Her Destined Alpha Chapter 50


I watched her stare up at the mansion, not even noticing when I stepped out of the car and walked around, opening the door for her. She blinked, her heart thudding as she took my hand. ” Welcome home, kitten. ” I said softly. I didn’t wait for her reply. Gripping her wa!st, I pushed her up against the car, k!ssing her passionately. She relaxed into my touch and k!ssed me back with a deep incinerating passion. I throbbed hard and forced myself back.

F*ck I needed to get used to this or every time I touch her, I’ll be supporting a hard on … I k!ssed her neck, making her breath hitch before I slipped my hand around her wa!st and led the way inside, mind linking one of the omegas to take the luggage upstairs. The moment we stepped inside, a sprinkle of confetti covered us.

” Surprise! ” I heard the girls shout before they all jumped forward. ” Delsanra … I’m Raihana , Rayhan’s younger sister , and the smarter , hotter and s*xier sibling . ” Raihana said, pulling Delsanra into her arms. Delsanra hugged her back, and I hoped that she’d feel better knowing that there were people who knew her real identity and wanted her here. ” Nice to meet you, Raihana. Thank you for helping me. ” Delsanra said, moving back and looking at the taller Raihana.

My mate really was a tiny kitten. Lola and Rose met her with a hug, and Raihana hugged me tightly. ” So glad that you’re both home! ” ” Me too. ” I said quietly. ” Oh my god! That mark is gorgeous !!! ” Rose exclaimed, ” Babe look! ” She turned Delsanra gently, so Lola could take a look. ” It’s nice, but I couldn’t really expect any. less from our future Alpha. ” Lola replied with a smirk, k!ssing Rose’s cheek.

” Glad you’re finally back. ” Chris said, Welcome to the Black Storm Pack, Luna Delsanra, Might I add that you somehow look even more ravishing than before? I guess a night with my man here does that. Raihana rolled her eyes. Chris winked at Delsanra, who smiled back, blushing lightly. I couldn’t deny that I loved how she gorgeous she looked.

” Ok enough talking! Let’s party! We have food and drinks and an entire list of Rayhan’s most embarrassing moments ever! ” Raihana said. ” I don’t really have any embarrassing moments. ” I remarked, pulling Delsanra close. I just needed that contact.

” Baby albums, you in the nude? Remember two–year–old Rayhan? ” Raihana chipped in snidely. ” Why haven’t I seen this? ” Chris asked before he tensed. I didn’t miss the thud of Raihana’s heart and the way the tension settled between them.

I sighed inwardly, so they hadn’t solved their differences … It was two hours later, Raihana and Delsanra were actually drunk … Yes, we all drank, but it was clear that although Raihana had a wolf, even if it was suppressed, she still had less of a tolerance to normal alcohol. I drank some more, watching both women giggling as they sat next to each other.

They had gotten plenty of food, drinks and a welcome home cake. Delsanra had slowly relaxed, and I could tell her and Raihana would get on great. Raihana was always pretty sheltered and spent a lot of her time away from the other kids her age, and Delsanra never had the time to make friends. I was sure they would make a great pair.

” I love your eyes. ” Delsanra was now saying, patting Raihana’s knee. ” Oh, thanks! I love your hair. ” Raihana cooed, trying to pat Delsanra’s hair only for her to miss and pat the air beside her. head instead. ” Ok … they are super drunk. ” Rose said, smiling from where she was snugged in Lola’s arms. ” It’s kind of amusing ” Lola grinned. ” So, what’s the plan .. ? ” Chris asked, quietly looking at me. He had been quieter through the evening, and he seemed to avoid looking at Delsanra too.

I knew I needed to talk to him. ” Well, I have some things I’m working on, including getting to the bottom of the werewolves who hurt her after she survived that fall … So for now, I’m just going to get more information on that. There’s still a lot to do, but I do need Dad and Mom to know about her … After that, we will summon the members of the Sangue pack who hurt her … Then there are the witches, I am not done with them. ” I said quietly. ” ” There was a small incident here too …

” Chris said quietly, looking at his hands. Lola and Rose tensed too, and I frowned. ” Oh, that bracelet is beautiful ….. So sparkly. ” Raihana giggled, admiring Delsanra’s wrist. ” My baby gave it to me ….. What’s his name again .. ? ” ” Umm I don’t know hun, what’s his name? ” Raihana asked , pouting . ” Oooh yes!

The yum – yum … Yes Ray – Ray the yum – yum with a s*xy bum ….. ” She giggled, covering her mouth, looking so adorable. Lola chuckled, snapping a picture of the drunk women beside us, but I simply ki!sed Delsanra’s hand before turning back to them.

” What issue? ” I asked. ” Raihana got upset … because of me. And her powers kind of surged and everyone felt it … I did tell your Dad, who just said to cover it but I don’t think Blake fell for up … it.

He kept on saying something was up … ” Chris muttered. I felt his irritation at the mention of Blake. I sighed. ” Damn … She needs to be careful. What happened between you two anyway? ” I asked. Raihana suddenly jolted up. Her eyes flashed as she glared at Chris. ” I hate him … he hurt me. ”

Her eyes were filled with hurt, and I couldn’t deny that my anger at the thought of anyone hurting my little sister flared inside of me. My aura raged around me as I turned my gaze to Chris. ” Ok … I’m getting her to bed … ” Rose said, standing up instantly.

Ever the diffuser of situations. I needed to know though. ” Let’s sleep on it. ” Lola said firmly. Delsanra shifted, now turning towards me and wrapping her arms around my arm, closing her eyes.

The tension in the room was strong, and I looked at Lola for answers. ” It’s between you, Chris and Raihana. I would say the three of you need to sit down and have this talk. ” She said, standing up. ” Look, today Delsanra has come home. Let’s not end it with more worry. Let’s go to bed with our mates, and Chris, I’m sure you have someone lined u right? ” Lola said.

He gave a small smirk. ” Sure, that’s the best part of the day. ” He remarked. But I could tell his heart wasn’t in it. ” We’ll speak tomorrow. ” I said, frowning. ” Tomorrow … You do know you need to go to the Ahmar Qamar Pack? Your mom knows you’re back and wants you, Raihana and Delsanra to go there as soon as possible.

On a second note …. What name is Delsanra going to use? ” Chris asked, standing up. ” Delaina? ” Lola added helpfully. I shook my head, I didn’t want to have her even change her identity … But Delsanra was a name some had heard … ” Ana … She went by that before.

” I said, gently lifting my mate’s body into my arms. I tried not to look at her bre*sts before carrying her upstairs into my room. I opened the door, stopping in my tracks at the changes made.

The room that had been rather minimal before now had several new touches; from the diffuser that was filling the room with scented soothing oil to the lamps that were set around the room and the vanity table with the huge surround full of jewellery and makeup … I carried her to the bed, raising an eyebrow at the box of chocolates that sat on the side and a pack of condoms … I placed Delsanra down, looking at the small card with Raihana’s writing. BE SAFE Seriously …

I picked up one of the squares of the extra–large c*ndoms and tossed it down. She was crazy, but it was good to be home … I looked down at my sleeping mate and hoped soon all our problems would be solved … It was the following day, and as Chris had said, Mom was expecting us there tonight. Five messages and two calls from her confirmed that.

Today was one of the biggest events before the actual wedding, and she wanted to introduce her new daughter to the world, as she put it. Raihana and Delsanra both woke up with huge hangovers and were in bed past noon. I had gone to training.

The pack were happy to see me back and, although many wanted to see my mate, I told them once we were back from the wedding they would get to meet her. I didn’t want to overwhelm her. I managed to get Chris alone, but as Lola said, it was better. We needed to discuss the issue with both him and Raihana present.

I took the time to summon Lola instead and lay down all the plans along with the information that I had found. It gave them both something to do whilst I was gone. We would be back in a few days anyway.

There was a knock on my office door, and I looked up. ” Enter. ” The door opened and Blake stepped inside. He lowered his head politely. ” I do apologise for this, but is it possible for me to take a few days off from guarding Raihana … ” Chris frowned.

” What exactly is the reason? ” I asked. I really needed Chris here, and if Blake cancelled, Dad would expect Chris to come … Although it was the pack of Mom’s family, there would be plenty of others there, and well, Raihana was the princess of the pack. ” Tomorrow was a special day for me and my mate ….

” The flash of pain in his eyes made my own heart twist with guilt. ” I’m sorry … That’s fine, take it off. I’ll handle it. ” I said. He gave me a grateful nod. ” Thank you , Alpha. ” He left the room, and Chris scoffed. ” Bullsh*t …. She passed away a few years ago … It’s funny that he wants this time of year off this year only. ” ” Who knows, he might have taken last year off … Come on Chris, don’t be like that. ” Lola reprimanded, shaking her head.

” True, and this will be a full-on event. Maybe the couples, the merriment and stuff, might just be tough on him. ” I said, running my fingers through my hair, ” I don’t trust him. ” Chris remarked. ” You two have never gotten on. ” Lola stood up, stretching.

” Suck it up, you’re on guard duty … ” ” She looked at him and I was sure they had just mind-linked. I didn’t question it, simply frowning slightly as I thought of Blake. I could relate a lot more to him now … Losing one’s mate …. f*ck, just the thought hurt.

” Well, you better go pack. It seems like you’re coming with. ” I said to Chris. ” Cool … ” He said sighing. I really needed to speak to him and Raihana … DELSANRA I was in the bathroom, splashing my face with water, I couldn’t deny the panic I was feeling at the thought of everyone seeing me.

Meeting Rayhan’s mother, I was scared, I won’t deny it. I just didn’t want him to get hurt if she didn’t like me … I had stopped by downstairs for a glass of water when I had heard the Omegas whispering in the kitchen. I was surprised that I could hear them from so far away, they were in an entirely different room with the door shut.

How good was werewolf hearing? I was surprised at how much I could hear despite not being a werewolf. ” The new Luna is extremely beautiful, but I wonder if Luna Maria will like her. She is human … And she has always said her son will have a strong Luna … ” Their voices echoed in my head repeatedly, and I closed my eyes, trying not to let those words get to me.

Everything seemed to zone out and I could hear my breathing. Calm down, Del … Breathe … ” I think the Luna will accept her; she loves Rayhan dearly. ” ” That or she just won’t show Rayhan her dislike.

I clutched my head; I had hurried back upstairs, but their voices had followed. Was this normal? How could I hear them in this huge, vast building? I opened my eyes, gasping as I saw the flames that surrounded me.

L!cking every inch of the marble walls. The heat in the room was burning hot, but it didn’t affect me. I looked at the mirror, gasping at my reflection. My blue eyes glowed a deep reddish–orange, the outline of my eyes dark black as I wore a thick layer of eyeliner. But it was the sharp teeth in my mouth that made my blood run cold.

I gasped, stumbling away from the reflection that was staring back at me. Despite the fear on my face, there was something more … Something dark … The way my deep cherry l!ps seemed to curl upwards, that intense fire in my eyes … What was this? What’s going on? The flames were only getting hotter, and I ran my hand through my hair. Freezing when I looked at my hands, my nails were longer and sharper. No … no! What was this? Stop!

I looked at the flames that were only growing. ” Delsanra ?! Are you ok ?! ” The moment the door swung open, Rayhan stood there staring at me and then at the flames. The confusion clear in his blazing green eyes, he rushed through the flames, pulling me into his arms. I gasped when his touch sent a shock through me.

Sparks and calmness rushed through me, and I felt soothed. ” Hey … Calm down … reign it in kitten, deep breaths and focus. ” He whispered. I did as he said and calmed myself, feeling the heat vanish from around us, but the smell of charred wood, metal and smoke lingered. I opened my eyes, turning my head, and looked in the mirror.

My blue eyes stared back at me, full of fear and confusion … I didn’t get it … This, whatever that was, was not from inside of me. I didn’t even feel it … It was not my powers … ” There’s something really wrong with me Rayhan … That wasn’t me … ” I whispered. He cupped my face, frowning. ” What do you mean? ” ” I’m not using my powers …

There are voices in my head … I know that werewolf hearing is amazing, but why can I hear the omegas all the way up here from the kitchen? Am I turning into one? ” Hey, we’ll figure this out … I don’t think that’s anything you got from me …

The extent would have been just a slight increase in your hearing … even I can’t hear the omegas through a closed door, our walls are soundproof and we can’t really turn people into werewolves. ” He said softly, k!ssing my forehead. ” Look, something happened last night when I marked and we will figure it out .

” I … look what I’ve done … ” I said, pulling and looking around the ruined away bathroom. Strangely there was no smoke, just a burnt bathroom … I was a danger to be around … All I was doing was destroying everything …

” Hey … Calm down … This is really no big deal. We’re werewolves; destroying, burning and wrecking stuff is normal. I will get Lola to get someone to sort this out. When we come back, it’ll be perfect. Come on, kitten it’s going to be ok. ” He said, cupping my face and ki!ssing me deeply. My mind calmed down and I clutched his shirt, k!ssing him back.

He lifted me up, his hands cupping my thighs as I k!ssed him faster, my core throbbing. But before we could get any further, we heard a knock on the bedroom door. ” Guys! Shall we go ?! We will need to get ready once we get there too! ” Raihana called. I pulled away, gasping and quickly jumped down. ” We should go. “ I said, hurrying to the door only for him to grab my wrist and spin me back into his arms. ” We will relax. Everything will be ok. ” He said firmly.

The confidence in his tone made me want to believe it. Had he not seen my eyes and teeth? Taking a deep breath, I looked up at him. ” Rayhan … did you see me? ” I whispered. He raised an eyebrow, amused. ” Kitten, I have fangs, eyes that change colour, heck I can turn into a huge wolf … Why would gorgeous eyes, some s*xy little fangs and claws on my kitty, alarm me?

” I didn’t know if I should be insulted or not. I pouted as I glared up at him. ” I looked kind of creepy actually. ” I stated, looking at my acrylic nails that now looked the same as before … How odd … I swore it seemed like they had grown and turned darker. Weird … ” Come on, my feisty little snowflake, let’s get this party over with so I can enjoy some of this. ” He said, slapping my ass and making me jump. ” Rayhan! ” I blushed. ” You mean yum yum … Last night you referred to me as Ray Ray Yum – Yum with a s*xy bum. ” He started laughing.

Despite the way the sound of his voice made my stomach erupt with butterflies, his words mortified me. Oh hell, did I actually say that? Major cringe! He winked as he slid his arm around my wa!st, still chuckling as I refused to embarrass myself further, allowing him to lead me out of the bathroom … I took a deep breath … Luna Maria, my next challenge … and needless to say, I was terrified.

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