls, she got to my face. Applying a tonne of products that I would never use … I wish I had the l!pstick Rayhan had gotten me …

” What are you wearing for tonight? ” The woman asked. Kiara had told her I was going on a special date. ” This. ” Kiara said, holding her phone out. I raised an eyebrow. What was I wearing tonight? I hoped it wasn’t something revealing … ” Ah, I know the perfect look, “

” Please not too much … I don’t want to not look like myself. ” I cut in, moving back slightly from her make – up brush. ” Don’t worry babe, leave it to me. You will look natural yet flawless. She is gorgeous. ” She added to Kiara, who nodded. ” Can you please go for something nude on my nails … ” I said, looking at the woman who had gone over to the large wall full of polishes and powders. ” Sure hun, let’s add a touch of sparkle too.

” Just a little … ” I replied. Looking at Kiara, I noticed despite her nails being painted a simple pale pink, they were indeed acrylics and I could tell she was into her fashion. I didn’t really have the time for it all …

The only thing I ever wanted was my ears pierced, which I did impulsively not long ago thanks to Jane at the diner, who had pushed me into it and had done it herself with just a needle and an apple … I wondered if they were worried about me We had just vanished suddenly.

I sighed. Maybe I needed to ring and just let them know I’m safe. Lost in my own thoughts, I didn’t even notice when my nails were completed or when my makeup was done. ” Wow … ” Kiara said, her eyes wide as she stared at me. ” Wow, times two … ” The woman who had done my nails murmured. ” Ready to see yourself?

” The beautician asked. ” No! Not until she’s dressed. ” Kiara said, with excitement. I guess I couldn’t argue … After all, she had put in a lot of effort to make sure I looked good … ” Come on I’ll help you get into your dress. ” Kiara said motioning for me to follow her. Was the queen really meant to be doing so much for others?

It was strange to see a side to the werewolves that gave so much more humanity to them than witches … Well, I had seen werewolves who were evil, but Rayhan, his friends, the king, and the queen, were different. ” Here I chose these earrings. They are really gorgeous. ” Kiara said, holding up some earrings that had an iridescent shine to them.

” They’re pretty … ” They were, I just had never worn anything of the sort before. ” Delsanra … ” Kiara said, turning away from the table that held a few of the items I was going to wear.

” Hmm? ” I replied, standing there, unsure of what to do. We hadn’t been fully alone, and something about her posture told me she wanted to say something. She looked down for a moment before looking up at me. ” I just want to say I’m sorry about what happened between Rayhan and me …

I know it was a long time ago, but at the time I didn’t really think … ” She sounded regretful, but her honesty was clear. ” It’s fine, I won’t deny that I was angry that he didn’t tell me beforehand . ” said, sighing as I looked at my nails with their glittery tips. ” That’s understandable … But he really cares for you, and I think you know that no one can compare to you.

The bond that we feel towards our mates … It’s … They aren’t just a partner, but a part of our soul. When he first contacted us telling us he found you, I could hear the emotion in his voice. He’s lucky to have you, and you’re lucky to have him … I hope we can be friends? ” I looked at her before me, and I had to admit she really was a queen.

” Yeah, we can be. ” I gave a small nod. The smile that lit up her face made me smile back, and just like that, the tension was gone. I knew this topic would never be brought up again. It was part of Rayhan’s past, and that was where it would stay.

” Ok, so this is the dress I chose … I thought it would look really good on you … ” She unzipped the bag, as I walked over to help her.

My eyes widened the moment the dress was revealed. Oh wow … it was gorgeous, in a nude pink chiffon fabric, with iridescent sequins in lines all over it. It had a halter neck, with half the upper back remaining backless. The halter front had a gap between the bre*sts down to the waist. The dress was short and would fall to mid-th!gh.

The waist had a wraparound style to the fabric, and on the left, there was a long flowing side skirt that reached the ground. ” What do you think? ” Kiara asked. ” It’s … gorgeous. I don’t think I’ve ever worn anything so pretty …

” I said, feeling suddenly emotional. Did I deserve this happiness? I knew we had a long way to go, and just like Cinderella, this perfect night would end too.

Then I would need to face his pack and his mother, who I knew may not take well to me … But tonight, I won’t think of that, I’ll enjoy my special night … ” Don’t worry about the future, just enjoy tonight on your first official date with your boyfriend. “

” Boyfriend … ” I repeated, a blush tinging my cheeks. Wow … she wasn’t wrong . My stomach fluttered at the thought of him and I bit my l!p. She smiled and picked up some tiny underwear, which I was sure had no use other than to look pretty. ” Well, time to get dressed. ” I took a deep breath before I took the dress and panties from her.

Here goes nothing.


Uncle Al had told me to go get ready and said he’d keep an eye on Delsanra , I knew that was the one person whose watch she would be safe under. I had first popped. into a store to get her a small gift that I had reserved online. I didn’t want to take much time away from her, so I shifted and ran back to the mansion.

Showering and getting dressed in a plain top, a leather jacket, and jeans, along with a pair of black boots. This was it. Tonight, I was going to mark my mate and maybe more …

The very thought of it made me throb. I had made sure everything was ready, the date would take place closer to home. I had gotten Raihana to make sure that all of the clothes that Kiara had ordered were unpacked and set up in my room.

Telling her to go with Chris to the shops and get the rest of the stuff she might need, along with a phone and tablet.

I had asked Lola and Rose to make sure the set–up I wanted was ready, along with extra clothes and stuff. I was going to take one of Uncle Al’s cars from here. One of his men had returned the car I had hired out. The grimoire was safely packed away with the rest of our stuff in the trunk. get I drove pretty fast back to the town.

The time away from Delsanra had been pretty hard and Uncle Al had said it would just harder once I had marked her. I wondered if she’d feel the bond more as well. Sure, she couldn’t mark me, but the bond would be strengthened … I ran my hands through my curls, a small smile playing on my l!ps. I was almost at the salon when my phone rang, and I answered it.

” Hey, Mom, ” Ya Hayati, how are you and your mate? Can I still not talk to her? ” Typical of Mom not to drop the topic. She really had hoped for me to find my mate soon, and her prayers may have somewhat been answered, just not exactly the way she was expecting. ” Is that all you will ask me? Isn’t speaking to me enough? ” I teased.

” We’re good. We’re currently at uncle Al’s pack. I’ll be home by tomorrow evening. ” ” I wish I wasn’t stuck here for the wedding now! Come along for the pre-wedding parties, Rayhan. It’s the perfect time to introduce my beautiful daughter–in–law to be everyone. ” Your daughter–in–law? Beautiful? Mom, have you ever seen her?

” I asked in amusement. ” Regardless of if I have seen her or not, I know she’s beautiful! Stop teasing, you won’t even send me a picture of her! You don’t know how excited I am! ” ” Please do send her a picture, Rayhan, she has been going on and on about it to everyone. How Rayhan has found- ” ” Rafael! Don’t tease me. I’m excited! ” ” Mom we’ll be down soon. I don’t think we’ll come for the pre-wedding parties, but the wedding’s in a few days, we’ll come for that.

You need to see her in person … She’s perfect. ” I said softly. ” You’re coming! Please for your mother, Rayhan! And of course, she is perfect, my son’s mate would be. ” Perfect, just how she is . Witch genes and all … ” Mom, I’m going to go, I’m taking her out tonight, so yeah. ” I smiled slightly, thinking of Delsanra.

“ Of course, have a good time, and Rayhan … Be gentle. She’s a human, and this must all be so new and scary for her. ” ” Yeah, I know. Love you Mom, goodnight. ” There’s no goodnight here … There are more parties throughout the night … ” Dad’s voice came, and I didn’t miss the slight whine in it. I smirked. Unlike Mom, Dad did get tired of parties, and from what I heard, there were several events going on before the actual wedding. ” Don’t complain, darling.

” Mom said, before telling me she loved me and hanging up. I just hope Mom bonds with Delsanra and realizes she is so much more than her birthright. Twenty minutes later, I was leaning against my car, waiting for her. The moment the door opened and Kiara stepped out, my heart began racing as I stared at the door she was holding open.

A sparkle of glitter caught my eye before she stepped out. My breath caught in my throat at the sight of my kitten. She looked … completely and utterly, beyond breathtakingly, beautiful. There weren’t enough words to express how good she looked; there was just something about her … Her sequin dress hugged her figure, perfectly, and her light tan skin glistened under the streetlights. Her s*xy long legs looked even longer with her heels.

The cut-out on her dress showed off the curve of her bre*sts. Large earrings glittered in her ears and her hair was open, falling over one eye slightly.

Her eye makeup matched the multi-colored sequins of her dress. Her cheeks glowed, her gorgeous plump !ips were covered in purple matte l!pstick, and there was something alluring about the way her blue eyes pierced into mine.

Her chest rose and fell as she watched me, and I knew she was gauging my reaction. Did I need to say anything? She was … mine. I smiled as I walked over to her, holding my hand out.

She took it gingerly, and I didn’t miss the delicate rings that she wore on several fingers, her nail tips glittering too. I raised her hand to my l!ps, k!ssing it softly, making her breath hitch. ” Tonight, even the stars and angels would be jealous of you. You look beyond beautiful, kitten. ” I whispered huskily.

She looked away, a slight blush tinting those gorgeous cheekbones of hers. I tugged her closer, wrapping one arm around her and k!ssing her deeply. Fireworks erupted through me.

The pleasure that I felt at her touch, the way she k!ssed me back, her body pressed against mine … was just perfect. Tonight was going to be a battle with myself …

to keep my animalistic desires in control, because I didn’t even realize just how carnal my desires were until I met her … and now all I could think of was claiming her completely. She was mine, and after tonight, no force on this earth could break us apart.

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