Her Destined Alpha Chapter 48


I stood up, scooping her up bridal style. A sharp wind was blowing through our hair. I looked down at her as she slowly locked her arms around my neck. Her heart was thundering, a faint blush coated her cheeks, and when she coyly looked away, something about it was so f*cking s*xy … I carried her through the doors and down the hall, following the petals and candles. I hadn’t been sure if she would want this …

But if she did, I wanted her first time to be special. Everything had been taken from her in life, and I wanted to give her something to remember. A memory of one of the most important nights in my life, and I hoped hers too. I pushed open the bedroom door, her breath hitching as she looked around whilst I k!ssed her shoulder softly.

A soft sigh fell from her l!ps, and I shut the door with my foot. Her hold on me tightened and she buried her head in my neck, her l!ps brushing my skin, making me stiffen whilst sending sparks through me. I placed her in the middle of the bed, the glow of the candles casting shadows and making the sequins on her dress sparkle.

Her chest was heaving as she leaned back, her hands braced on the bed, her eyes locked with mine. I kicked off my boots and got on the bed, only for her to pull me on top of her. Her gorgeous blue eyes met mine, and I gave her a small smile. ” I love you, Delsanra … I always will. Come whatever, I will always be on your side.

” My words were soft, low, yet the promise behind them was strong. No matter what, I would be the shield that would protect her from the world, the cloak to hide her from all the hatred and pain, and the sword that would destroy anyone who tried to hurt her. That was my promise to my queen. She smiled softly at my words, and I claimed her l!ps in a deep burning, passionate k!ss that ignited my body with the raging heat of desire, lust, and love.

I stopped fighting, letting go of all self-control, and simply enjoying the moment. One hand cupped the back of her neck , the other ran over her body, Enjoying every dip and curve, feeling her tense when I touched certain areas of her body. My fingers ghosted over her arms, wa!st, side of her bre*sts …

her body trembling and shivering at points. Her body was yearning for more. I was a fast learner, knowing exactly what areas she was reacting to. I found the zip on her dress, pulling it down before I sat back, pulling my own top off. I pinned her wrists to the bed, k!ssing her l!ps passionately . Unhooking her dress from behind her neck, my l!ps never leaving hers. The scent of her arousal perfumed the air and was getting to me like an addictive drug.

Her soft, salacious sighs of pleasure only made the desire within me continue to grow. The moment I peeled the dress off of her, I took a moment to admire her. Her smooth, light tan skin glistened with an oily shimmer, and I throbbed hard. Her round, full, perky bre*sts fitted so perfectly in my hands, her tiny wa!st that looked like it would snap at any moment, and her smooth pu**y clad in tiny panties that didn’t do much to hide how gorgeous she was …

I wondered how I was going to fit, she was so f*cking tiny … But one thing was for sure, she’d take me, because, after all, she was made for me . ” Perfection. ” I whispered, dropping the dress to the floor, before I began k!ssing every inch of her body, alternating between s*cking, l*cking, and k!ssing her.

She m*aned when I made my way up her leg, the damp core of her panties making my c*ck twitch. She whimpered when I moved away and k!ssed her up her other leg. ” Rayhan … don’t tease … ‘ . ” She begged breathlessly. ” Soon, kitten … ” I whispered, grabbing her hips. I flipped her over, devouring her plump ass with my eyes.

I tapped it lightly, making her whimper. The jiggle of her ass made me deliver another sharp, playful tap. It was at that moment when I looked up that I realized her back was void of the majority of her scars. My heart thudded and I ran my fingers down her back. Save for a few thin scars, her back was smooth She turned her head and gave me the tiniest of smiles. ” The fact that you didn’t notice it sooner shows you found me beautiful either way.

” She whispered. ” I didn’t find you beautiful kitten, you ARE beautiful. ” I bent down and k!ssed her deeply, my d*ck pressed against her as*s. She was beautiful no matter what, but I was glad the pain was gone. I k!ssed her down her back, before peeling her tiny underwear off. She m*aned when I rubbed her between her legs, gripping her hips, and pulled her up on her knees.

Admiring her ass and pu**y before I bent down and licked her between her ass cheeks and all the way to her cl!t , the taste of her sweet juices, making me groan. ” F*ck kitten …. ” I murmured. I played with her cl!t, my tongue flicking and s*cking on it until she neared. I moved back, flipping her onto her back, and slammed my two fingers into her, going down on her, my eyes fixed on the curves of her bre*sts. Her loud m*ans only grew as she squeezed one of her breasts with one hand, the other tangled in my hair.

I moved back, rubbing my thumb on her cl*t , reaching up with my free hand. I squeezed her bre*st , claiming her other ni*ple in my mouth as I thrust my fingers into her faster. ” Oh f*ck. ” She whimpered. I could tell it was causing her a mix of pain and pleasure, but I could also feel her juices coating my fingers.

Her walls closed around my fingers and she gasped. Her hands clutching the sheets, her back arched off the bed as her org*sm rushed through her and she cried out. I slammed my fingers into her faster and harder, her juices squirting over the bedding and me, She squirmed in my hold, whimpering as she tried to control the after-effects of her org*sm.

Her breathing was labored, her body shuddered, but I wasn’t done. My eyes blazed green as I pulled my fingers out, grabbing her h*ps and lifting her pu**y to my mouth, l!cking up the juices that dripped from her pu**y. ” F*ck Rayhan … God! ” She murmured breathlessly. I dropped her to the bed, my eyes fixed on her tits that bounced.

She sat up, her eyes hooded, as she reached for my pants with shaking hands …


The org*sm that had torn through me left me dizzy. It was more than the previous org*sms he had given me, the intensity had taken me to a new high. I wanted him against me completely, so I pulled down his zipper. He helped me pull his pants and boxers down, and I bit my l!p, taking in the sight of his hardened shaft.

My cheeks burned as I looked at the .. sculpture of perfection before me. Every breath he took made his chest move, his abs … his defined Adonis belt, and his large c**k that even I knew was much larger than average. Hell … he was … big … I looked up at him, running my hand over his hardened balls and his d*ck.

He pulled me against him, k!ssing me hard, both of us on our knees upon the bed. He only let me play for a short while before pulling my hand to his chest. We k!ssed passionately and I throbbed hard. His arms wrapped around my waist tightly, crushing me against him. My ni**les grazed his chest as he k!ssed me harder, dominating me completely.

I could barely keep up, my hands on his arms then threaded in his hair. I m*aned, tilting my head back as he s*cked on my neck, sending jolts of pleasure rushing through me. He shifted, dropping onto the bed, leaning back against the headboard, and making me straddle him.

I whimpered when his d**k throbbed against my pu**y and I rolled my hips against him, arching my back, sighing in pleasure. ” F*ck kitten, that’s it. ” He murmured, hissing when I rubbed myself harder, his tip hitting my cl*t, causing me to m*an. He grabbed the back of my head, k!ssing me hard, his other hand kneading my as*s.

” I m*aned, looking into his ” I want you. eyes, brushing back his curls. He pulled me closer, k!ssing me. At the same time, he guided himself to my entrance, rubbing his large c*ck along my slit making me m*an with need. ” This will hurt. ” He murmured k!ssing my neck. I nodded, I could handle pain, I had dealt with pain all my life …

He wrapped his arms around me, stroking my back and I guided him to my entrance. Slowly, I pressed down, biting my li!p as the sharp stabbing pain rushed through me. I didn’t want it slow … the pain would go Closing my eyes, I slammed myself down on him. ” F*ck! ” He groaned, in surprise and pleasure.

I cried out as the pain ripped through me, feeling a light gush and knowing my hymen had broken. I opened my eyes that stung with tears, looking into his blazing green ones. ” F*ck me, Rayhan … ” I whispered, snaking my arms around his neck. He looked into my eyes, a small frown on his handsome face, and gave me a small nod.

He grabbed my h!ps as he began thrusting up into me. The pain was immense, but I wanted it. I met his thrusts, my chest bouncing, capturing Rayhan’s attention. His hold on my hips was tight as he f*cked me faster. The only sounds in the room were our sighs and m*ans of pleasure, the sound of our bodies meeting, and our heavy breathing.

A thin sheen of sweat coated our bodies as he pounded into me, and soon the pain was just a dull reminder compared to the scorching intense pleasure that was rocking my body. The h*rny m*ans that left my l!ps were unrecognizable to me, and when Rayhan s*cked on my ni**les, I cried out, my nails digging into his shoulders.

He pulled away after a few moments. Slowing down as if relishing the pleasure of each thrust. Every thrust made me gasp. He was huge and my entire body felt stretched out by his girth. Each thrust was hitting a spot inside of me that drove me crazy.

” Baby … ” I whimpered. ” You’re beautiful. ” He murmured, claiming my l!ps once again, but this time the k!ss wasn’t dominating, simply deep and sensual. It lasted for a few moments before he began k!ssing me along my jaw and neck.

I sighed softly, arching my neck, feeling him groan against the junction between my neck and shoulder. My heart skipped a beat, knowing what was coming next. He moved back, k!ssing my l!ps tenderly, I looked into his eyes, giving him the smallest of smiles. He car*ssed my face with the pad of his thumb.

My core throbbed as I felt that pressure inside of me heightening . Each painstakingly slow thrust was driving me crazy, and I wanted to find the release that he was refusing to give me. His teeth elongated; his eyes, now a dazzling green, his fingers tangling in my hair as he tugged my head to the side.

I closed my eyes when his l!ps met my neck, he licked and s*cked the spot, making me m*an loudly. ” I love you. ” He whispered, sending my heart soaring at the deep intensity of his words. But before I could even reply, his canines pierced my skin. The sharp stinging pain made my eyes fly open, but it was only for a second, followed by a stream of sparks that ripped through me.

At the same time, he thrust into me sharply, the combined sensations sending me over the edge, and my org*sm tore through me with immense pleasure. My vision darkened and I saw white spots, my entire body spasming from the pure euphoric pleasure inflicted upon it.

I barely registered when he lifted me off his d**ck, coming all over my stomach and thighs. A s*xy m*an escaping his l!ps. It was at that moment, I felt a burning pain across my back, and I screamed out loudly.

It was as if shards of smashed glass were being scraped down my back, my legs, my arms … I gasped, not able to breathe from the pain. I could no longer focus on anything.

The immensely painful sensation flowed through my entire body, and then, it was gone, as if it had never happened. ” What the … ” Rayhan murmured. I couldn’t even keep my eyes open, before I could even reply, I felt my vision darkening. The last thing I heard was Rayhan shouting my name, as he caught my body from falling backward, and then, my world went black …

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